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  1. This. My GL Wagon EA82 would sound like a rattling tin can under load with "regular" fuel. With Premium Fuel the pinging pre-detonation went away. If it still persists with Premium Fuel then have a friend Rev the engine with your head under the car to determine where the exhaust leak or rattle is coming from.
  2. Nothing like someone else taking interest in what is yours to light the fire again. Should be as simple as massaging the brake calipers, bleeding, and going through the fuel. Now get-to-it!
  3. @Twigg101What problems is it giving now? If it is as superficial as the blinker problem then the car is worth hanging onto... cheap reliable transportation can be difficult to replace for what little you will get when you sell.
  4. Nvm... saw your other thread. Best of luck with your new toy!
  5. Welcome. You have two cool cars... why not make it three? We are biased here, but I'd say you couldn't go wrong with the DL wagon, unless they want your arm and leg in exchange. It will be a nice daily driver for you and sip the gas slower than your EJ engine cars when tuned correctly
  6. Welcome to the Forum. What year and model is the Subaru? I've had similar humorous electrical gremlins like this on the EA82 body vehicles... "paranormal activity" door locks that rapidly opened and locked on their own... etc. I'm bad with electrical however more info about your specific vehicle might spark other's memory. Best of luck
  7. The reason it feels "slow" could be the giant wheels and tires you are spinning with the stock engine. Try something closer to the stock size and you will see acceleration increase. You said yourself you won't be doing any crazy wheeling... This is the easiest solution I see. Best of luck
  8. Nice collection. I have one Dark Blue one with the Brat Decals and several of the Green one with the Surf Camp Decals
  9. The part number for these Hubcaps: 23832GA210 Better late than never?
  10. @PrinterTechnician You would be surprised how many EA81 and EA82 Generation cars are still out there, even as daily drivers. If you got enough people together to do a group buy... just sayin, its been done in the past... finding the right Manufacturer and Group to buy in with is the harder part
  11. Ya know those Plastic Covers keep both the 4 and the 2 Legged Rats out, if only to delay their progress...
  12. @Kkeke Some forum users here use the built in photo sharing that is linked with your "profile". You have to have a certain amount of posts to unlock its function... like 5 or 10... I use that for the commonly reused photos myself; and then the excess I host with Imgur.com, a photo hosting site
  13. @moosens Do you have this part number for the OP?
  14. What a collection. Would love to see photos of your Subarus some time if you decide to post them
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