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  1. 6 Star


    All of my Subarus are from the 80's and still going strong... give it a chance to work out the "New Car" bugs
  2. If I ever end up with a "New" generation of Subaru again, would love to have one of your Long Travel sets for it. Potholes, train tracks, etc. around the city are terrible... its like I'm off-roading on the regular commute.
  3. 6 Star

    poormans sxs

    Gonna be sweet, keep it up!
  4. 6 Star

    Could use XT parts!

    Keep your eye on Craigslist and Offer Up as well as the Facebook Marketplace
  5. You're correct. Usually the pins will stay on one side or the other when the engine and trans are separated. Since you have a new mate they are mismatched. As long as you have two pins, you can remove one of the pins blocking your way. (Eg: if the left or right side has no pins, take your extra that was removed and install it there. Or if you have 3 or more pins now, you only need 2, and now have spares for later.)
  6. G'day and Welcome, from across the pond in the PNW, Washington. We have our own Washington here in the States, like Australia has down under
  7. 6 Star

    I Love This Forum

    Changed the Topic after that other one was deleted
  8. I joined this Forum back in 2011, under a different name (UberScoober), as a way to learn more about my first car, a '88 GL 4wd Auto Wagon. I have never stopped learning since that day I first joined... and it wasn't long before I wanted to change my Username to something that held a candle to Subaru, instead of making light of Subaru. I had an idea of just how good Subaru was in terms of their quality and reliability before joining the Forum, but now I am a firm believer in that aspect as well as a believer in the great people, the enthusiasts here that help make it all happen. There is nothing quite like the Subaru community, it is something very special indeed, and I'm glad to be a part of it. -6 Star -Chad (IRL)
  9. 6 Star

    1981 DL 1800 wiring help

    @el_freddo the "two black things" behind the RH Strut Tower are Vacuum related, can see the Vac lines leaving them from underneath. Cannot recall off hand what they are for... The Black Box with the Blue Plug, labeled Mitsuba, or something like that, is 3rd Eye Related. The Black Box on top of the Coil is supposedly an Ignitor, however it has an additional Loom that connects to the Distributor. This is NOT typical on any of my Subaru's here that I have seen. The only thing I can compare it to is the "SUPER Coil" that I have seen in Accessory Parts Catalogues in the "Awesome Older Gen Photo Thread". I think what it does is read the position of the Advance in the Distributor and (recurves?) the Ignition Timing for the Load/Throttle Position, etc. at hand.
  10. 6 Star

    1981 DL 1800 wiring help

    Here are some wiring photos in the engine compartment of the '82 Rat Brat. My apologies for the Mud everywhere, I did not get the enjoyment of putting it there, she came to me that way. In fact... I have never washed this Brat in my nearly 5 years of ownership. Could never bring myself to remove the patina that had accumulated over 8-10 years of Sitting in the South Puget Sound Woods before my ownership. You seem to be focusing on the RH side, so that is where I took photos. Only difference in our vehicles will be the addition of the Ignitor on top of my Coil and the 3rd Eye Wiring Loom addition. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves from here on, it is also not "factory", but I did not have to mess with the wiring after buying this Brat from the PO. For more photos of this Beast Beater Brat, check out this post:
  11. Long overdue post, as this happened in May. My brother and I took the '82 Rat Brat to the Federal Way, WA Harbor Freight (Cheap Tool Store here in the USA). We didn't go inside... other plans were in the works... besides, its a disaster inside that store branch normally. Couldn't help but take pictures in the parking lot while we were waiting... This is what we were waiting for... It is for another project in the works, however the Patina matches the Rat Brat perfectly... It was Meant to Be. On the way back to Base, made a Detour and stopped by this Landmark. Was fitting, as this Brat is also known as the Military (Navy) Brat. (She came to us with the Door Stickers)
  12. Sometimes its just the darn simple things, finding them can be the tricky part. Amen it was just the throttle cable and air in the coolant system. Sidebar: Escape from Azkaban lately?
  13. Hey @3crows Try posting what you are looking for in the "Wanted" section of the Marketplace... Maybe you'll find what you are looking for
  14. 6 Star

    1981 DL 1800 wiring help

    It is tedious work, but will be very rewarding when you find the culprit. Let me know if you want pictures from my '82 GL
  15. 6 Star

    What up!

    Welcome Back. Wish you were closer, I'd scoop up those FSMs...