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  1. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Fire! But not out the exhaust...

    B = Before You know, "Before" and "After" at the timing marks of the flywheel. Kind Regards.
  2. Your Nice Subaru DL also has the tiny holes for the elusive in-dashboard mounted speaker, found on the LADM (Latin American Domestic Market) Specs, Subaru Loyale DL. See this example: https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/122906-the-awesome-older-generation-picture-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1399660 Kind Regards.
  3. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    New member with old Subaru

    Welcome! Share photos of your build with us... Kind Regards.
  4. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Celebrating the first 40 Years of my "other" Car ;)

    My father, the one who purchased brand new this Mercury Comet Coupé in 1969, and I, were about to do a little travel on it, for its Fifty Years Anniversary, and we just obtained brand new 20W~50 Valvoline's "MaxLife" motor oil, brand new oil Filter and a brand new electronic Fuel Pump, as the old one (also electronic, as I changed it two decades ago), started to fail due to low usage rate... when my Father suddenly passed away; he was 74 years old, he wasn't ill nor suffered from any illness, he went driving to a place, where suddenly got a fulminant heart attack. My Family and I feel very, very sad and the emptyness we feel couldn't be described with words. He thaught me how to do basic maintenance on Cars, in this Mercury, when I was a little child; I learned how to change a fuel filter, how to change motor oil, sparkplugs, radiator coolant, etc... and to be with him, learning and doing lot of things, always felt amazing, to the point that a repair felt very exiting. I learned many, many things from my Father, such like Honesty, to be sincer, to be kind, to treat everyone in the way I would like to be treated; to work hard... in fact I started to work at the age of Ten years old, alongside with him, and now I'll continue, like him, until God call me. My beloved coupé will run again, but without him, feels very empty. Kind Regards.
  5. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    oem parts 80s

    Are you tryin' to sell 'em? if so, please show us Photos of what you have, next to their prices, so we could buy 'em from you. Otherwise, this is nonsense, we all have save spare parts for our beloved subies, somehow. Kind Regards.
  6. Also I had this problem with Sockets... For one / two contact bulbs, it is not a Problem, as I buy "Flösser" brand (Made in Germany) Sockets for 1156 bulbs, here in my little mountany town's car parts stores; Flösser bulbs are also available... ...but the Problem are the LADM (Latin American Specs) Corner Lights and their T-10 Bulbs's sockets; they had a weird three locks pattern, which I couldn't find anywhere. Kind Regards.
  7. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    SubyAddict return after a long hiatus

    Welcome Back! Start a thread regarding the rally car build. Kind Regards.
  8. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Timin' Belt Covers.

    Well, the time challenge has been met, successfully! Almost three decades and a half of continous ownership of my Subie, all of them running with this carbureted EA82 which is the original engine, having almost everything original inside it; and these last ten years, the engine has been running with the same timin' belts, coverless! However, my beloved "BumbleBeast" has not reached the 100,000 kilometers' goal with the same timin' belts, yet; thus means that the mileage challenge hasn't been met... So, I decided that I'll let this old timin' kit to stay there, working for few months more; I'll report here as soon as anything new happens regarding the subject; meanwhile I must better find a brand new timin' kit... Kind greetings from Honduras.
  9. I don't know if Photobuckshít is still working... thus means that I don't know if the following Photo will display here, but let me try: If the Photo doesn't display... it shows an Honduran Subaru impreza coupé used as cargo hauler, and the original Photo is displayed on this website: ~► http://www.rightfootdown.com/cars/thoughts/the-cars-of-honduras/ Kind Greetings from Honduras.
  10. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Celebrating the first 40 Years of my "other" Car ;)

    By the Way, this thread's title must read now "Fifty (50) Years" instead of fourty Kind Regards.
  11. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Fitting 14 in wheels

    Here in Honduras I saw a grey Loyale wagon with old 80's, Datsun's six lug 14" wheels; and despite that they do fit good with proper offset, they doesn't look nice on the Subie, they make the subie to look older; but that is my very own humble opinion. I would like to share photos here, but I don´t know if the pathetic Photobucket site would let me... Kind Regards.
  12. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Springs: moog 854 or 856?

    In my case, the coil springs that I used, were obtained at a local Junk Yard's tempo, so they where not new and that straighten things up for me, because I didn't need to cut anything nor had them too stiff as new coil springs are. Any news on this ride? Kind Regards.
  13. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Celebrating the first 40 Years of my "other" Car ;)

    Appreciated Fellows,My 1969 Mercury Comet is running strong like new, despite that this month it reaches its Fifty (50) Birthday, and it has been on my family since new, so we have half century of continuos ownership. The only thing that it might need to be replaced soon, is the Fuse Box, which is the only corroded part on it. it is sad but seems like a lot of great conversations regarding our good ol' cars, which are fading away on social networks such like facebook, and I wrote here with the aim of obtaining info regarding a suitable Fuse Box... nada.I need to find a new Fuse Box, or even better: a new fuse Box that uses modern fuses, because the one on my Mercury is corroded, and uses mini tubular glass fuses, which aren't available here...Please, let me know any ideas or experience you have regarding the fuse Box subject.Kind Regards.
  14. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    What can you tell me about this engine....

    Other version of twin ports, the EA81S https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/155393-the-twin-port-ea81s-why-ea82-not-much-same/?tab=comments#comment-1300613 [/Hijack]