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  1. I agree, this is the best bet. As the member LoyalLion wrote: He is new to this, so I'll share here some basic information that might help him: The Carbureted EA82 in 2WD versions, came with Nippon-Denso distributors. While the Carbureted EA82 in 4WD versions, came with Hitachi distributors... Nippon-Denso units have a faster advance curve than the Hitachi counterparts, Also, Nippon-Densos allows you to use an aftermarket ignition coil with average resistance values; while the Hitachis requires their own ignition coil, because going too low or too high in resistance values on the coil, gets a burnt ignition module, faster. Ignition module is what the distributor has inside, instead on points. I hope this Helps; Kind Regards.
  2. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    So, I took advantage of a discount coupon at RockAuto and bought all the sensors I could, at once ...
  3. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    So, the problems with the Fuel Pump and the non-functional low fuel warning light, were solved by changing the old one with the new fuel pump assembly; thanks to God. In another Subject; as I wrote some posts ago, the plastic from the wiring terminals in this Sephia, are crumbling away, making connection problems in some sensors; the most recent fail was the terminal for the Knock Sensor, which crumbled away, letting the wiring to hang down disconnected... So, part of the Box pictured some posts above, was a set of brand new Sensors, which came along the new fuel pump assembly, from RockAuto, including a new Knock Sensor:
  4. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    Something pretty interesting, regarding the new fuel Pump assembly swap, is that, somehow the Low Fuel warning light, at the instrument cluster, came back again to function; because I've lost that warning light function when I did the instrument cluster Swap, years ago... I did that cluster swap then, (without the need of changing anything on the wiring nor plugs), to gain Tachometer which the original cluster didn't have; and the only thing lost then, was the warning light for the low fuel. Since such warning light came back to life Flawlessly with the new Fuel Pump Assembly, I believe that the wiring is different between the fuel pump assembly for the basic model and the fuel pump assembly for the luxury model... somehow.
  5. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    Thank You!
  6. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    Thank you so much, my Friend! I don't know how to embed videos here, in this Forum, yet. https://i.imgur.com/t9RFYjq.mp4 Here you can see how free is the movement of the sensor arm. Kind Regards.
  7. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    Here is a helping friend, holding the piece for the Photo
  8. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    But, the brand new fuel pump assembly, required an Adjustment for the Float Lever sensor, in order to fuction properly, because it came from factory way too tight somehow; so I disassembled that lever sensor to check if it was alright and reasembled everything back, letting the lever arm to move freely as it should.
  9. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

  10. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    So, I ordered a set of new parts from RockAuto, which includes a brand new Fuel Pump assembly...
  11. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    Oh my God!!! Could you immagine surviving a fire inside the gasoline tank? This is the Worse fail I've seen in a car in all my Life, due to the extremly high risk for the life... I can't explain how we survived, but I consider it the Help of God.
  12. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    I checked the Fuel Pump Assembly without noticing anything Wrong at a glance. But then, after disassembly it... I looked Carefully and Found the Culprit of the Burnt wiring Smell
  13. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    Some months ago, prior to this worldwide "quarantine times" we were in a weekend car ride to another town nearby, in this Kia, when Suddenly we felt a burnt wirings' Smell!!! So, after reaching to a restaurant to lunch, I checked my Wife's car, this kia sephia, from top to bottom, everywhere, without finding anything wrong. Right after lunch, the car needed several key turns to catch start its engine, which isn't normal for it... then we went to the Supermarket. While my Wife and my Daughter were shopping groceries, vegetables, etc... I returned to check further on the "KiaStein" but didn't see anything wrong... and the thing took much more tries prior to get the engine running. So, we decided to go back home immediately; we reached home but the car's engine died in the sidewalk, just while she were parking, with no avail to restart it... After that, I spent the whole weekend trying to figure out what the heck could be happening... I felt like my Dog, smelling and smelling around the car, inside and outside to find the area where the bad smell like burning wiring was gererating. As the car seemed to fail a couple of times during the short trip back home; just like if it was short on gasoline; I smelled around the rear seat area and managed to find the smell's origin there... (it wasn't a Fart for sure) ...so I decided to remove the rear seat and check the Fuel Pump's Wiring. Everything looked alright, but the smell was stronger in that area... so I decided to extract the whole fuel pump assembly, in order to check the Wiring inside the Fuel Tank. Even the pump assembly looked alright then...
  14. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    I've been facing hard times findining a new Web Host site to share my Photos online; since the Photobuckshít Fiasco. So, I'll share here some, in order to find out if this new host, works: Photo: I broke yet another one... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I uploaded this Video, it is another Subject: https://i.imgur.com/KbZsSLZ.mp4 I can not get it to display here, properly.
  15. Yes, Jackmans looks Good as they are! I have a set of 15" on my 1969 coupe. By the way, beautiful Brat you have! Greetings.