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  1. Let me say that your Subie has one of the Cleanest Engine bays that I've seen. Kind Regards.
  2. Sadly, I had to sell my Father's Pick Up Truck (which can be seen here), because I needed the Money to Repair the problems on the House and also to Repair my Mercury Coupé, among other expenses I had to face, such as Legal paperworks, etc, etc, etc... somehow my Life has complicated too much since my Father died, sadly, but I hope I'll solve all the problems, as soon as possible. Now, that my little & crazy country has became the reign of chaos due to the very bad politicians and their awful decitions; I don't feel good to take out the Mercury Coupé outside the Garage, as it attracts too much attention, people comes to see it and take Photos, girls take selfies with it on Gas Stations and wherever I park it; so, I don't enjoy too much from Driving it, especially since my Father is not with me, it only brings too much memories from my childhood and somehow brings a Sad feeling... I found at a local mini supermarket of this small town, a Hot Wheels replica Toy of my Coupé, see: https://imgur.com/gallery/pSYLKK7 ...so, the unthinkable became thinkable and I am considering the idea to sell it to a true Car Collector or someone who could appreciate its Value, but there is not a single person like that in Honduras.
  3. After that, we only changed the old motor Oil with this one, as usual: with Lucas oil stabilizer Additive and a fresh Wix oil Filter And the Good old Mercury Comet is Good to Go, once again! Thanks to God.
  4. The tank already with the red coupling hose, the fuel level sending unit, the electric fuel pump and the new fuel filter, in place: installing the new set on its place: view from underneath, fixing in place the new electric fuel pump:
  5. My friend mechanic gave as gift, this small red Hose wich is exactly same wide and long size than the one that the Mercury has, to couple the Fuel Filler Funnel with the Gas Tank's inlet pipe, as the original one was almost rock hard, after more than five decades of being there.
  6. Prior to install it on the Mercury, I painted its outside with Premium anti Rust / Anti Gravel Paint
  7. The brand new replica fuel tank came on a merchant vessel, as shipping costs are one third from the airway cargo, so it delayed some months to came, but when we went to pick it up at the cargo and courier companie's office, and once it was inside my Wife's car, the compact sedan "KiaStein", I realized how Huge my Mercury coupé is.
  8. My Father and I changed the Steering Wheel on the early nineties, as the Horn on the original Steering Wheel was some kind of metallic Bow which sadly got broken in two and was made from some sort of manganesum alloy which wasn't repairable; also, the Leather on its middle part got rotten and was crumbling away, that steering wheel was the weakest part from all the Coupe for sure... ...this Steering Wheel from a Cadillac, was purchased brand new by my Father in 1989 at the dealer in San Pedro Sula city and fitted to the Mercury's splines on the bar, as perfect as a factory replacement.
  9. Suddenly, the new parts started to come, one by one; the first was the Fuel Level Sender unit... ...from Collier's Classics. This is my Coupé's interior, by the way: Along came the electric Fuel Pump, as these parts came via airways.
  10. Meanwhile those new parts were coming to Honduras, with the help of a mechanic friend, we Cleansed completely the Fuel line, and changed the part of it that were on the engine bay, using new, flexible fuel line, everything is 5/16" Look how the Fuel Filler Funnel, came out from the Coupé: We also completely Cleansed it:
  11. So, I started to search and research about the cause of this abnormal Rust and were to find a suitable replacement. The excessive rust has been caused by non-pure Gasoline; as you know, this MuscleCars from the 1960's era, were designed to run on plain jane Gasoline with lead; so a galvanized treatment were enough as anti rust protection for the fuel tank; however, as times and decades passed by, the gasoline that we could buy on the stations, has other chemicals added, such as certain types of alcohol, that degrades the regular galvanizing treatment. That explains why the Tank survived pretty good its first four and a half decades, until the chemically "Different" gasolines were widely and solely available. So, I found a company that makes replica fuel tanks in USA for almost any car, and this Coupe was on their list; the two advantages of the Replica over the Original one, are, the new treatment used for rust proofing the metal, which is some sort of stailess steel instead the old galvanizing process, which provides better resistance to these chemically modified fuels of nowadays; and the Replica Tank has a drain plug, which the original one didn't has.
  12. it is Rusted beyond any attempt to repair it! Look inside the Tank! People might need an antitetanic vaccine just by looking at this Rust!
  13. Surprisingly, the Leaks developed on the Upper part of the Tank! Oh my God! ... ... Look at that fuel level sender unit!
  14. The Garage King, was dusty / dirty from being just Parked there for a while... ... After the inspection ... ... Removing the Old Gas Tank ... ... Removed ...
  15. The Coupé didn't started as easy as it used to, and I traced the cause to a Lack of enough fuel getting to the carburetor, so, I inspected the fuel lines and they were dirty, fuel filter dirty, and thus means dirt from rust on the fuel tank... so I removed it from the Coupé:
  16. Very interesting car, for sure. Kind Regards.
  17. Good idea, I recall having read recently about that on the Forum, but I don't know if my Good old Subie's A/C could bear with it; recently I removed the A/C compressor in order to change the main Bearing as it became noisy with age and usage, thus explains the gas lost; however, despite of living on the Caribbean area, I don't like too much Air Conditioners, in fact, the only good use from them on a car that I really miss, is to Defrost the Windshield, during our frequent Downpours. Kind Regards.
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