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  1. Yeah rust starts to make things a loosing battle, choose carefully. There's not too much that's problematic for what you need, the exhaust but those typically have rusty/seized fasteners.
  2. same deal. they're basically the same transmission with different final drive and some tweaking for VDC. a couple times i've towed them in neutral with the engine running to circulate ATF. not ideal or repeatable but might work in some situations.
  3. idosubaru

    03 Baja brakes

    pads installed backwards. pictures might help - take pictures of both sides of the rotor before you pull the pad from the caliper bracket so we can see what it's doing.
  4. idosubaru

    Brat Lift Kit

  5. You’re fine - just bleed them waaaaay more. I’m talking 64 ounces of fluid sometimes I’ve seen 32 ounces not be enough. Just keep going. When that much is drained and introduces air throughout the entire system, it can take way more fluid to drain them than other brake work.
  6. idosubaru

    Engine front re-seal

    Double check timing marks make sure they're dead on for both sides. That make a much larger difference than tensioning the tensioner pulleys, so if it's that bad i'd expect that. If it's not idling right then check the throttle plate for sticking and the idle control valve for operation or clogging. It's been awhile since I looked at the EA's but the ER's by this age frequently need replaced or cleaned. They gum up and stick and need cleaned or just fail with age. Get the FSM and follow the tensioner procedures. I attached one side shown here. Put tension on the cam sprocket as you tighten the tensioner pulley bolts. Do both sides. I don't think this should be causing low power and/or idling issues though. I've installed them without tensioning the cam's and they run just fine...but there's more things at play here so who knows.
  7. AT or MT? That appears to be MT but something about the angle or left over/missing parts is confusing me. If it's an AT you can potentially swap in a new rear extension housing without dropping or replacing the trans. And a new driveshaft of course. You can't put an MT in FWD. If it's an AT, If the back is busticated then it's going to puke ATF and not be able to run without fluid. If somehow you put tourniquet on your AT then yes you can force it into FWD mode. Either by installing a FWD fuse (if equipped) or forcing it into "locked" 4WD (disconnect power to the rear solenoid or give it full voltage, and driving it like that with the driveshaft missing it'll only drive the front wheels (assuming the garbage rear can handle it. If it's not too far away just pull it with a tow strap/chain/rope late/early when there's no traffic.
  8. It looks like 2010+ FSM's no longer carry the body sections - they are a separate "Body Repair Manual"? Has anyone ever seen these or bought them?
  9. Hard to say. probably driveshaft but better diagnostics are in order driveshaft will get worse and is troublesome if it does.
  10. If you’re in rust prone areas lean towards newer over miles, etc. Another option - look for one that needs headgaskets and have them done on your watch. Can get a better deal and better end product. Then you can verify reputable shop, warranty,Subaru gaskets, heads resurfaced, valve cover gaskets, plugs, PCV valve, complete Subaru timing kit and you’ve got a good 100,000 mile maintenance free engine. $3,000-$4,000 car then $3k-$4k for work and you’re in budget.
  11. It could but practically, no. the system senses incorrect pressures and shuts down. A stock, working system shouldn’t overpressurize to the point of causing issues. Reconditioned compressor is most likely problem. Used OEM is better than aftermarket here. Subaru AC systems are robust and simple enough I wouldn’t install any aftermarket or reconditioned unit. Install a $35 used a Subaru compressor, replace the two Compressor side orings, add two cans of refrigerant and it’ll last until you’re done with the car. www.car-part.com for used compressors. They all ship. why was the compressor replaced anyway ? It’s often replaced due to the two $1 orings I mentioned earlier. I see it all the time. “I was quoted $500 for a new compressor”......Bring it to me - here let me replace those two $1 orings in 15 minutes and dump in 2 cans of refrigerant and you’re out $30 instead.
  12. you can but it's kind of a waste of time. simpler to sell the 99 and buy an MT. if you have the skills to do that swap, then you can simply sell and buy and be years/miles/$ ahead and it'll take less time. swap the trans, driveshaft, shifter assembly, hydrualic clutch hoses/reservoir, pedal cluster, and rear differential. and if you want these to work, or match then cruise, instrument cluster, and center console trim. 98 is Phase I DOHC and 99 is Phase II SOHC so the engines aren't interchangeable. the MT i think should swap but i think speed sensors may have changed, maybe went from cable to electronic. i dont' think it's a deal breaker but been awhile since i've been into 90's stuff.
  13. No. Reuse them. Subaru says so in the FSM. Subaru gaskets and reuse the bolts. head prep, cleaning and lubricating threads and proper torque is where you want to pay attention. If you don’t want to clean the old ones or they’re pitted and damaged, get new ones. I’ve never replaced head bolts, I did like once 10 years ago on some outlier engine
  14. Verify. Originally that had a single port exhaust, but you're thinking dual. First task is to look and take a photo or verify this. Could have easily had an engine swap....or three.
  15. EJ22s are really easy to do. External head bolts, small heads. Knock that cake walk out.