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  1. Measured 9 volts at battery terminals and at alt output. Test more when I get home or take battery in tomorrow for testing Trying to decide wether to make it home I’d rather not try to find a battery Sunday night. I guess Walmart is open, but I try hard to avoid that hole. Lol
  2. Can a bad battery cause a low alternator output? I get 9 volts while running, belt and balancer look fine. Is that definitely alternator or could be battery?
  3. It's almost always tire pressure or a failing tire sensor. Check to make sure there are no recalls or TSB's about reprogramming the TPMS for your year/model Is there an aftermarket sensor in any of the tires? I've seen good results with aftermarket but it would be expected for them to have higher failure rates. I highly doubt this is the case but if you're speculating 80 mph is a causation and not a correlation: The only physical way I could see speed causing this is if on insanely hot roads with over pressure tires - the heat soak at 80 mph causes the pressure to just exceed the range expected by the TPMS. I think it more likely that a TPMS sensor battery is just at the cusp of failing and performing worse at those higher speeds/G forces.
  4. I use carparts.com for rad support and headlights sometimes. I hit a deer two weeks ago too, glad you got him on the road to getting fixed back up.
  5. Did you search for any TSBs or recalls? Some year FBs have broken valve spring issues. I think it’s just Impreza/Crosstek but I’d check.
  6. How did you figure it out? First post said Legacy, no mention of OB. I thought you meant 05 legacy to an 08 legacy. Were you trying to swap outback parts onto a legacy?
  7. Can’t confirm. Did you check radiator support? If that’s the same in 05 and 08 then everything forward will bolt up if it matches the bumper, fender, grill and undercarriage attach points. Did you check the grill? I’ve seen bumpers shaped differently around the grill due to grill differences in same generation 2005+ Subarus. can’t recall which years/models.
  8. Good find. I’m not picturing how it’s mounted and it’s too hot to go outside and look but I’m wondering why it does it when pushing gas. Seems like Undercover should be steering/incoming air direction or speed related not gas pedal related. Can’t picture any of those fasteners being connected to engine/trans mount that would shift under initial gas pedal torque. Those plastic undercovers and clips get beat. Clips often broken and missing. Hope that nails it. You might have good ears and a quiet car. I don’t think I’d have the luxury of noticing!
  9. No, and a visual inspection will probably strike out if your symptoms are so light. You'd need a pry bar and maybe to get the weight off the wheels. I'm pretty sure it's your heat shields since you keep ignoring those comments and questions. lol Is there a reason you've not responded to multiple heat shield mentions?
  10. Does the "metallic sounding rattle" have any cyclical nature to it like it's something spinning or it's of random frequency or random vibration? Heat shields are the most likely. Usually due to damage from striking something, or rust. That's been said multiple times but you haven't commented on those. They're ubiquitous - I'd guess 50%+ of the 10 year or older vehicles around here have had loose heat shield noises. There's more rust here but it can also be caused by striking debris, etc. checking the aftermraket installed lightbar is a good thought.
  11. I think your car should have a purge valve. Look it up on Subaru website or ebay or image search. It'll be on the intake manifold or possibly the evap canister.
  12. Heat shield. Just the beginning so it's light and hard to find. Does it do it when pressing the gas pedal to *maintain speed, but not accelerate*? For instance when climbing a hill - the gas pedal has to be pressed further to maintain speed up the grade. Does it do it then? Is it ever louder or softer or always the exact same noise no matter the speed? If you replicate the conditions that make the noise (pressing gas pedal a certain amount) - but do so while turning left and right - does it still do it? Does it do it from a stand still, downshifting from any speed, when pressing gas to accelerate to pass or up hill? Have the engine or trans ever been removed?
  13. If they work on Subaru's this is the way to go. They're a beast to remove. Advance and other national chains have free loaner tools, I'd call and ask your local store if they have a steering wheel puller.
  14. Check evap canister, valves (such as purge valve mentioned), and lines. Don’t top off the gas.
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