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  1. knuckles yes, I think we've all used impreza brackets. i think the legacy brackets are the same as other legacy brackets and won't work. EJ knuckle, FWD impreza 242mm rotor and caliper bracket XT6 caliper and caliper slide pin
  2. Yes, that's what you described before so the answer is the same - it's the axles. They're sloppy and vibrate on the trans stub shafts when the trans is loaded in drive with the TC spinning. aftermarket axles are trash and have a wide variety of issues, scrap them and get subaru.
  3. I mean obviously you can get EJ axles - are you trying to stick to XT6 knuckles?
  4. 96 is exempt from the readiness monitors and will pass even if it says not ready which will fail later models. You got a good inspector who knew that. Cars like this can vary quite a bit based on local market dynamics. I’d say $1,500 roughy. If you wait long enough you can probably get $2k for it. If you want a quick sale probably closer to $1k.
  5. idosubaru

    Loyale EA82 GL alignment

    Gotcha - I’ve stared at those bolts and hoped I never would have to touch them. Current ones don’t look rusty but you know that doesn’t always mean anything around the NE.
  6. Can you get EJ knuckles? I also run EJ knuckles, axles, and XT6 brakes with imp brackets as well. Numbchux info on wheel seals is the only I’ve ever seen on EJ/ER wheel seal comparisons My current daily driver XT6 came with EJ axles and XT6 knuckles. two wheel bearings failed in 6 months and they seemed “tight”. maybe it was coincidence or because it sat a couple inches lower than stock, or it was the seals (don’t know what seals it had). I assumed the axles were the issue then lifted and converted it.
  7. idosubaru

    Loyale EA82 GL alignment

    were they rusty/hard to loosen?
  8. That vibration is due to aftermarket front axle(s). Get a used Subaru axle ($25), reboot it with Subaru boots, and that won't happen. Subaru axles last the life of the vehicle and should be rebooted, not replaced. 00-09 4 cylinders all have potential external headgasket leaks. 1. check for headgasket leaks underneath coolant and oil are possible. Google image search to get an idea where they leak/where to look. 2. find one that's already been replaced with Subaru gaskets and resurfaced heads. All 00-09 are due for new Subaru timing belt and should get a lower coged timing idler pulley as well (most likely to fail). If those fail they usually bend a lot of the valves, so best to ensure those are done. Other than that those are fairly predictable and make 200k without much fanfare. All things being equal the 00-04's are better than 05-09's. But living in the rust belt and being older makes it hard to make "all things being equal". Northeast = rust = remove and regrease all the caliper slide pins with Sil-Glyde or equivalent/better, check the exhaust for significant rust. I've got a 2009 manual legacy - 130,000 miles, new Subaru headgaskets, resurfaced heads, timing gear, brakes, new tires, $5k.
  9. idosubaru

    Space saver rim sizes ?

    Yours came with 15” wheels? US XTs came with 13” and XT6s got 14s.
  10. Remove the Onstar controller? It’s behind the center stereo/hvac stack tucked to the passengers side I think. I’ve removed them before 2003 Outback’s. How do you know it was an Onstar related wire you cut? Maybe it was something else? Are you able to disable the alarm at all, it sets again immediately? Or, if the wiring must be intact, get an FSM and find that harness/connector that you cut and repair it to normal configuration.
  11. idosubaru

    For those who knew Skip

    Thanks for the Subaru love Skip. I remember him citing people for run on sentences on the forum that were hard to follow and had too many details to keep track as it is a bit more difficult to follow on the internet on half moon cloudy days during the spring. Similarly I also remember him asking people. To use more spacing between thoughts. Use more breaks to space things out and make it simpler to follow. Ive taken a lot of his grammatical advice and think of him when I hit “enter”, but mostly I appreciate his Subaru help and early adopter of the community attitude. Very cool. Cheers Skip
  12. Epoxy them back together. Buy new or used. Lots of options. drive it like that until you get covers I run without covers all the time, but not on interference engines. For the time, cost and labor of bent valves it’s penny wise dollar dumb for most people. Debris and spills could be problematic. the pulleys rust out here which means 4 rusty pulleys churning against the tbelt. Maybe benign but I’ll pass on interference engines
  13. idosubaru

    FOUND! 1992 Loyale. OAKLAND Ca

    Ah is that a reason older subarus get stolen more frequently then i would expect?
  14. All good - Just drop it in and run it. you’ll get a check engine light for EGR stuff, but they run perfectly fine and great gas mileage. You can move some vacuum lines around to supply the EGR with vacuum, I think that’s how it goes,to get rid of the check engine lights if you need too.