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  1. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Got a bunch of parts in the mail. Pulled the carpet out of the parts car so I could get a look at the floors, thankfully they are in much much better shape so I will be able to swap them over. There is still some minor rust through, but only in small spots that I should be able to fix. The important mounting points are still solid. right now I am waiting on a spot weld drill bit to show up so I can get it pulled apart and start patching the floor before I weld it into the other car.
  2. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Yeah that was the make or break on this project. After all when it broke the last time the car got parked for 10 years
  3. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    outback strut assemblys, 4runner struts and accord springs on the way. plus new brake hoses and pads
  4. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Things have been moving along, gutted the bad interior and swapped the rear window. thats the biggest hurdle done. got a huge shopping list coming from rock auto soon, but next thing to tackle is rust.
  5. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    I've got my work cut out for me thats for sure
  6. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    these are the tires and wheels I'll be using, I think they will match the early 90s RC car image I'm going for.
  7. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Not much to update as of yet, started pulling the interior, i plan to replace everything from the dash back. But before I do that I'm going to get the floors patched. I did get a set of wheels and tires, 235/75r15s on cherokee basket weave rims. I'll be using adapters to make them bolt up. I also have decided to do the car in a RC car motif. The car also wasnt running right, after swapping a few parts from the parts car I think I found the culprit in a bad CTS I have 2 cars i'll be selling soon to fund this so things will pick up soon.
  8. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    This is the car I'll be building. She is pretty rusty but only on the outer sheet metal, all the structural points are still good. its been sitting since 07 and it fired right up and drove onto the trailer.
  9. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    double post
  10. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    So hopefully today I will be picking up the other car. The wife has given the ok for all the shenanigans I have planned for it, so things should start moving here soon
  11. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Bet you thought this was a dead post huh? Wrongo bongo its just getting started.
  12. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    This will be the build log for my new XT6 I just bought 2 XT6s one is parts and one will be a builder. The parts car is an 87 and the driver is a 1991 parts car is stick and the driver is auto. The plan so far is to first fix and clean the driver. The rear window is broken so that's the first step. And since the window has been broken for almost a decade the interior is shot. The parts car interior is actually pretty nice so I'll be swapping that. Long term will include the standard offroad goodies. lift, tires, lights, winch, snorkle. Not sure how I will be lifting it yet, and not sure which trans I will be going with. Lift; either outback struts front and accord/4runner in the rear with crossmember drop, not sure if the camber/castor will work. or standard ea82 2" lift. Trans; dual range swap, I have all the parts. or outback 4.44 4eat swap. From reading it wouldn't be that hard to switch bell housings and wire it. I will also have a 5 lug swap for sale soon. to help fund this escapade No pics right now it was dark when I brought the first one home. I still need to get the other one. which will be in a week or so.
  13. So I am finally getting a hold of an XT6 and I will be lifting it. because I can. and because its a turd that wont easily polish. I am curious about the front suspension, what struts do people use to replace the air suspension? legacy? and if so could outback struts be used to lift it? not too worried about the rear I have a plan but I've only lifted 4 lug subies so the front is what I'm concerned about
  14. AKghandi

    I went to the dark side.

    Yeah I decided that subarus are awesome but not really good for the wheeling we have here. when funds allow I'll pick up a subie to DD Really I was tired of being the guy holding up the trail only ever got stuck a few times and only broke once, but when you wheel with rigs like this or this! or, a little more famous, this; I could keep going but those are just three of the rigs i've wheeled with. (that would be Jasons rover, I know him and have wheeled with him a few times.) You tend to get left behind alot. the subie held its own for a while but I just needed something more capable and with more aftermarket. So far I'm extremely happy.. and i haven't even gotten to wheel it yet.