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  1. AKghandi

    Talkeetna; the offroad 5 lug 85 wagon.

    its a dual range trans so 2wd/4wd. you know, Im not sure how well the cv's will last. i think the suspension geometry being more on par with stock should help.
  2. AKghandi

    Talkeetna; the offroad 5 lug 85 wagon.

    Ran into a few more minor issues but overall my plan worked exactly how I wanted. First of all, 93 fwd impreza axles DO NOT WORK. they are too long. in a lowered application where the hub would be further out they may work. getting the rear struts together was.. interesting. the coils on the accord springs are too tight to use a normal spring compressor. there she sits. no spacers no crossmember drop and no positive camber. still need to bleed the brakes and sort out the front axles. figured out what combination works i just gotta order a couple more.
  3. AKghandi

    Talkeetna; the offroad 5 lug 85 wagon.

    Today I got the front end put together. I ran into a few minor snags but, it all worked out more or less how I planned. Only real issues were; changing the top hat on the outback struts, and opening up the strut towers to make room for the larger struts. These wheels and tires are only temporary, they are too big. more positive camber than I wanted but I have lots of room to adjust via elongating the top hole on the strut. You can see the axle hanging down, need to order the correct axles soon. next weekend I will tackle the rear, should go much smoother.
  4. AKghandi

    Talkeetna; the offroad 5 lug 85 wagon.

    Got a chance to pull her into the shop and get a few issues sorted out. First was no heater blower, turned out to be the relay, swapped it with the rear defrost relay for now. Second the car overheated just after I got it, the fan switch in the radiator had a bad connection and the fan was hitting the radiator a bit. I cleaned the connections and spaced the fan out some, problem solved. Lastly it would start like it had a dead battery even with a good battery and a jump. The positive cable end at the starter was really bad, the washer under the nut turned to dust. I cleaned it all up and she spins over perfect. Shes rusty but atleast it still has rear wheel arches!.. for now. Next up is a full detail, the interior is filthy. then I'll start on the brakes and suspension upgrades.
  5. AKghandi

    Talkeetna; the offroad 5 lug 85 wagon.

    Not a great pic but it's something! I'm busy as all hell during the week
  6. AKghandi

    Talkeetna; the offroad 5 lug 85 wagon.

    Well the 5 lug swap changes the front strut mounting, From the slide into the knuckle type to the standard 2 bolt macpherson mount. Which adds camber adjustments. Ej swap may happen but we shall see.
  7. Well I have been roo less for a while now and the itch just wouldn't go away, no matter how many shot of penicillin I got. So I went ahead an bought a pile of roo for a few hundred dollars. Talkeetna is an ugly as hell 85 ea82 GL wagon. 5 speed dual range manual everything, even steering. though it has power mirrors... Sadly I dont have any pics of it right now. but I do have a pic of a previous parts donor. this was an 88 xt6. it was a project that didnt work out, the rust was just way too bad. so I pulled all the 5 lug parts and scrapped it. When I had the xt6 I bought a bunch of parts. a bunch. and I have just been sitting on these parts with nothing to do with them. Until now. parts I have; Full 5 lug/ rear disc parts 2 new 02 outback front strut/spring assembly's. front 86 accord springs new front 94 4runner struts new all new brake pads all new brake hoses 4 rotors which are within spec to be turned. my plan for now is to fix a few things then clean the car, and then add all the parts I have to make a hopefully decent offroad rig. I dont know of anyone who has done a lifted 5 lug on a wagon before so hopefully my educated guesses on lift height will work. I do have what appear to be new legacy front struts if the outbacks lift it too much. I know how much the accord/4runner setup will lift the rear. My hope is that I will end up with a stiffer suspension that can actually add negative camber in the front so the front wheels dont \ = / when I accelerate.
  8. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Got a bunch of parts in the mail. Pulled the carpet out of the parts car so I could get a look at the floors, thankfully they are in much much better shape so I will be able to swap them over. There is still some minor rust through, but only in small spots that I should be able to fix. The important mounting points are still solid. right now I am waiting on a spot weld drill bit to show up so I can get it pulled apart and start patching the floor before I weld it into the other car.
  9. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Yeah that was the make or break on this project. After all when it broke the last time the car got parked for 10 years
  10. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    outback strut assemblys, 4runner struts and accord springs on the way. plus new brake hoses and pads
  11. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Things have been moving along, gutted the bad interior and swapped the rear window. thats the biggest hurdle done. got a huge shopping list coming from rock auto soon, but next thing to tackle is rust.
  12. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    I've got my work cut out for me thats for sure
  13. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    these are the tires and wheels I'll be using, I think they will match the early 90s RC car image I'm going for.
  14. AKghandi

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Not much to update as of yet, started pulling the interior, i plan to replace everything from the dash back. But before I do that I'm going to get the floors patched. I did get a set of wheels and tires, 235/75r15s on cherokee basket weave rims. I'll be using adapters to make them bolt up. I also have decided to do the car in a RC car motif. The car also wasnt running right, after swapping a few parts from the parts car I think I found the culprit in a bad CTS I have 2 cars i'll be selling soon to fund this so things will pick up soon.