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  1. Turbone

    WCSS 2018

    Be there Fri afternoon
  2. A well known person (Jamie Cavett) here in the Pacific NW recently purchased a turbo model Pretty awesome little car
  3. Take it to a different mechanic. Fuel willer never leak out the headgaskets but antifreeze can. It could be a clamp loose as stated or a rubber fuel line.
  4. Turbone

    Power loss, please help.

    May have to open up either end of the turbo to see if theres too much shaft play
  5. Turbone

    Power loss, please help.

    Look for boost leaks in all the rubber inlet hoses. If theres no leaks I suspect a bad cat
  6. Jarryjetz, if you can read this you were banned by mistake (mine). Working on lifting the ban, hang in there
  7. If the alternator cant keep the battery charged, the car wont run. I suggest removing the alternator and take it to a local parts store (O'Reillys, Autozone etc) and have it tested.
  8. Turbone

    What is this part?

    Possibly, it also appears that a nipple is broken off
  9. Most likely his Brat
  10. I bought a mc for a 92 Leg SS around 3yrs ago. The part isnt even in the Rockauto system any more. I cant recall if it was ABS or not, but being 92 it may not have been. I dont recall if I plugged a port or what. CRS and being old etc
  11. Huh, I dont recognize anyone there except Manda
  12. Is the relay part of the A/C ones in the engine bay?
  13. No V at motor at all, is the resistor pack the same as the EA's?