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  1. My LED's work fine
  2. You need a funnel fill kit. You might be able to find one at a auto parts store, I got mine on Amazon. It lets you burp the system and is pretty fool proof
  3. Turbone

    LED shop lighting

    Thanks, I need to spend some time organizing And prob a few dump runs lol
  4. Turbone

    LED shop lighting

    Ohhh, did someone mention lights? The ones high on the back wall are still florescent, the rest are LED Cant have enough light when your eyes are getting old
  5. Turbone

    LED light bars

    Wow, why so much hate for LED's? Using them reduces the load on your electrical system and if done correctly they are not a road hazard. I have a LED light bar on my Brat and it only gets turned when needed and with no traffic coming. If it does happen, it gets turned off just like your high beams. So far the light bar has worked with no issues, going on 3yrs now. I also converted both my wifes 05 Outback and my 03 Foz to LED. The wifes car has projectors so it was a done deal. Mine I had to retrofit a set of projectors into the housings. Btw, the headlights are HID, which might also get converted to LED soon
  6. Turbone


    JesZek is alive and well, I just received a message from him last night. As you can see, this thread has been merged with the one asking about him. He said he plans on posting more in the future, but I have no idea what he has been up to.
  7. Turbone

    WCSS 2018

    Be there Fri afternoon
  8. A well known person (Jamie Cavett) here in the Pacific NW recently purchased a turbo model Pretty awesome little car
  9. Take it to a different mechanic. Fuel willer never leak out the headgaskets but antifreeze can. It could be a clamp loose as stated or a rubber fuel line.
  10. Turbone

    Power loss, please help.

    May have to open up either end of the turbo to see if theres too much shaft play
  11. Turbone

    Power loss, please help.

    Look for boost leaks in all the rubber inlet hoses. If theres no leaks I suspect a bad cat
  12. Jarryjetz, if you can read this you were banned by mistake (mine). Working on lifting the ban, hang in there
  13. If the alternator cant keep the battery charged, the car wont run. I suggest removing the alternator and take it to a local parts store (O'Reillys, Autozone etc) and have it tested.
  14. Turbone

    What is this part?

    Possibly, it also appears that a nipple is broken off