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  1. Go to the Gallery here and create a album. There you can upload pics from your computer, but they cant be any larger than 245.76kb. You an also upload from your computer using the link at the bottom in your reply. Pic for example, which is higher res
  2. I would look around the homeless camps, maybe someone was looking for a new pad
  3. Good info, but you might want to look at post dates in the future This thread is from 04
  4. As someone who has had intimate knowledge with this engine, I would say its a poor choice. Questionable reliability even in stock form. As mentioned above, if it overheats the least it will do is blow the headgaskets. Worse case - crack the head(s). I ran a turbo from a WRX (TD04) for a while, until I blew the ring lands off a piston. If there was a decent engine management system for these engines (not cheap for any of them), it might make a difference. You will have better results with the next gen of engines - the EJ22 from early Legacys and Imprezas. Even the NA version can be turboed with low boost and there are cheaper engine management systems available. The EJ22 is non interference and basically bullet proof and you can find lots of them in wrecking yards
  5. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/subaru,1982,gl,1.8l+h4,1268298,brake+&+wheel+hub,caliper,1704
  6. Here are some pretty recent sales on Bring a Trailer (BaT) I watched the last auction, bidding was hot and heavy in the last minute between 2 guys We can only hope we can get this much when it comes time to sell https://bringatrailer.com/subaru/brat/?q=subaru brat
  7. Do some reading in this sub forum - https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/forum/18-subaru-retrofitting/ Theres also a couple of people that do lifts - SJR and ADR Or you could just drop it on a different frame all together
  8. Way back in 99-00 I traded in a 2nd gen wagon with less than 200k on it at a local dealer. I had already bought a few cars from them and they gave me $2500 for the trade in! I bought a 92 Mazda 2600i 4x4 used with just over 100k on it
  9. It seems like lately, the dealerships dont want your trade-ins. If you do want to trade it in, they give you well below Blue Book value. When my wife bought a new Subaru the end of last year we chose to do a private sale rather than trade in. We got about $3k for a 05 OB with around 250k on it, never would have gotten that much from the dealership
  10. I can contact oddcomp if you wish, he might make a appearance here if you have some questions
  11. I once used a XT seat as a gaming chair
  12. 2013 Crosstreks have oil consumptions issues. With that low a mileage I would assume thats the case with this one. Make sure its been addressed before buying
  13. Ah, Rockauto also has the seal! https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/subaru,1981,brat,1.8l+h4,1267657,transmission-manual,shift+shaft+seal,8808
  14. Sounds like someone installed Monroe or Gabriel air shocks. You can replace them with like or the correct shocks, Rockauto has the stock ones - https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/subaru,1981,brat,1.8l+h4,1267657,suspension,shock+absorber,7556 As for the shaft seal, you may need to remove it to get the numbers from it so it can be matched
  15. This Hatch appears abandoned or stolen, does anyone recognize it?
  16. How wore out is the key? See if you can get a new one cut from the dealer, as getting one cut on a machine will just copy the wore out key. Theres a bar on top of the tumbler that locks the steering wheel. The key is what makes this bar drop into the tumbler so you can turn the wheel, but if the key is worn it doesnt drop down far enough.
  17. Jack the front end so the tires are off the ground, then try and unlock it. Had this issue with my wifes 05 OB. When you park, make sure the wheels are straight with no tension on the rack
  18. I installed LED's in my wifes 05 OB, it solved the burnout issue. But because of the heat sink/fan/etc, you cant put the back cover on
  19. Eyesight shuts off when it cant see the road, it will tell you its off up on the display. The issue is with the lane assist control, so its turned off for now. I think the best time to use all of this is when your in heavy traffic and going at slower speeds. Just turn the CC on and let the car basically drive itself On a side note - Just installed front and rear dash cams, that was fun. Had it on the 05 OB and running the cable from front to rear wasnt too bad, no sunroof or airbags to deal with. Quite the hassle on this one, getting past the airbags and sunroof. Had to make sure it didnt interfere with the airbags or the Eyesight cams
  20. My wife just got a 2020 Impreza Sport and came home tonight complaining about it being unstable on wet roads. She said it was all over the lane and the Eyesight function was going on and off. So we went into town, took the freeway and I drove. I turned off the lane assist (keeps you in your lane) and didnt have any issues. I had a few instances with hydroplaning, but it wasnt bad. She commented that there was more water on the road than where we were at the time of our test drive I told her to turn off the lane assist the next time the roads got bad and see if it still does it. Anyone else have Eyesight/Lane assist ever encounter this?
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