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  1. Lol , that’s fine. Buddy , it’s CT and it’s an As Is vehicle. It’s thereby understood to have issues YOU the buyer will need to tend to. I sure do appreciate you’re being so kind to humanity. Look man , I’ve been here so damn long and helped so many people you have no idea. This is dumping off a car. It’s southwestern Connecticut. Take a breath and relax. I have already brought vehicles from the west several times over. You sure do make it sound easy and cheap but I research and price shipping as well as anybody. Of course you’re going to tell the buyer what to be aware of. But it’s an As Is sale in CT so buyer beware , buyer be smart , buyer be ready to assume repairs. Seller enjoy. I just sold my 1978 4WD wagon always from CT , for $1800 needing brake lines and rot repairs. I went over everything and the guy is completely happy. Then there’s the countless people I’ve hooked up with parts. Enough !
  2. Used cars are priced outrageously up here . It just passed emissions - show positive points and don’t disclose crap. Your price is as expected for what it is and the location. These nice folks don’t know Fairfield County. Maybe take some off to a negotiator but not much. You’re selling “AS IS”. It drives , passed emissions. Right there it’s worth $1500 Brakes have to be done all the time. Screw dumping money into it. But if you feel too guilty about the brakes - do the front rotors , pads , and calipers refreshed. Moments like this I would get aftermarket and just be sure to lube the spots you should. And be sure the pads are able to slide easily enough. Sometimes the aftermarket pads need grinding to clear the caliper bracket. Those wagons with automatic AWD ride so nice in the snow! Good luck with it. Just ignore everything I said if I show up to buy it. LOL The great $500 Beater has just about vanished from the northeast.
  3. Steve ! Been ages man ! Good to see you still around. Good luck with things. Cheers!
  4. That’s yours down in New Canaan ? I saw that and another cheap one in Stamford I think still up on Craigslist. Tempted but have my hands full now. GD - glad to hear that. I’m running a family on 92-94 Legacys (3). And in the above mentioned affluent Fairfield County.
  5. Early Coupes had disk brakes from 72 onward. Standard line didn’t get disks until 1976 I think. So only 76 and 77 stage one which are nothing different than stage two 77-79.
  6. I think you have a stage two , not that it matters. Stage one is the same at the wheels. Whats the mfg tag say on your car ? Look on the drivers door. Just curious.
  7. moosens

    For those who knew Skip

    Way too young.
  8. My apologies if this has been previously submitted. We would often ask about Skip up to just what seems like right up to his passing. Yes , it looks like our dear friend and great member of our community passed away last August. Something made me look up Skip today. First I looked up Rolling Rock Beer , because that was Skip’s brand. Yes , the did bring it back and it’s still on the market. Skip , Godspeed brother ! Green number 33 I will surely raise to you next chance I get. The obituary: Skip” Gary Dankmyer, 66 of Bradenton, FL passed away August 13, 2018. Born in Pittsburgh, PA and became a snow bird from 2004 to 2011 when he permanently moved to Bradenton from New Alexandria, PA. Skip was a member of the Triumph Club of Western Pennsylvania, Attended Thiel College in Greenville, PA and earned a Masters at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. He was an avid car collector, Harley Davidson Enthusiast, a loving master to his black lab Watson and best friend of Tom and Alice Proffer. Predeceased by his Parents, William Frederick Dankmyer and Mary Louise Dankmyer; wife, Georgean F. Dankmyer. Survived by his sister, Sheila Louise Mangeno. There will be no Services. Brown & Sons Funeral homes & Crematory 43rd Street Chapel 604 43rd Street West Bradenton, Florida 34209 in charge of arrangements. Condolences to: www.brownandsonsfuneral.com
  9. moosens


    Show some pics of the rest of it, please.
  10. moosens


    Not truly but there are indicators which would tell you it’s not rolled over yet. How do the pedals look ? Is the “Caution” decal still in the drivers door ?
  11. Easy enough in the end. Went to Autopart International as they’ve been very reliable with having items in stock. Pay a little more but I never have any problems. Hillbilly bleed of the brakes using a 2x2 of a particular length and the drivers seat. Works , done it several times. When you’re alone and don’t have the bleeder tool you improvise. Nice parking brake once again. Good pedal action , all back to normal.
  12. Rain delay. Should be back at it later today. I took the whole bracket off. Had to relocate the car so I clamped the piston and didn’t hit the brakes anyways - blessed are the manual shifts in times like this!! First order will be disconnecting the line and getting the unit to a workable place , and maybe heat and beat. Although when I saw what I’d done already in daylight I’ve peen’d the casting over at the stud trying to beat it back on. So I’ll be shopping for a caliper and stud.
  13. 92 front wheel drive Legacy right rear caliper top stud is moving , as in its loose but I can’t seem to get a good enough grip on the stud to then try to loosen the caliper off of it. So when I pivoted the caliper upward the stud was turning itself out and no matter what I did I couldn’t get the caliper to slide off the stud. It was getting dark and I just had to leave it. I’m sure I’ll get it freed up but just had to vent and see who says what for advice. I used propane flame and a 2 lb hammer but I’m afraid I’m going to destroy the caliper casting. Its at a point that I can’t slide it off nor can I return it to a position that allows the caliper to seat back down with new pads. I really just want it off entirely now so I can remove the rust , get a new stud , and who knows what else. The whole job went up and down but success was had and it was wrap up time. Don’t you know this had to happen. Replaced bearing and parking shoes firstly the saw I had fresh pads in stock. I did soak it with PB Blaster before I left it for the night.