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  1. Lol , old guys like me have to chuckle , you’d better make a separate post. Sounds cool , but I’m just happy to use and abuse stock. The original bulbs in new fresh condition are out there. An old guy like me would be happy just to have them all working. Please post a nice night shot of the cluster when you’ve got it done and make me envious.
  2. There’s a post of mine archived about the EA82 heater core swap. Not a big deal. Good time to freshen up dashboard illumination too. Manage all the vacuum lines for the ducts. Re-foam the flappers. In that deep ya gotta make the rounds or it’ll bite you back.
  3. Yes sir eeeee still alive and still hoping to get storage reduced. But so much going on I have nowhere near the time I really need to get there. Meanwhile I am sadly offering good on eBay. “cashingmystuffin” that’s me. I’ve got around 70 items up right now. But that’s just some box stuff , way more at storage with some fenders , door , glass , engines , transmissions , rear diffs , A-bar , lots more.
  4. What color seats are you looking for ?
  5. Maybe bake it ? Electro-heat it ? Some freeze blast from a can on the bearing and hopefully it drops out and you tuck the new one in.
  6. To me just about every Subaru I ever owned ticks when cold at least a little. Some loud , some barely. And the piston slap thing too. Seems fine after running some.
  7. Wondering if we can prevent this issue with some grease at the pivot and lubing the cable.
  8. Many of us have done this and many will need to sooner or later if they actually drive their car enough. (Pedal Box Repair/improvement) Glad I could help. This is a very common issue from the 1970’s left over into the 80’s.
  9. Maybe select the best one and have that as a spare just so you feel good about trying to salvage those beads. As mentioned , might not hold air if they all look as bad. Good luck.
  10. Bail out and start saving some spare change for a set from another enthusiast.
  11. Best to just call them. Probably run you around $38-45 per. My guess. Whatever it is it’ll be worth it.
  12. Pardon me , but you folks with these 80-84’s will eventually need a group purchase. I suggest you contact PRP and ask about the mold from their supplier. Will that mold be destroyed ? Seems so tricky about ordering now , it’s only going to get worse. My point is to notify PRP and/or drop an order for 50 and call it an investment if you don’t get all 50 paid for up front. They’ll sell , trust me. We had two group buys that I handled for the Gen one’s. They’re all gone. PRP part no. for those is WCR-288 - as I recall. Good luck. Make a move now.
  13. Big bump for the “season” Hoping to list some stuff on e bay but would much appreciate people stopping by. I know , it’s far. Why do I live way over here ??? It’s ok , push that gas pedal and make a trip out of it. Ebay - “cashingmystuffin” Your happy place - my storage - exit 35 off I-95 Milford CT USA Next to highway , super easy. Contact me and we can work out weekday or weekend time - prefer we meet between 7:30am and 3:00pm WEEKDAYS but might be able to flex. WEEKENDS I can meet you 7:00am on but not too late. Gets dark early so on weekends I like to be closing up around 4:30-5:00