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  1. Wow I suck sometimes. Or maybe the two nuts just worked their way off because I didn’t tighten them. But yeah , front leak not behind the Y or at least this one is quite obvious. Should have it buttoned up later today or very soon. Was mostly a decent job this engine swap. But the crap with being a bit rushed at the end just bit me in the tail. As life goes. Focus ! We all do our best. Should have gone around twice or more checking things over.
  2. Fuhgeddaboudit trash it sorry as mentioned above the EA cars , yeah did that at least a couple times and once down in Jersey had to drive three hours home like that but “a foot or so showing” ? Holeee crapp never had one that extreme. Pull the good parts and trash it. My opinion. Sorry. The Subarus keep coming. Plenty of good original owners around our area. Yeah I know it’s been rough lately finding a good older Subaru , hopefully these times blow by soon and you can still score while we’re in this funk.
  3. Other folks will know better but as I recall a later second generation automatic would have hydraulic lifters. 83-84 If you’re curious check the archives. My memory of 80’s cars , not the greatest.
  4. In the vintage motorcycle world and I’m sure others you can get freshly made repro tanks. At least a couple companies in India are putting out decent enough quality products according to various users I’ve seen posting. Maybe it’s time someone sent them a Brat/Brumby tank to copy ? They didn’t have any problem producing them for rather low production Ducati , Parilia , etc. Not that it can’t be done here or elsewhere.
  5. And just like that some issue I’ll need to inspect tomorrow. Wanted to make a local run and the car began running badly and check engine blah blah blah First thought is I admit I was quite sloppy with my exhaust. After the Y pipe that flange with the donut - I should have snugged that up but rushed like a knucklehead. It drove to work and around two towns or so. Maybe have loosened that exhaust joint a bit more as the loudness increased. Thought I’d get it over to a local cheapie exhaust shop and have them snug it or even replace with my near new sections I took from that parts car. These fellows are easy to work with and get you by without killing your wallet. Hoping that’s all or maybe a plug wire popped off. Could that second O2 sensor maybe have rattled and yanked its wire? Tune in next time.
  6. I recall one out west not long ago but have no recent sighting of that post. Sadly that was on face book Does your engine have hydraulic lifters ? Wondering if you bothered with that ‘84 engine.
  7. Thanks and best of luck with your three vehicles. First few miles and all is well.
  8. Running well ! Thanks for all the assistance. Better report after some miles.
  9. Oh that would be great idea if it weren’t for the dealers and yards being difficult and not wanting much to do with 20 year old cars. Northeast is a tricky spot that way. I have to drive about 40 minutes to get to a yard I can walk around. But thanks Larry. And it’s about 30 min to the red sedan. All ok for now. Started right up!
  10. History repeats , thanks guys ! And the ground wire/cable from the firewall that attaches to the steel cover over the fuel injectors or to the block ? I have that one on the block now but it doesn’t look right and I think a small bracket goes where I current have that cable landing. When I can I take pictures of the 2003 sedan sitting at my dads. But that car is in process of a sale and has to sit there for now. Wish I could drive it down to where I’m working and have it for reference. The EA’s and the early EJ22 I know very well. This gen is new to me. Still finding my way with the later model peripherals. Air boxes that need supports , stuff like that I just need to be more contemporary with. Where each bracket goes. Never had these before.
  11. Thanks ! I’m ok for living space. In fact it’s also part of the issue. We own a condo unit in a high rise so I have no garage , attic , driveway , basement, etc. and pay for storage. Storage just shot up $ ! But this is my mom’s side , her parents house. Many great memories. And it looks like I’ll be the last one of the family to make use of the property. Now I just need a lower radiator hose and to button up a few things. The ground cable that comes from the battery and goes to the starter and has that little metal locator bracket - does that bolt in with the starter top bolt , bottom bolt , or ? Historically they’re in the starter with the upper bolt, my old brain believes.
  12. No , I had to stop in for a genuine over the counter , old fashioned transaction like buying a sandwich. I was rushing around and knew I’d be getting screwed a little on the price but threw in the towel. Just some bits. My online orders were significant, and I received their healthy discount whatever it is. I don’t have an actual number but it’s like John or Anthony were taking care of me. And yes KYB is really the way to go. You won’t like what the cheap top mounts look like after like 6 mos. Learned the hard way. Spend wisely my friend ! Ciao
  13. They generally don’t give you quality parts in those kitted units. I’d be concerned that you’d be getting a cheaper top mount among other parts and that it’ll show mighty ugly in short order. Subafreak has done suspension for me in front of my eyes and to me it’s not a whole lot of extra labor to use the shop’s spring compressor and turn a wrench or two. Sidenote - have shopped at Perkins both online and over counter lately. The young fellow seems to have a better attitude these days and is rather courteous and helpful. Like been thrown in the deep end but he’s treading water well. The counter transaction was not a very healthy discount but at least he offered a little break. Good luck with it.
  14. Let me brother do the PCV placement. Fresh 1” hose , RTV and clamp as per Rick’s direction. My brother is a former Subaru tech from around 1978-82 or so. He questioned most everything about it. But after review of GD’s post and the realization that the PCV was in the block and not the intake it made sense to him. But that makes him a great tech. See ya soon. Ciao!
  15. Engine in. Called an ally in my brother so it was a two man army for a couple hours or so. And now back to one man army time. Need to let the RTV cure until tomorrow to be smart. So it’ll crank it over tomorrow sometime. Just about to throw the accessories back on and general button up , accelerator cables , radiator , you know how it goes. Enjoy some pics and I’ll enjoy my eased anxiety. Story about using the property I’m in to follow. Long story short I was presented with a deadline that I originally had no idea of. But anyways , looking good and now there shouldn’t be any family issues as well. A glorious moment !!! Long may it reign.