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  1. Hey Jim welcome back. We kind of took your thread for a walk around the rust zone. We’ll come back when the dinner bell rings. Seriously , I hope it really works - the Amsoil , and I’ll surely try it. After I find it. But yeah, Midwest, northeast same deal. Took a trip to Wrigley and Chitown and I think we drove up along the lake far enough that we were in WI for a short run. Had ideas of meeting the great Miles Fox in Milwaukee but that couldn’t be. Battery ? Huh ?
  2. Ok here’s a fight I’ll pay to watch. Rust vs Amsoil HD metal protectant. To me Vermont is the place to hold this event. Will accept NH or Maine as well.
  3. Pretty sure I have one but I’ll need a little time to be able to dig it out. A couple guys have the old stock like I used to and may have one new. Check FB ? I think Carl comes by here. He might see this.
  4. Sounds good to me. And you folks know what I push around. Nothing newer than my wife’s 2006 which is the last era of Subarus I’m going to bother turning a wrench on. The more new , the more they suck. But Rick , it’s CT and a different world here. Maybe a few 80’s GM products on the road here but super rare at this point. I really can’t think of one around here. Up in the valley I’m sure there’s a few. He’d need to transport one from a dry zone. You have lots of cars coming and going out there. Hook him up! Not much of a military vehicle presence here anymore. Especially that rig you have. Our city used to keep some large ex military amphibious vehicles but haven’t seen them for a while. But they did score a new something or other that looks like a complete beast and militarized. Jim , you think something like that works for you ? Love my 94 !! Good luck with this one.
  5. Learn to be patient and let the other folks leave before starting the car. But if you moved to my town you’d fit right in. Maybe need noisy exhaust. Belt squeal. Clicking axles. But we’ll welcome you as you are. Now see if your town will welcome me. (Roaring laughter) Fresh oil pump reseal , rev the engine to get all the lifters pumped up and you’re good. See ya at the ShopRite where we’ll both try to sneak away from the parking lot.
  6. Not long ago I did a Legacy to Legacy swap with the same situation I think. Its M20 x 1.5 I bought the drill and tap and tapped in the EGR line and also had the PCV conversion. Rick (GD here) confirmed all and directed me somewhat so there’s your base. Mind you now I just skimmed through and did a little ASSuming. Just found my old thread and posted below. Good luck.
  7. Long gone from Bridgeport. Even if it weren’t from my home town I’d say the Bpt. Miller stands above the rest with the J head. How many small time operators made dreams come true. Including my uncle who’s NASA parts he made in the 60’s and 70’s are still in space.
  8. You folks find those weights commonly? 5w40 and 15w50 ? Maybe my aging eyes again but I don’t see those here in CT. I’d definitely go for the 5w40 since I’m pretty close already in the summer. Haven’t met Thosl yet but I’m just up the road a bit. Same temps. Just more corruption in my town.
  9. Let’s get to the most important matter here. Did you shred the waves in Kauai ? We just had one come through that had work done at a somewhat reputable shop and the water pump practically fell off. I mean loose bolts. Paper gasket. Cowabunga Larry !
  10. Prayers sent. Hey you know how I normally offer help ... Jim the more I work on these newer generation Subarus the more I dislike Subaru. Have suffered the same with our 2006 , need that extention through the arm etc , sure just like we always did right ? On the ground like you. No impact. But I’d get the full schnitzel on the impact extensions. Twist n Shout is not a good song to play during those moments. Let me know if you need comedic assistance in the garage.
  11. Change the pump and give it back to your wife like the local shop would. After a test drive with multiple shut down/restarts of course. Have AAA or equivalent? I sure do. All we drive are older Subarus. Stuff happens. Same as you my mind goes to that relay when these things happen and it seems intermittent, but it’s likely not that relay. History tells us so. Guessing you’ll be in work soon. Let us know how it went and how the coffee is today. Thanks.
  12. Aww Todd now you’re faced with a huge dilemma. It’s not wether to sell or build your dream. Its where are we going to celebrate this sale. Haha Enjoy !
  13. Note to Jim: I’m done with Perkins. Don’t even think I’ll use the website and won’t mention it now in protest. John and Anthony were a pleasure to deal with. Days gone by. Good luck with your parts acquisitions going forward.
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