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  1. One group good for parts. https://m.facebook.com/groups/730768337106149/?ref=bookmarks The USMB on fb https://m.facebook.com/groups/UltimateSubaruMessageBoard/?ref=bookmarks Good luck. Nothing like solid panels and solid cars. I’ve used Greyhound for panels and had great experiences.
  2. Cool , keep in touch and we’ll get together soon enough. Search for those doors out west and save the effort if they’re really bad. Any two door works. You probably knew that. Just swap Brat glass over. This board was quite active before the masses were lured over to the current attraction. You knew that too. ;) Talk soon.
  3. Across the little pond from you in Bridgeport CT. Good luck in your retirement and with your project Brat. Whatever I find that may help you I’ll gladly contribute. Currently I am cleaning house of 1970-79 parts. Unfortunately for you and the other later Subaru owners I already purged most of my later parts for 1980-84 and 1985-94. But some stuff still pops up now and then. Come warm weather I’ll be back at it. As for hobbies to go with the Brat , for me it was archery and before that firearm deer hunting. Whatever your hobbies I hope the Brat shows itself well someday for you. My concern from reading your post is what the covers may have done to inhibit rust. Best wishes on that account. My storage is in Milford just off I-95 , maybe we’ll meet up there this spring. I know I have a gen 2 front “A” bar. Enjoy ! Paul
  4. Kind of working in reverse , have you yet tried to jump the fuel pump with a couple of leads from the battery ? Check the archives ? I know that gets annoying so I understand if you didn’t strike gold if you did. From horrible memory I want to say 3psi is fine. Not sure you’d require a significantly more powerful pump with a stock Hitachi.
  5. Good luck. I already looked. If anyone does find that plug please let me know where you saw it. I have all factory parts manuals from the 360 thru the Loyale and then some.
  6. moosens

    Brat Newbie

    Camera time ? Get one of those cheapie harbor fright versions if nobody gives a great answer. I sure don’t have one at this time. If you’re going at this seriously I want to suggest taking the tank out. While out go over the body/bed and all you can. Mark your lines , take pics of it all.
  7. moosens

    Brat Newbie

    No but depending on which line there may be an anti-roll system installed like the 4WD wagons. At work but I’ll try to help from the manual later. Nothing in the tank like later models. Just the obvious meter/float.
  8. I hope you meant ozium and not ozone. VT car ? Semi- Trashed - sorry to be negative but what you mention about Pittsburgh cars you should multiply that for VT. Plenty of friend in VT and when they come down here they have rust on 5 year old cars. I completely understand about making the most of what you’ve got. I live and will likely die by being a user of aged Subarus. And I live in New England. So these type of vehicles have come and gone. Use it and dispose of it before dumping tons of money into it , because there’s always more coming down the pike. Best of luck with it.
  9. Those seats look like GL-10 $4k opening bid , or maybe low opening but $4k reserve.Just my opinion BAT seems to draw the more serious buyer. You’ll do well. Enjoy !
  10. moosens

    Brat Newbie

    Looks nice! From here that looks like an uncracked dashboard. If so you want to baby it.
  11. moosens

    Brat Newbie

    My parts manual does not show the drain plug. If it does and I’m not seeing it , they still don’t list any size within the Part Name column where sizes are always shown when applicable.
  12. Yeah I just tried too and got frustrated very quickly. Hang in there. Simple enough info. My guess would be that it’s the same size as something like the crank pulley bolt or a suspension bolt. In case you want to try to remove one and see if it’s the same size. Then you can walk into the nut n bolt shop with confidence.
  13. moosens

    Brat Newbie

    Dammit , I forgot again and I even looked right at my pile of manuals. Sorry about that. But it seems you’re commanding the situation. Suggesting that you look in all corners of the interior. Maybe that guy tucked it away. And after that I will try to put my brain on when I get home and check the manual.
  14. Spring hooks can be handy here. Long needle nose or duckbill pliers and a rubber band to help keep pliers closed while you free up a hand. Just foggy memories but getting that plastic retainer hooked up right that’s where the spring hook used to really help.
  15. Sorry I forgot to check. Will do in the morning or shortly after. You might be able to beat me to it. I think there’s online pdf. file of the older parts manuals.