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  1. Those plastic rings were still available from dealers , although you may have to ask your dealer to go thru a western distributor. Edit: Just noticed you are out west so you should be able to score , and thanks to Dave you have the part number. Enjoy!
  2. Just for kicks read this and with a flashlight go back under your dashboard for a minute. Flashlight illuminating the left side of the pedal box. Depress the clutch lever with your right hand as you watch the thin sheet metal of the pedal box at the pivot point. Look close , look on the inside and outside of the box but entirely in the left side of the box where the pivot pin sits in the box.
  3. moosens

    Hey moosens

    Feeling a lot older , but that’s life. What can I do to help ? PM works or email at moosens@yahoo com , or right here. Good to see you around too. Cheers!
  4. Yes , you’ll want to not bother with the air system and swap over to regular stock assemblies. Junkyard , parts car donor , whatever you can find. Maybe buy some new KYB’s to replace struts , or go cheap since I personally wasted my money on KYB’s since my son ended up killing the car and I couldn’t get my KYB’s back before the car go crushed. Be sure to get good top mounts. Not Chinese crap. Even keeping the originals are better than new Chinese’s garbage - take my word ! We swapped out our 94 Legacy wagon air for standard and all is great now. Good luck with it and the kid. Cheers!
  5. Just found out that my parts car still has its harness. It might be a 1993 but to most of us here it’s got to be the same as the 1994. EJ22 Automatic Wagon AWD N/A Harness and engine still in car. It’s freezing here now so I know I’m not rushing up 90 miles to do this BUT if you can wait until I get a warm day and time to run up there I’ll help you out. ECU also still there. Car ran fine.
  6. My son was there and sent a text with pics of one of the Brats. Looked great and also looked like it had original 14” wheels. But I’d need a real inspection to pay that kind of money. Plenty of people with too much money who will just throw money at it.
  7. High 30’s C ?? Man , get at it ! LOL Sweat is good !
  8. moosens

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    You got the better investment for sure. And yeah , Sedan was way high but still glad someone cared enough. My former two door sedan - 1976 DL Automatic 1600 now sits in a showroom in Sweden. We acquired the vehicle with I think 32k and sold it with 36k IIRC. Buyer paid $2000 or whatever year it was he actually paid that amount $2003? And the car smelled new inside still. Notorious front fender foam strip caused the typical rust/rot and that made for a hole in the drivers fender and really not much of any other rust anywhere. Just another reference for the gang.
  9. moosens

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    Wow !!! You just got my first “like” I think. I don’t do much of that stuff just because I’m borderline old fart. Lol Very impressive !! I’d drool over that for an hour at a car meet. Enjoy it !
  10. moosens

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    Wow that was 2016 ? Geez , I “need” to stick my nose in BaT more often. $7k for that ‘74 - to me it’s not that much , little steep , but I personally have a ton of parts for that one and enough knowledge and skills to keep it healthy on a good budget. I hope this brings out more old Subies.
  11. moosens

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    Todd , I’ll bet you feel the same way. It’s almost like worthy of a celebration. We older (somewhat) folks who grew up with the 70’s vehicles must all be very proud. At least those of us who’ve kept the torch burning and passed along. Enjoy your rides ! Hunt those parts and stock while you can. Be aware of EA81 car crossover bits and anything else which can crossover (not a lot). EJ swaps aren’t the worst thing , keep it rolling !
  12. moosens

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    Yeehaa. Pretty wild ! It’s solid , and regardless of how accurate the previous sellers have been it’s managed to set the new standard. I can pick stuff out but at this point let it all be. It exists. It not only survived but was obviously really cared for. Also had parts thrown at it that (just about) only someone from SOA in south Jersey could make happen. Great story. And I wonder about the SOA exec. who first ones it because I also had one Gen one Brat come my way thru an elder SOA exec. I’ve not had contact with him since a good decade ago. Hmmm But holy crap man , $46k and change , PLUS the BAT fee and it’s like $48k someone said. Mike the Plummer - today is your day !!! Lol
  13. I have the gaskets you need. Just let me dig them out. I know the inlet gasket is here at home and I think I saw the outlet hanging around too.
  14. moosens

    Brat on BAT

    Not making the drive down. Its over $23k - pretty sick. Interior should be tan , not black to really show it off. Aftermarket mud flaps up front. Dent in back. Someone is overpaying.
  15. moosens

    Brat on BAT

    There are six digits. It’s 004036 Looks ok. You can see this old exec. made his way down to the parts warehouse and snagged several neat options and add add ons. But a few non factory/dealer/distributor parts I can see - not the biggest deal except now for this price it’s unacceptable - and seller notes a dent , aged tires , and more. We’ll see how happy the next guy is. That was my color too , back in the day. Had that color with all the bright white details - front bar , high roll bar , wheels.