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  1. Holy crap , this sounds very familiar. Like you I have a 2003 manual and had a very similar if not the same issue. Like you I have had no time to review , but I did smell gear oil. Thanks for the advice. I was already looking at used trannies and considering rebuilding since they all seem to have issues. Keep posting please , especially with your repair. Thanks
  2. Been lucky up here too. (As for temperature) But sadly I own a condo so there’s no way to do any big jobs onsite. I’ll get some time later this week , I think.
  3. Sounds like what I should be prepared for. Thanks.
  4. No , no time for it yet. Just enough to stop and do what I had just explained. Time is tight. But thanks, I sure do intend on draining the tranny.
  5. Right , but my local is also one of the best dealers on eBay. So all that eBay biz they do , and they aren’t ripping people off. BrusBro goes there too. You get a discount online and do NOT when I walk in. Wasn’t like that before the internet but so it goes. So I have to go on my phone and order stuff from their customer waiting area while I enjoy crappy free snacks and water. May next older brother was a Subaru tech and insisted we all buy dealer. I sure do stick to that as best as I can. But it’s like it is. We are worn n torn busy as all hell and money isn’t exactly overflowing. So a poor boy does what he thinks is best. There are real honest dealers selling on eBay and the discounts amount to much more than just lunch and beer. So I will find those folks. I think the advice about eBay is to truly check the source. Bottom line. There’s at least three major good dealers I can think of selling on eBay including the “beloved” SubieGal who works as the parts manager , I think , at one of those heavy duty Washington dealers. Be cautious. Enjoy.
  6. 15% rule still apply ? Doesn’t answer your question but good rule of thumb. I’m surprised those numbers aren’t readily available. But then again I don’t search like I should either. Lol
  7. Sorry , I can’t recall and didn’t see from a good glance at my inboxes. Earl , you wanted the black one which was for manual shift , correct ? I am pretty sure that’s still here in a box and I’ll come across it soon. This brown automatic base is on eBay and I’ll gladly yank it down if someone here was the one asking about it. Sorry no pic now but check ebay. You know me by now - cashingmystuffin - that’s me. Have some stickers n other stuff I’m cleaning out but also have tons of vintage Subaru new old stock and great used parts. Look for more paper goods soon. I am thinning out the brochures and nomenclature , etc etc Enjoy !
  8. Can I make life easier by installing a different master cylinder from an automatic or non hill holder ? You nice folks tried to help me disconnect it and set it out of the way , but I still can’t seem to shake the dreaded DRAG on occasions. I have to put the car in neutral and do the hokie pokie with the pedals to get the car moving comfortably again. Normally I like the HH , but balancing it out these last couple or years has gotten annoying. I once considered myself pretty good at that clutch/ HH adjustment. But I’m not getting younger. That’s a big issue. This car has paid for itself several times over but it’s like that blanket of Linus’ from Peanuts. It’s so hard to give up. Front wheel drive and I still love it. 1992 Legacy L wagon. Front wheel drive.
  9. I want the 70’s again !!!! 1974 was pretty cool. I’ll take that year and start from there. It’ll give me a few years of normalcy before the 80’s turn my stomach. Waaaaggghhh !!!
  10. He’s right again. Just that I would take that chance. Adds to the budget and only you know what your finances dictate. Roll dice , don’t roll dice. But the engine is a solid performer and odds are you’d at least get a year out of it. For all we know maybe that’s all you expect or want from it. I’ve been there. Grab a winter beater so I can work sidejobs and make many thousands of dollars from a $500 car.... done that. Worth it. Actually at the same point now with my 2003. I’ll do the headgaskets because I really want to keep this car. That’s my expectancy. Not a favor to my budget but we hope times plays out well and the job becomes even more worthwhile.
  11. So you all know , I sure don’t have a lot of extra time and I have one good car to use and another back up which only has a lousy hill holder I can’t seem to properly disconnect , so therefore I will indeed take what seems like quite a while to get to this car. That makes me feel better. So here’s where I’m at and my latest questions. That crazy explosion of metal and all which came to a calm after a minute or so , I’m beginning to think it’s the differential. But you guys review what I tell and let me know your thoughts please. The car starts and engine runs really well. I have the clutch pedal in because when I lift it there is engagement and the car wants to lunge forward. I’m not sure which gear it is in but I suspect the 5th from when it happened. But given this evidence is it safe to say the clutch disk hasn’t exploded ? Or would it be the opposite of what I’m thinking and there will instead indeed be constant contact and therefore drive because it’s just all mangled up and pieces are causing it to grab ? If if I have a place to work on it the tranny would be down , engine out too , and i would gladly hunt for whatever I needed for this car. I really like it and want to try to resurrect its shiny arse. Thanks again! Hopefully soon I have an arrangement for space to work. Usually one of my brothers or a friends place but I’m kind of getting annoying these past few winters it seems , just bad timing , which is a further strain on my friends and family. Condo life. Has its drawbacks.
  12. Ok maybe I jumped the gun on the spark plugs and have let paranoia take over. Here’s an older stock I had on my shelf. Didn’t realize they had that oriental print on them back then too. Ok now somebody match up that print and explain it. Lol
  13. Indeed , be prepared with a bullnose Phillips screwdriver and you might find tapping on it as you turn helps break them free. They can be bears.