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  1. Blow it out from front to tank.But not into the tank , right ? Put a strainer on it. And whatever GD told you.
  2. Casual observance from a long time Parts monger. Subaru got more strict with retention and purge of stock. Ordering dealers to destroy or damage parts before going into a dumpster. That was all in line with the 80’s boom and them no longer needing mom n pop shops who got their foothold for them. At that point it became way more corporate controlled, at least directed. Plenty of guys back doored some parts into their person possessions, but not nearly enough to generate a healthy New Old Stock base like we enjoy , somewhat , with our 1970’s stock. No where near the number of 80’s genuine stock out there comparatively per vehicles like the 70’s. And going forward it pretty much bites. I wish I had spent even more time at my local dealer when they were purging early 90’s Legacy/Impreza Parts. I was lucky enough to be let into the 30 yarder to sift out whatever I could on at least one occasion. But that’s about where it ends for scoring early 90’s parts cheap or better. Story over for now. Enjoy ! And good luck.
  3. moosens

    1983 GL Wagon D/R 4x4 synchro rings

    Thanks for the education. I seem to recall some knucklehead doing that with the low FWD.
  4. moosens

    1983 GL Wagon D/R 4x4 synchro rings

    Ok well forget about what I said , eh !! Subafreak had my 78 single range opened up and he seemed to breeze through it. So my mistake if the older 1600 S/R is way more simple. Going further off the deep end , I do have new shifter forks in varied sizes. But those are all likely for the 70’s Good luck with it!
  5. moosens

    1983 GL Wagon D/R 4x4 synchro rings

    There’s a seller on eBay lately who has a lot of new old stock from a former dealership and it seems this seller has a lot of 80’s parts. I will try to add the name as I think of it. Location is Ohio. North Royalton or something like that. I suggest you try to contact this seller and any others you see with NOS from the 80’s and ask about the synchros. Try to know your part number as I see this seller doesn’t have as much reference material as myself. My 70’s NOS has some synchros. If they are the same I’ll do my best to dig them out. Problem is I just packed up everything thinking I had a buyer for my lot. When I get back to my manuals I’ll see what info I can offer for part number and possibilities of a 70’s 1600 being the same. Since you’re going this far you would be doing yourself a favor by hunting down whatever you can for that transmission. Don’t accept “discontinued” or can’t find that , keep looking. I’m confident you’ll come up with many of the seals and shims etc you’ll need to have it done right. Don’t forget shifter rattle (bushings).
  6. moosens

    Intake Manifold Bolts

    Some of us may have them. I know I just went through a miscellaneous nuts n bolts box to help fill out a flat rate shipping to one of us and I’m pretty sure I have some from various years and models. But looking at them I couldn’t pinpoint which goes to what. So if you can add a pic with measurements. Two are long and four are shorter. You know that. Or maybe I don’t know , geez might be the opposite. Brain fart. Best to use penetrant and heat , turn IN just a touch and then out , spray , heat , repeat over n over little at a time working it out. And of course you’re going to find being on the east coast that oxidation has chalked up the entire stem , threads look like hell and no way are you using it again and likely (certainly) have to deal with the holes. Some of us go to heli coils , others like me go to a Timesert or equivalent. Especially if you expect to carry forward long term. Find your favorite kit and go at it. Good luck. Drills , easy-outs , you’ll get there. Many of us have suffered the same. Just like 18 years ago or so.
  7. Gen one seems a mystery ! Tried to find it in the FSM and can’t at this time.
  8. And this is a gen two not gen one.
  9. Pardon my lack of rotation on those. Can’t see how but anyways those are form a Brat-MPV supplement for factory parts manuals. Let me know if I failed and I’ll see what else there is for you.
  10. Thanks ! Kind of figured the EJ22 version would be pretty much as you described. But I really know zip about these later models, which to me would be anything after ‘05.