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  1. moosens

    EA82 SPFI stumble

    I love reading posts like that last one. 50 years experience! Thanks for sharing your knowledge here. Folks keeping these car will need this info down the line for sure.
  2. Throw out bearing is p-n 30502KA000 - that was hand written above the crossed out original p-n which looks like it may have been 03151 4700 The little springs if you need them (2) are 83173 8620 And the big one .... drum roll please ....clutch disk is 43012 7030 - also hand written over old number which had the last four digits as 7011 it looks like.
  3. Debated use of oil pan gasket. Some just use Fuji-Bond - which is cheapest at your Nissan dealer. Oil pan gasket p-n 41160 7000 should you choose to.
  4. Excellent follow ups after my previous post. All stuff my feeble mind dropped. And like Benny mentioned since you have it out , drop the oil pan and be careful with that sump stem. It’ll crack if you wrestle it too much. Can tap it downward as I recall. Use wood or plastic as your drift/punch if possible. Replace O-ring on top of stem part no. 8069 14020 Rear of crank has an O-ring too. P/N 41396 7000 Front main is 8067 38070 for the 1800. 38x59x9 is the size.
  5. Yeah , that sounds nice. And our man on the east coast did just that and also the go-kart to match. Doug in NH. Same feelings about the two tone and connotations. It’s sounds pretty cool though , the way you laid it out. I’d try it in a photo program first though.
  6. Unquestionably replace the rear main seal. I can’t recall the pilot bearing but be sure that’s a fresh one. Fresh pressure plate and cleaned up flywheel.
  7. Friendly reminder. Easy to reach like Rockaway Beach. Seriously , others have made the drive. Give it some consideration while there may still be parts you’d want/need but would rather see in person before buying , or would rather not pay outrageous shipping for. Hope you are all well and hope the fear hasn’t prevented you from coming here. All healthy , no issues within my family for virus etc. Just a few seconds off exit 35 of I-95 in Milford CT. Whats left ?? Top of my head ramble list ...fenders stage one and two both sides quantities vary. Engines EA71 first and second editions one complete , one a longblock ATK rebuild in crate for dealers , boxes of small item New Old Stock genuine factory parts , some wagon rear bench seats, front valance Brat and 4WD wagon , 4WD transmissions gen one Brat and wagon , a five speed FWD transmission , front A bar I think one is gen one and maybe even stage one , and the other is either gen two or late gen one. Also starters, alternators, new side molding , some new bumpers , more. Still willing to make a sweet deal on a big lot. Hope to see you soon.
  8. Good question , how much different would they be in the 80’s or even 90’s ? I may actually have that in new old stock but to dig it out would be a chore. And I should have one on a tranny. I have at least a couple of the single range on demand from 75-79 and gen one Brat. I should be back at storage this weekend. If you can’t find one let me know.
  9. moosens

    EA82 Sanity Check Question

    And the coolant sitting in the exhaust is going to vaporize immediately. As above I’d just replace the intake gaskets and if FI that same mentioned O ring. At this cars age if you’ve never replaced the intake manifold gaskets it’s about time you did. Such a nice moment when you’ve done the intake , start it up , and no more problem. Worth the try. After a compression test. Hope your camper episode ends well. Cheers !
  10. moosens

    EA71 head studs

    I just had my hands on a fist full of head bolts and lifter rods. Next time I’m at storage I’m pretty sure I set them in a spot I can easily see them. Let me know if you need any. These should be from an early EA71 1600 I will check length etc as I get back to them. I was in a rush and saw them as I was needing to be wrapping up. But they’re there if you need some.
  11. Cool , thanks. Notice the superseded part number. 15 years ago , seems like no freakin way that long , but so goes life.
  12. Ok pardon my eyes. I zoomed in and they are both with inner and outer flanges.
  13. I would have to say that the early version 7231 46000 is the type which can be placed on the wheel while wheel is mounted. And the other , 23146 GA030 has flanges on both inner and outer edges so it must be placed in the wheel before mounting.
  14. Some basic centercap noise from the parts manuals. 1978 and previous get a bolt on cap. Some more heavy and sturdy than others. 1979 you get the smoothie as I call it with NO bolt but also NO seating ring. At storage I have the 1980 and 81 parts manuals but here I have an 82 and it shows two styles for each the steel and the flat spoke wheels. Also does NOT show a ring. My 1985 manual for the Loyale body has the ring. It’s p/n 23146 GA030. And that is for the flat spoked wheel. And then within a manual for the Brat and 2dr from 1985-88 that ring is part number 7231 46000 which is an older p/n The two are obviously different style when viewed. Hope that info helps someone.
  15. If my brain can remember I’ll look in the parts manuals I have and figure that out. Assuming someone else doesn’t chime in with the answer. My first guess would be the later Loyale style may have changed. Did you own one of those too?