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  1. moosens

    wide open throttle !!

    There’s another issue that applies as well. The black plastic flying saucer/hat looking part upstream of the carburetor breaks apart and small pieces of the plastic end up in the carb. This caused one longtime board member to have a wide open throttle driving my former 86 Brat back after I sold it to him. It really happened. Good luck , let us know what you found.
  2. moosens

    My new Brat

    Ya know , I’m going through storage now and I suddenly don’t see any. I know I sold at least one set and that I once had three sets. So the sad answer is not at this time. But I sure do hope to rediscover a set that should be buried in the one corner I haven’t gotten to yet. One of my sets was super low miles set from a Subaru of America exec I came to know who sold me his 79k mike Brat. Just had his info and bill of sale in my hands yesterday. If that set shows up I’ll let you know.
  3. moosens


    Oh , and we had a guy from Maine drive all the way down to south Jersey to meet up with a bunch of knuckleheads from this board for some trail riding. He had a Brat with an XT engine in it , lifted and Kawasaki green. I am pretty sure his board name was ZXBrat denoting his Kawi afflictions. Man that was 2001 just after the 9/11 tragedy. You saw the smoke/dust still pouring into the sky from the WTC as you crossed the GWB. Huge American flag hanging on the bridge. Memories.
  4. moosens


    Ahh , just read your profile , pardon my ignorance. Ever been in contact with Junkyard Gabe ? He was down around Freeport along the shore. Good yard , good guy.
  5. moosens

    My new Brat

    North Salem NY is Hayfields , but I didn’t see any events happening with a quick glance. The big one that you want to catch for sure , eventually is Caffeine and Carbs in New Canaan CT - check them online. They sometimes are downtown and sometimes at Waveny Park. Can’t go wrong with this meet. You’ll see it all from Paganis to unrestored funky classics.
  6. moosens


    Mainiacs have come and gone but I’m sure there’s a couple left here. Good luck with the 360. This board doesn’t really have a strong 360 support but of course you’re welcome to hang out. Enjoy!
  7. Oh man , you’re going to leave us in suspense over what was in that “other box”. lol glad it worked out
  8. Short notice but today is great before the rain gets here. Im at storage , should be here , will have lunch delivered so I’ll be here thru the afternoon if you’re taking that long drive. CubeSmart in Rowe Ave in Milford , CT just off I-95 exit 35 either direction , super easy to reach alongside the highway about 200 yards from the exit. I’ll check back but there won’t be any problem with me staying here or coming back to meet you if you’re driving mega miles. I am very involved with all sorts of stuff subaru and beyond. Pretty sure that guy has my number but I prefer not to post it. If you are serious about showing up send a PM here and I’ll get my number to you.
  9. Sorry to disagree. Not all rubber New old stock is dried out. I retain many NOS rubber bits including the clutch lever boot which I’m trying to locate and match for our friend here. In general yes old rubber can’t immediately be trusted. But Subaru packaged their goods well.
  10. moosens

    My new Brat

    Northeast gem. Nice find. Catch that rust now , don’t wait. I see you’re in Duchess County. Not too far from me in CT. Let me know if you take it to any shows/meets over near the CT line like the one in South Salem NY that I can’t think of the name. Or please try to make Caffeine and Carbs in New Canaan CT , it’s gotten huge but you’ll likely see the most exotic and expensive machinery there. Enjoy !!!
  11. Thanks ! Best pics are on old hard drives. I did take shots of it before I left it on Saturday. Dusty , pine needles , cobwebs , tire or two going low or outright flat , bent front end protector , bent hood , wasted drivers headlights , but still a looker. Lol Motorcycles done then I want either a tailgate wagon or a stage one 4WD wagon or a 72-3 coupe. I’ll be too old and stiff for a Brat.
  12. moosens

    Johnny 5 is alive

    Nice going man !
  13. Looks like I’ve got the next owner for my 78 4WD wagon. So next Saturday I’ll be cutting my old faithful companion free. Then I’ll be without any 1970’s Subarus. Sad but there’s good logic behind it all. And I’m sure I’ll be back when the time is right. So many great memories and stories. This wagon was a true hero to my young family back about 17 years ago.
  14. moosens

    Hello From Tempe AZ

    My son is in Tempe and I’m an EARLY 2.2 nutcase myself. 90-94 for me in general. Help me out if you can, please. I’m often looking for items. You’ll find at least one post if you scroll down in the Wanted forum. Enjoy !