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  1. No sets , and no sight of any other paired for this loner. I do have another like the one you see. I’ll list that other left side flap sometime down the line. Somewhere I am sure I have a couple used flaps and outside chance a stray new one somewhere but I sure wouldn’t want to promise that.
  2. Ya know , maybe they’re Gen two ? They are what the bed trim sits on. So much stuff and sometimes so long since I’ve used it that I can easily confuse Gen one and two items at times. These snap into the body and the chrome trim rolls and snaps onto them. Let me know if I’m wrong about which Gen , should you find out first.
  3. Thanks! edit - I had thought you were talking about the NOS corner light. My mistake.
  4. Best option is keep looking. No ideal replacement exists other than another 70’s Subaru. I have at least one I could sell but shipping glass can be awful tricky. And I just found another windshield gasket from our last group buy. Glass - $ 150 Gasket - $ 85 You can check PRP and you’ll see they probably still have the gasket as they’re who we went thru and their price with shipping is pretty much a little over my price. These were all made at the same time. I just had the receipt recently cleaning out some old paperwork. My glass will be very nice for it’s age. No chips or cracks and no sandblast. $150 is as low as I’ll ever go from here on out. Crating up the glass will be a chore I sure won’t want to do for free. But for like $70 I’ll have it in a nice soft bed surrounded by wood. That I think is a deal too given it’s cold as heck now and I have to do all this outdoors at storage. So right around $300 plus the actual shipping. We are generally thrifty folks here but I don’t see where I can budge any. I hope you find my explaination reasonable. But by by all means keep looking and I hope you score well. The gasket is available so no worries there. Car-part.com if you haven’t already.
  5. Side trim and then clips under there that will gently pull off. Should be buttons in the ceiling too , no ? Been a long time for 80’s cars for me. Those hard skins are a lot easier to deal with than a fabric.
  6. Cheapest way to attempt an improvement is if you are confident in your re-seal rev the wizz out of it up towards redline without being inattentive hold it there a good 30 seconds or more and often that last lifter in the oil line will Finally load up and quiet down. You won’t kill the engine trying , don’t sweat it.
  7. CT and Town Fair are begining to orally inhale air thru a cylinder. All the small tire shops here seem to be related and all charge $20 not $15 and no bargaining for most people but I did get 4 done for $60 ONCE. I switched to Firestone this year for our 15” wheels we have on our 94 AWD wagon. Good deal , better service , and I bought the lifetime alignment. Yes , we put 15’s on our 94 and they are the same diameter as the 14’s overall so no issues. Decades with Town Fair all washed away. They fired my buddy for crap outside of work. He was with them for decades as well. Total b/s ! For that and the decline in quality I moved on.
  8. My son is near you also baking his arse off thru summers. Pretty nice temps right now ! Theres a Subi specialty shop near by. Subiworks ? Or Subiworx ? I’m curious if the $2500 is a total for parts and labor. Either way , I personally would avoid that because I’m still at a point I feel I can do these by myself. I’m also in th FWD club. We have a 92 sedan automatic and a 92 wagon 5spd both FWD and you can look in archives here and see how I’ve tried to hunt down any FWD trannies so I can have my friend do the rebuild. You’re in a much better region for finding FWD. I’m cheap so I’d go for the junk yard deal and try to talk them down too. Shop around in car-part.com and see what other yards near you may have. Jackass shop/yard specialty shop up here wants $800 for a very used FWD unit but next to nobody up here has a FWD anymore. Just one bad example , but still very hard to find up here.
  9. Yeah the cold just kills it. That’s why I need badly to have the unit in functional order ASAP. I see temps going to drop this weekend and stay that way. I would sometimes get to storage in the winter and barely function and dart out of there to the warmth of the car and head home.
  10. I’m making storage so I can easily get down my aisle and still pull a box or hopefully even get to the large heavy stuff in the back so I can sell all winter. I’m already late in getting out of this expensive unit so probably not downsizing until March. We’ll see. Thanks for the compliment. Todd , myself , and a couple others were really lucky that we had the special era that we did. We were able to hunt and sometimes find old stock at old dealerships. And then came the contact made from a local near Harrisburg PA and three of us from CT went in on a nice sized lot neglected since around winter1979/spring of 1980. As time went on it became clear that many old dealerships simply destroyed old stock. Enjoy !
  11. moosens

    Ea71 torque specs

    Factory service manuals have them. Find the paper version on eBay - I have one on there now - or find them online. Other folks have posted links but I generally haven’t needed them yet. For like $20 or less you can score a paper copy and it’s easier to me than messing with a computer or phone when actually working.
  12. moosens

    Parts books or lookup help

    Sure thing. Got your switch today. Left feedback. Thanks again. That will stay with me for when I get back into it. From the looks of things you have a good amount of early - mid 70’s which is good because I have my 72-76 parts manuals here at home. Gong to try to get my 77-79 out before the real cold comes in.
  13. Right on ! Shop around and see what you can come up with. I’ll be here. Enjoy the hunt. That’s often the best part.
  14. No shortage of Subarus here in CT. I see you’re in Htfd Several small shops dedicated to Subarus. One in the Cheshire area I think it’s right on Rt 10 in Milldale just south of 691. Can’t recall the name. They seem to have a number of Subarus out front for sale. And at least a couple guys out east of you. You know the deal - try to avoid the major dealers if possible.
  15. I have 7 but going back n forth on what I’m going to keep so I thought trimming two out for now would work. No , just have one centercaps here at home that I’m holding to either make copies if possible. Outside chance I may have some deep in a box but I can’t think of any.