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  1. Yeah , storage .... always a tough call on large items like hoods and doors and the rear hatch. Thanks 3Pin ! Soon I’ll have them both side by side but I’m around 90 miles from where they will meet so I appreciate the heads up. Ido - I would rather exercise you nice folks here and especially draw from direct owner experience rather than play around with car-part etc. But thanks for that.
  2. And for the record I’m generally a shelf stocker not a seller. These are parts for keeping to sustain my wagon as the model fades away from junkyards and used ones are scarce. It’s cold and salty up here so we don’t enjoy the benefits of having old Subarus to scavenge from as much as many other places. Stockpile !! Lol Geez , I only sat in it for a half hour driving it to its destination and can’t recall if it was a leather interior. I don’t think so. Don’t think it’s a special edition either. Probably won’t sell a single part. But if you’re looking for 70’s parts I may have you covered. Cheers!!
  3. Correct , no Outbacks involved here. Thanks all ! I got lucky in that the donor is the same color green as mine. So I’ll try to find room for the hood and if the fenders are nice at the tails I’ll keep them too. Probably pass on the fog lights exchange but might keep the entire bumper. So do the doors transfer sedan to wagon ? Cupholders and all the little doo dads for sure. I’ll create a couple small boxes for interior bits and electrical bits. How about sunroof stuff ? As if this moment my wagon , and the donor car do not leak. Do the associated parts have issues ? Thanks again !
  4. moosens

    Factory Service Manuals

    Paper versions show up on eBay. As I go through mine I’ll see what’s there that helps you. If I find anything I’ll send a message and/or post back.
  5. Cassette player !!! I may use it just a couple of time but I’m tickled it has one in 2003.
  6. For sure I want to snag the driving lights or whatever they are , fog lights ? Any reason why that bumper or the lights won’t transfer over to my wagon ? I can’t post a pic now but it’s a GT Sedan that is the donor.
  7. What would you keep ? Looking for experienced 2000-2004 owners. I’ve kind of been around the world of parting out old Subarus. So I know the basics. But it’s my first of this generation. Looking for any oddball things that owners would know. Quirky stuff. Like I hear the steering column/cruise control lever - which on my driver (2003) is a bit tweaked out. For the record I got this 2002 GT sedan for parts only to assist my 2003 wagon. Non Outback Legacy. Subafreak has already explained how I made out with a better ratio in the driveline which is the main reason I bought this car. My post about my wagon troubles Thanks!
  8. moosens

    New brat owner needs help!

    If you’re keeping stock brakes any 80-84 factory service manual will help. The Brat ran longer as did the Hatchback. But the 80-84 cars are the core. Any of those manuals will help. There are Brat or MPV Supplements to the FSM’s you may find. But for the engine and drivetrain the regular car manual has you covered. Guys like me are out there on eBay. Dedicated hobbyist selling off their “hoarded stash” . With me it’s the 70’s. I don’t have much 80’s at all. But I do see a guy selling 80’s NOS and there’s often good used items from guys like you and me. Ebay can be tricky sometimes. But at least with 70’s and 80’s parts you can bet it’s not some copy and is totally authentic. Hunting for rear disk brakes too ? Turbo models will have those and later Loyale Turbos. Enjoy !
  9. And there is no way around removing the belt and thereby needing to reset the tensioner afterward. You’re in it good but don’t sweat it. Lots of us are NOT mechanics but do most of our own wrenching. Others did it , you can too.
  10. We are all going to suggest you do the timing , and re-seal the whole front of the engine while doing your water pump. Yes , I remove the fans at least. Can and often do remove the radiator since they are thin and easily damaged. Allows you to inspect it better. The thermostat is down there too so get a fresh one of those with its gasket , and might consider the small hose off the water pump which is pre-formed and best gotten at the dealer or dealer online. Used to be called the bypass hose. More to follow. Lots of good folks here.
  11. moosens

    Wagon Savage

    Damn , I was all excited to see this “Wagon Savage” .....
  12. I’m just curious if you’re going to keep it nice n stock - original , or if at this time you’d have considered a swap to the quad light front ? At this point move forward , I’m sure. It’s just such an opportunity right now that knuckleheads like me feel they have to ask.
  13. moosens

    78-79 Brat find

    How’s the distributor looking ? If 78 it’s mechanical - points You pick this bad boy up yet ?