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  1. A few hours before you posted I did the hack method. Installed new alternator previous evening , left battery unhooked , then came back the next afternoon with my fusible link and hooked it up and looked and listened. All seemed well. My personal “meter” showed GO ! And so I did. So many things going on I’ve only got minutes sometimes , at certain moments , to evaluate , diagnose , and repair. Chunks of time are tough right now. So I really appreciate all the help !!! Sorry to be a bit frazzled at times. I work the worst possible hours and sleep is naps. Makes for difficulties with memory , vocabulary , ambition , etc etc Thanks for understanding.
  2. Got another alternator from my lifetime warranty at AutoZone. Yeah , I know. Dealer has fusible links coming from Jersey in the morning. You think I should get a fresh battery too ? Or anything else you think might have taken too much load ? Going to stop at the car in a few and give a good look at all. Battery was strong , can’t recall how old but it still looks like it has life left judging by condition I’m used to seeing. Which means little. Lol , will check for date.
  3. Just keep your ears open for squealing going forward. You should make 300k even with the cheapie kit. But don’t expect too much more before the pulleys squeal. Good luck on the SVX ! Italian design , just a bit heavy but cool for sure. Enjoy !
  4. Lol , ok , ok , hang on folks. Pardon me for skipping the last few posts but I need to make clear a couple of things. Sure I realize how it happens. Was really tight on time , and still am. Had just hoped another unlucky knucklehead had the same issue and could make a quick solution. Thanks very much all of you. Even from skimming I could see you were really trying. So here’s what I saw given a minute to observe that I didn’t have before while with the car. Its the alternator. Wham bam , totally blew out the connector that sits closest to the driver side. The power off the post. That sucker is now totally free of the alternator , but my hurried eyes didn’t catch it. So I’ll grab an alternator I have at storage and try to dig up another black wire fusible link. Just thinking I probably have a warranty on this one so I could hit the parts store for that since it’s coming to me. Can I find that black wire link at a store ? As you may know for yourself , I just can’t find any in storage but I’m sure there’s one there. Grrrr Thanks guys. If it fails after the new alt and link I’ll cry back here. Cheers! Additional fun reading: probably the loose gravel I had to stop hard in and then launch from to clear an intersection caused my overload from what I can tell.The car got thru the intersection (50-75ft) and then cut out a second or so later. Reman garbage alternator.
  5. Congrats and welcome. Congrats on finding a $300 beater AND it being the first edition 2.2 ! You seem to be straight on target. Good man , you fit in well here. Curious - Which timing kit did you buy ? Or make up from various ? What brand were the pulleys and pump ? It’s a topic often discussed with manufacturers we once loved now selling Chinese garbage. Thanks for any input. The board is fading out but hopefully there’ll always be a presence here and good people. Enjoy !
  6. For kicks , can you rotate the engine by hand with a 22mm socket on the crank bolt and check the flex plate bolts thru the opening atop the bell housing ? The video doesn’t really sound like a flex plate but again just to be sure.
  7. 1992 Legacy fWD Wagon started up , began driving and had to hit the brakes pretty hard but was on gravel. Then I nailed it off the gravel and hustled my way across the intersection to avoid traffic. Continued straight and after about 100 - 200 feet the car was loosing power and not restarting. @@@ There is no battery hold down installed - my laziness etc. Pulled over and got back to it a few hours later. Took the Main fuse box cover off in the engine bay and found a fried fusible link and the underside of the cover showed a heavy burn/blast. Got another link and went to install with battery still hooked up and the link started to crackle so I didn’t install and then removed the battery neg. , then installed the link , then the battery neg. and sure enough the link fried and caught fire. Unhooked the battery ground and made sure all was cooled off , closed the hood and went home. The car is just a block away. Have to sleep and work. Looking forward to any thoughts. It’s the black fusible link that sits up front all by itself. And I could use a couple of them now.
  8. Cool , and Welcome !
  9. Wow that was great ! Thanks again , you few folks left here from the glory days of the USMB. Keep the USMB alive !
  10. moosens

    WCSS 2018

    I’m guest east coast guy. see you all weekend.
  11. Ahh great advice and I sure will see you soon. It’ll be great to finally shake hands with all of you. No car deals right now. Plenty of dreaming , but no deals. Just too much this year. Timing wasn’t the greatest for a family vacation. So a quick trip it’ll be.
  12. can you send a picture of the brat front brush guard and what you would sell for please.  Lonnie Michaud  Berwick maine  lonmich@comcast.net or text/call 2072894331  Thanks

  13. That was the intent. Handy list for when we do finally happen upon parts cars. Good luck on the ceiling liner. I think 74-77 Stage one same model will work.
  14. And these are used parts. There’s a small package of front brake parts New.