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  1. Cool thanks Dave. Hope they’re open for lunch. Hotel breakfast mmmmm but they’re getting better. Real Greek yogurt!
  2. Taking some time to see Cali. Up in the hills tonight. Heading to the shore around SD and then back to the desert.
  3. Why the hell haven’t , or DIDN’T , we (the almighty USMB) have a centralized national show/meet in Colorado? They got me out to the PNW for the West Coast Subaru Show #20 and that was very very cool. I have also been to a few east coast meets including when we would club up at the Carlisle Import show and also have attended the Wicked Big Meet which is mostly newer Subarus. But holy cow Colorado is Subaru country. That’s all I’ll say. Nobody needs to try to make this happen. It’s just a thought. This board used to be one happening place. I can think of three main guys in CO that have helped me and we have Larry still helping people with parts, all great folks. Take your Subaru to Colorado. It’s kind of a religious experience.
  4. Feeling way better now. That sun kicked the crap out of whatever was in me. I saw 117deg. today , nothing new to me. Happens most of the time I show up in this state. Couple more days here and I’ll be growing horns and a pointy tail.
  5. Dave we’re in the same time zone finally. Cheers ! Next time I’m heading up and out meaning you’re way and probably OR and WA. Next year we tell ourselves.
  6. Atta boy. I’ve been here four times previous , usually for a week plus or minus. And two of those events were in July , one in June , and one in April pretty much just as the heat kicks back on but we did enjoy that most for the temp and mix of sky , little sprinkle of rain. And got a head start that year for tanning being New Englanders. Hoping to roast these last symptoms out of my head and move on. Lingering cold/flu. But not like they’re fitting me for a body bag yet. LOL
  7. Trip over , car made it flawlessly. Health hasn’t been the best due to a virus. Colorado is where it’s at. Not sure which day I’m leaving yet but I’ll be in Tempe and up in Scottsdale , but I do have some cold/flu symptoms. Gahddammit it’s hot here. Send ice !
  8. Thanks ! Let’s see what the week brings. I share your philosophy. Our newest car is an 06. Colorado is where it’s at. Plenty of old Subarus Did the Continental Divide, currently in Aspen. Working west , looking like we are going to just relax and cruise. Any pressure to get back East quickly is removed. To a degree.
  9. From your info it looks like you know what you’re doing. You do what you want but I offer to you that you just flip it to an enthusiast, or appreciate the vehicle for what it was upon its manufacture. Enjoy it !
  10. Kansas, kind of not so bad. Like one mega golf course in the eastern third. Working the western grasslands now. Wrap up the day in CO. Thought we were going to stay on 70 but we’ll see what we decide in the morning. I’d rather head through Pueblo and down to Santa Fe, but we’ll see what the party decides. Knock on wood this old 2003 is rocking it out. 292,470 on the car , I’d say around 250k on the swapped in tranny and rear differential, and around 128k on the engine with a very recent headgaskets, etc etc
  11. Ok here we are , on the fly. Made up the route as we boogaloo’d. Pardon the non stopping in the northeast. Enjoying all the green. Left CT and the NYC traffic for the sweet roads of “upstate NY”. Took 287 away from hell , caught a minimum of the backside of rush hour , and hit 17/86 and through the Appalachians. Getting close to Erie. Heading towards Louisville, sure to stop for the night somewhere on that run down 71. Will check back later. Cheers !
  12. Agreed , but some of us don’t have all that much time nor a space to work properly. No sweat and I really do appreciate all replies. Ido - didn’t mention a bearing so don’t jinx me. LOL And thanks again for the “rust off” info. That’s right up my alley. LOL Ok guys n gals I’ve got to cut out. You may see me chime in tonight at work but otherwise my roadtrip to AZ via CO begins in the morning. The wife will have this car and our 03 sedan to drive. Really isn’t terrible at all. I’m just spooked because I’m a dinosaur and not used to the ABS during “stutter phase” with that sensor taking a break from its duty. Looked at the YouTube video , looked the car over , and I’ll be tackling those lil buggers upon return from the dry zones. Cactus watch out !!
  13. Well I can appreciate all that but ya know I’m kind of old and been around the block , but thank you. I realize I asked a noob question. Please keep in mind I’m not a new guy at all. Just presented with a new issue or what I thought was one. For sure I’ll get the best axle , install it myself like I have for decades , and take care of whatever I can. Right now I’m pressed for time and have various health issues , etc etc etc Thanks
  14. Crap ! I had a huge write up and the board kicked me off. Must have taken too long. I don’t have the energy or time to do all that again. Here’s the “spitting reply” yes was diagnosed with reader as wheel sensor no time , will fill out details later
  15. Holy cow , I’ve got to go back and read some here but to the guy a couple posts up , No they did not diagnose a bad axle from the worn tire. Have to check the paperwork but I’m pretty sure it was a worn boot. Will verify.
  16. Ahh , but it was just in the air and supposedly being aligned by a professional. So I’d expect a report from that fellow. Yeah that’s why I’m asking what seems like a silly question. Nothing else is reported “out” or worn enough other than that axle.
  17. No it doesn’t have the usual clicking. I do my own axles and most repairs. I’ll seek an axle from the dealer , I know all that , thanks very much though. Wife’s car , I hardly touch this one except when it needs attention. What scares me most is the steering wheel doesn’t also shake left to right a little when braking anything more than soft braking.
  18. I mention the wheel sensor because it’s got the shakes (antilock pulsing) as soon as you brake for the most part. So I’m probably just going to buy a set of them for the fronts. But should I wait until I do the axle ? Will that fresh axle make any difference with the wheel sensor? At its age and given the price I don’t really have a problem with paying for new sensors. I’m just looking to avoid anything I don’t really need to do.
  19. 2006 Outback I think it’s a limited but anyways , i just replaced the tires mostly due to the right front wearing severely on the inner side of the tire. Install guy noted the axle to me. Alignment guy was able to get it set fine with just the right rear out a touch but within tolerance. I had told the alignment guy that there might be worn bushings etc and just let me know what he saw and do his best for now. (Tire shop , so they don’t replace parts.) Nothing was mentioned and only the axle was written up as a potential repair. So did our wearing axle cause that inner wear on that RF tire ? 40 plus years of Subarus and I don’t recall that happening. But I’m always decades behind as I’m that cheap guy extracting the last 100k from that aging Subaru. This car came from a friend who paid for what it needed in timely manner. Well kept and mechanically cared for.
  20. Oh yeah , I’m a seasoned “importer” LOL but to date most everything of mine has come from inland PNW mostly around the Cascades and western Montana.
  21. Thanks again. First day we’re likely to want to log some miles and get the heck out of the northeast. But anything can happen.
  22. Very cool , thanks ! I’ll check with my son, but I think he mentioned 68 too. He did the reverse trip a couple years ago. I sure will send a PM if it looks solid that we can swing by your way.
  23. Oh ! And also strongly considering 2000-2004 Legacy but prefer 2003-2000 with a real freaking throttle cable. Will consider a 2004 too but it’ll have a strike against it before I even show up.
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