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  1. Ok folks , just to wrap up this episode here we go ... Got this donor engine installed as you can see , Heartless was right and I should have just done the headgaskets when it was out but I plead lack of time and a half dozen other reasons/excuses. So after short time the HG’s were really really weeping and now began the internal issues. Caught it right away but yeah the coolant , the oil , the drama , the suspense, blah blah blah . Sent car to Subafreak for the HG’s and car came back great. Then a couple days go by and I’m getting a code , check engine in then sometimes flashing , fear sets in. After having not much time at all to tinker an opportunity came up yesterday to drive that car back up to Subafreak and in very little time it was discovered that the #3 injector wire was not clicked down. Bingo ! Car is a dream now. I had my nose over that and every other connection and hose and whatnot but do you think I tugged on them ? The answer is now obvious. Reminds me of the glass fuses on the old schoolers. They can look like there’s nothing wrong , but tug on the metal ends and find one has divorced. That’s it kids. Just concluding.
  2. Fortunately this seems like I jumped the gun. Must have been some residual coolant from the previous work that was burning off. No real heater core issue spotted at this time. Still get a very slight smell of coolant occasionally so maybe that heater core has a tiny leak but as of this time I have heat and I’m not smelling coolant with very little exception. And who knows maybe it’s just psychological. That’s it. Now to bump up the other issue , an honest one.
  3. And ,,,, it’s tough to watch you nice folks just getting into these vintage cars throw money quickly or needlessly. Don’t take that wrongly or personally, I know you’re excited and want to gather what you can. But hang tight and trust me that there’s still a good amount of parts and manuals out there. When I get back to cleaning storage I’ll have some of those manuals you’re looking for , drivers/owners , service , and I even have the parts catalogs. But those I won’t give up. Andrew (wagonsonly) has one of my copies and as I know it worked with Peter from the FB group to scan and post that. Best of luck with the trip to Jamie’s. Talk to you soon.
  4. Jamie got that wagon from the yard in East Hampton loaded with spares. It had belonged to my friend and Subaru guru Charlie Dow III That was supposed to go to me but people got involved and it ended up where it did. I went to look it over once it had been revealed where the car went after an absence from the estate being cleared out. All sorts of characters were involved , good people , sketchy people , and once I saw it there after all the BS I just said Rest In Peace Charlie !!’ Love ya , brother. Have to say it was pretty much well beyond what I had thought it would look like when extracted from the earth it had settled into. Lucky for Jamie and you it had only been sinking in for about a year and a half I want to say. Maybe a full two seasons or so but not more. And that’s how it was able to be extracted and shipped without falling into pieces as it surely would have done if laid there much longer. I might be going out west this year. Please keep me in the loop and maybe I’ll be able to come by and see you and the bitchin ff1’s
  5. Hey you know there’s even slower smaller engined Subarus some of us sling around. We don’t mind cruising and yeah unless I really have to get going somewhere I’m that old lady too. Not much desire to go over 3k maybe 3500 , 4K once in a while. I’m driving in regards to my wallet and passive with my ego.
  6. Divide your WRX experience by 2. Cruise to gatherings. Let the crowds disperse before taking off. Not many other suggestions. Enjoy !
  7. Correct me if I’m wrong please. But can you clear the codes by touching the battery leads ? while they are removed from the battery of course He’s going to want to know that next , yes ?
  8. Ahh the plugs ! Thanks Bennie .... I’ll go back to getting old now.
  9. More qualified folks will chime in but as I recall Loyale series uses the flashing system. Is the light flashing long and then short flashes ? Example would be two long then three short = 23 Without looking at just from history I’d suggest it may be a thermo sensor or CO2 ... but I’m older and been off EA82’s for quite some time. Good luck.
  10. Yeah watching the green light on the dash is really about as cool as it gets. I mean I had one just like you’re looking at and it was ok but you have a fickle older turbo engine - just asking for trouble in my opinion. Take a little time and read up on the EA82T. Could be a short term fun project but hopefully you don’t dump money on it. If you just can’t resist I’d suggest you look up the inter coolers folks have made or integrated. At least keep that sucker cool and it’s a closed air system so check all ducts and hoses. Excellent post above! Enjoy !
  11. Just guessing you mean 4WD and not FWD in the original post. If using an AWD from say a turbo RX or turbo it may be 3.70 and not 3.90
  12. Ok I have a picture on my phone and it’s 195/60 R15 to match the factory 14” tire size. Enjoy !
  13. Like those folks just said there’s a match for diameter which I think was 74” Check the chart or call your local tire place. Damned if I can recall and in fact I have them at home so I will try to remember to check for you. We are using those same 95-99 Legacy 15” wheels on our 94 Legacy
  14. Holy cow you’re in Lee Mass. ? Cool to see other New England classics. That being the case I’d also begin to investigate other electrical areas like the power window relay under the drivers seat. And maybe there’s something on the floor of the passenger side too ? Having owned enough of those here in CT I can tell you those are notorious for corrosion. Good luck with it. Enjoy !
  15. My overall search results for “hitachi carburetor throttle shaft repair” https://www.google.com/search?q=hitachi+carburetor+throttle+shaft+repair&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari Good info there from the Datsun folks etc.
  16. Couldn’t resist doing a quick search and here’s something interesting https://www.carburetor-parts.com/Hitachi_c_25.html New territory for me , but I’m curious as I’ll be back in the 1970’s cars this year.
  17. Once upon a time you could find a kit for that throttle shaft. Have to talk with mechanics from the 80’s who were working on these cars. Not sure but I’m guessing this was a Hitachi issued retro type kit and not something on the market. I’ve never seen the actual kit so likely it was to dealers only. With today’s technology I’m sure you can be creative and make your own solution. Going forward we are going to see more and more of these situations. I’m not totally opposed to the Weber but I have a hard time throwing in the towel in something that worked well enough which could likely be repaired. Maybe you’re that same type ? Good luck. Please report back.
  18. Got me thinking it’s possible. You can search online for the factory parts manuals and take note of the base from say a 1977-78 and then match it to the 1800. I’d say be sure to do a visual match and ignore the part number difference if that’s the case. This is for Service manuals but maybe you can locate Parts somewhere. I could be wrong and maybe it’s just the Service manuals that are online. But I could swear someone recently pointed out that Parts catalogs are also out there for viewing. http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/
  19. What do I call myself ? Well , I avoid calling myself what some others call me. I guess I call myself a Subathusiast for the last couple of decades or so.
  20. In the USA we got the dual range in 1981. Previous to that you would have a single range.
  21. Story time! We had a great guy who joined up and was driving across the country to pick up a car in PA I think it was so I managed to connect with him ( I think he offered initially ) and he brought my 1973 Coupe from an old orchard in WA across the top of the country like this same time of the year it is now , DEAD OF WINTER , salty roads , I-80 and I-90 aka the Rust Route , all the way to me in CT on a trailer. Sequel- that same car sold to Danny W in TN , he kept it a while and then Subafreak also from CT went down to TN and retrieved it. Sadly it went to hell after sitting. But yeah , the stuff we do. And the cool wives we have!!
  22. Has to be a parts engine somewhere. Crap , we had 1400’s and a 1300 sitting around CT just a few years back. I can’t recall the last time we had an 1100 but there’s one up in Massachusetts
  23. Which engine / year / model ? My vote is they oil pan deal. Maybe they hit the siphon tube ? Good luck with it. Hope you don’t need an attorney for this.
  24. Thanks everyone! When I had that parts car this past summer I got to the point that GD pointed out. I was close , but the car had to go and I had the priority of completing the daily driver so the hauler showed up before I could remove the unit. But man it was in there good with all the fasteners and plastic. No where near as easy as an old school Subaru. Thanks also for what I asked you not to bother replying with , not being a wiseass , seriously I will look around today while it’s not so cold. The heat works so I’m not about to rip apart the car. I can see from my parts car experience that it’s got to be easily as GD stated a six hour job. So for me or many of you also you’d have to double that time. Folks like myself just don’t have the proper space or amount of time to knock it out in one shot. And there’s always more Subarus coming along. Smile !
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