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  1. Get it as close to stock wiring as you can. I hate the aftermarket systems. Hit the yard if necessary.
  2. If you cut the car side of the connector from the junk yard, you can hook the + and - to a battery after you have plugged in the junk yard connector under the seat or in the cargo area.
  3. I posted a 97 Impreza in CO for $300 with 148K. Drive it out and you have the complete car and a low mileage 2.2
  4. Get a good hose clamp on the trans hose. Don't want that one to blow off and fluid poor out.
  5. Yes a steep hill will work as well, if you don't have a floor jack. A couple I've had to run down the road a bit. No heat coming out the vents, temp would go up higher than usual. but then temp would drop and heat out the vents. Air block in the engine can be tough sometimes. Most go well and are easy fill and burp. Heat comes out, temp stays solid 1/2 way up.
  6. I jack it as high as my floor jack will go. Yes pull the upper radiator hose and slowly fill the block. Once the block is full, put the hose back on and fill the overflow bottle and radiator about 1/2 way. Start it up with the heat on full. Once coolant starts to circulate squeeze the upper radiator hose to burp it. Keep on doing that until you have no more air bubbles in the overflow. I've had one or two that were very hard to bleed. I finally got them. Good Luck.
  7. Yes it's great to be in CO! No rust plenty of Subaru cars in the yards. Sweet!
  8. Yes, I'd remove the bumper and take a good look at the metal around the support. See where it get solid and then cut one out at a self serve yard.
  9. Why did you replace the radiator? If you have the DOHC 2.5 and have had overheat problems you most likely have head gasket leaks. It's common on these engine. Do you have black oily stuff in the over flow bottle? If so the HG are leaking. Drop in a 2.2 engine. Larry
  10. 3 parts to every circuit: - Load - Ground - Power Check out Load Pro on you tube. Was any work done before these stopped working? Did they ever work since you've had the car? Pull up the schematic and check for voltage under load.
  11. On a sedan they would be sort. Trying to think of the mid way brace on the wagon. Have to take some measurements the next time I'm in the yard. I don't get there very often these days, so I hope you're not in a rush.