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  1. Installed a 97 Hatch on my 2000 today. Worked great, all the electrical plugs joined right up. I found the rear wiper hose cracked on my 2000 and the 97 about 2" from the body to hatch connection. Easy fix with the extra tube. I do have a door Light. I'll have to look to see if the wiring changed. Have a good one! Subaru, plug and play, for the most part. Sweet!
  2. If you can use the engine and scrap the rest that is the best bet. Of course as soon as you scrap it you will find something you could have used. Parts for the 95-99 Subaru cars are not worth much anymore. With shipping it's just not worth it.
  3. Vise Grips and a BFH to break it loose. I have spares if you need one. Just pay shipping from CO 80919
  4. Go to your local you pull and pay and grab a newer set of KYB's off a Forester, complete struts and springs for about 45 each. I watch for them all the time when I'm going through the yards and pull them when I see a good set, even if I don't need them right away.
  5. Yep, there are minor differences but nothing you can't adjust for.
  6. Do you feel it in the driver's seat bottom when you first brake? If so it's the rear brake rotors. I've had a couple Subaru's do this. Hard to track down unless you know about it. s do this.
  7. I always check the car for Oil service sticker or paperwork. I've powered them up with a 9v battery but it been so long ago I couldn't tell you what connector pins you need to go to. Do you have the same car? Could swap the dash into your car. Other than that you will need the factory wiring manual to figure out + and - circuit.
  8. To late now, but for future installs you can buy an adapter harness so the stock plug remains for others down the road. Load (Radio) Power -12 VDC constant-memory functions, switched to power the unit and ground. 3 elements necessary in any circuit. I'm sure you know that already but added it for others.
  9. Yes, it runs up the Drivers side of the rear body side of the hatch, then towards the flex hose you see. Best thing you can do is get it into a warm space before you pull the plastic. If the interior is up above 70F and you give the interior plastic time to warm up it will be less likely to break off the clip tabs. If you have access to a self serve parts yard go pull the panels there first so you know how it all comes apart. Then there is the question is it worth it? You could unplug the rear washer pump connector and disable it and never worry about the leak.
  10. Great, hope it last through the WI Winter at least.
  11. Have you looked at the shift input shaft while someone is shifting in the car? Might have disconnected or is stuck against something since you were just in there.
  12. 1" black hose going to the IAC is most likely disconnected from the MAF.
  13. I think I have an auto shifter and cable in CO. I'm not sure what year it is but I don't think there is much difference in the 90's year range.
  14. Did you burp it well? Check the radiator fluid level with the car cold. Is it full?