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  1. Most newer alignment machines show them all the adjustments. If they can read, they should be able to find them. Might want to consider a different shop.
  2. Yes a yard or car part out by owner will be the only source. If the connector is that bad, there is most likely corrosion in the wires as well. Green crap in the wires will drive high resistance and produce a voltage drop in the circuit.
  3. If both cyl. are not sparking, most likely the coil pack. I you need one, I have some spares. Your ECU is up under the drivers side dash if my memory is correct. Did this start after the maintenance? You may have damaged the coil wiring or connector.
  4. If you have other Subaru connectors you can perfect your removal on that is best. If you have a junkyard close by, you may be able to grab the connector from there. The tab is hard to see, it sets flush with the inside of the connector. Look close and you will see a little tab, that is what has to be raised about a 1/16" to pull the pin out the back.
  5. On top of each ABS pin in the connector. Very small.
  6. Find a gravel area and stop the car. Watch the tires and have someone hit the gas. Do all 4 wheels spary gravel?
  7. Get a nice 01-04 H6 from a rust free state. I see them from time to time in CO. Good ones always go fast! Have to be ready to buy.
  8. Little plastic tab holds the pin in. You have to pry it up from the connector side and then pull the wire out the back. Very small screwdriver or I use a wood staple flatten on one end.
  9. You can repin the ABS connector, remove your old connector and then remove the junk yard one and slip the pins into your original connector. The ball joint, just get a flashlight an look through the hole. You should see a clear path for the bolt to go through. I have never driven a ball joint in to far, I don't know it possible. I don't know what you have, I always had Subaru ball joints. Yes you could drive it without the ABS connected. You would have normal brakes, without any ABS.
  10. Disconnect your neg terminal. Remove the two small wires from the ALT top 10mm nut. Hook up you battery and see if you still have the draw. Was it an aftermarket Alt? Are you getting the click from the Starter? Good wack with a block of wood sometimes gets the starter going. Could also try jumping the starter terminals.
  11. 1+ on Torque Bind. Search it on USMB, lots of great pics and info!
  12. I use to pull the coil wire and crank it until the oil light went out. All the above opitons are good.
  13. Bleed it first and also check the condition of the hose.
  14. In CO the yards will not sell seats with airbags in them. You can try to cut off the airbag label and yellow wiring but thats a bunch of work. Rear seats between full size Legacy and WRX.STI will be different widths.