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  1. Use LoadPro on you meter and load the circuit when you are taking voltage readings. Yes you can load the circuit other ways, but most folks don't. I've posted a few times with links to you tube.
  2. I have a set of gold 15" rims aluminum. They are not the best, but could be cleaned up with a little work. $40 for all 4. Colorado Springs. They have worn tires on them. Discount Tire about 3 miles from the house. Larry
  3. New radiator in. All back together. I'll put a 100 miles on it and watch it. Steering rack boots replaced, Rear Hatch release fixed. Hope it's good to go.
  4. RT Rotator Cuff Surgery the end of August kept me out of the waves. The beach was great. Can't beat PMRF Barking Sands. I'd walk 2 hours and see 3 people on a busy day.
  5. New radiator should be here Monday. Sorry to say, as I thought I believe the HG are leaking. It's still pushing coolant into the overflow and not pulling it back in. I'm going to put the new radiator in and another bottle of Subaru conditoner and let them know it will most likely need a different engine. Up to them what they want to do. Larry
  6. 60 miles on it. Temp solid and below half. No leaks, but new radiator ordered.
  7. Move to Colorado or a nother rust free location! It's almost a joy to pull parts in the yard after growing up in Wisconsin.
  8. I put a bit of JB weld on the radiator. Leak has slowed enough to run it. I'm going to flush the engine to get the coolant cleaner out and then put in new antifreeze and the Subaru coolant conditioner. I'll run it to see if the HG are OK. If so, I told them they would need a new radiator.
  9. Well, after a Holiday in Kauai I got it all put back together yesterday. I added Prestone Cleaner to the cooling system as the old coolant was very dirty. Ran great for 15 miles, temp gauge steady as could be. I was going to head out and put another 30 miles on it and the temp gauge started climbing. I turned around and went back home. Fans kicking on high even though the temp gauge was back to normal. Leaking water, coolant from the radiator. I shut it down and pulled the fans to get a better look. Top row of the radiator on passenger side leaking pretty good. I don't know if the previous owner had stop leak in the coolant system. Needs a radiator for sure, but I still think the HG are going. I let the owner know we could try a new radiator, but if its the HG I'd recommend a different engine. This one has been overheated and run low on oil to many times. I feel like it's one step forward and two steps back. Just trying to help them out. Waiting to hear what they want to do.
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