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  1. Always happy to help and visit with USMB Members. Parts are mostly 95-99 range Legacy and Impreza. Of course you know Subaru's are like Lego's many parts interchange. Thanks for stopping in!
  2. Check to see if the large 1" dia hose going from the Air Box to the Idle Air Control Valve is connected. It usually comes off when the air filter is changed or top of the air box is removed. Use a Subaru MAF! NGK copper core plugs are best. How did the plugs look that were removed?
  3. I have several used pumps. $20 + shipping. Flat rate Large box.
  4. I've been very happy with the 95 2.2 swaps I've done. www.car-part.com still shows some low mile engines. 96-98 2.2 will work but require a single port y pipe. Watch for EGR configuration for plug and play the 95 2.2 with matching ERG is great.
  5. If you are in Colorado Springs for a few day you might be able to get in to see Casey at http://resolve-therapeutics.com/. She does a great job on my back after long flights.
  6. Should have had another cup of coffee. Bus crossed a double, double yellow line turning into a gas station. Said he never saw me. I'm here. Any Day you can get out of bed, have a hot coffee and shower is a Great Day. If you make it to the end of the day and have an IPA it's even better!
  7. Good PT and yoga have helped me! 2014 head on motorcycle to school bus accident, at 60 mph made me a slow moving vehicle. But hey, I have all body parts and still get around.
  8. Hope all goes well. You can pull the lid apart and remove the struts from the piviot point. As noted, there is nothing under the counsel that would stop them from moving. Is something in the hinge?
  9. If you get a small pin, push pin works well you can put it in the hole and move it. It's a little ball and socket.
  10. There are shops that still surface rotors, just a little harder to find.
  11. Loadpro if you are reading voltage your meter can lie to you unless the circuit has a load. Loadpro makes it easy to check the wiring, Opens, Shorts and High resistance. https://www.aeswave.com/LOADpro-Dynamic-Test-Lead-p8955.html
  12. Do you have a good Subaru/Transmission shop near by? Might be worth having them take a look. At least you could get an idea of what's up. A friend had a 2013 Legacy that was giving him some issues. Shop said a Speed Sensor. I found a good PDF and he went to the yard and pulled the sensor. Swapped it out and all good so far.
  13. I've changed and pulled them from several 96-99 Legacy Outbacks. Rust free CO, easy as can be. I have not done one on a Forester.