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  1. GD thanks for the Link. 25 washers for $11 shipped. I've been reusing the stock ones for years, replacing with Subaru washers as needed. Always nice to have spares on hand.
  2. I've had ignition switches fail with the same symptoms. If you have a spare switch, you can just plug it in under the dash at the connector and see if the new/used one works. If you do have to remove the old one, drill out the bolts and just use common hardware to go back in.
  3. POR 15 products are great! https://www.por15.com/POR-15-Top-Coat-DTM-Paint
  4. Thanks for the info for those in need down the road.
  5. Yep, and please teach the young ones to check oil ever gas fill up! Take a good look under the hood check the fluids and check tire pressure as well. On Subaru watch that temp gauge, they run at the same spot all the time. If temp is climbing you have a problem. Check it! For fun, I've fixed and sold many Subaru, keeping them on the road. I always off to teach/show the new the owner above. If a Teen is interested in learning to change oil and do basic maintenance they are always welcome in my garage. Larry
  6. Full Synthetic is pretty cheap. Amsoil is my go to for the 2006 and 2018 Forester. In my 2000 Impreza I use to use dino 5-30 Quaker State, but the last time Synthetic was almost the same price. If you figure in extended drain intervals going Full Synthetic is even cost effective.
  7. The backs will fit, but I believe you will have problems with the front fitting over the calipers. One way to find out, put them on.
  8. Best to walk away! There are plenty of good Subaru's out there.
  9. Yes, that pic will help. It depends on the buyer. If they are going to keep it a long time, the salvage title may not be a big deal to them. If they plan on selling it a year down the road, the title status is big. $1000 - $2000 off the market price with the salvage title. You might do better. Never hurts to ask. If no one is knocking on your door you will know the price is too high.
  10. - $2000 for a salvage title. Depends on the market in your area. It's nice you know the details. If you have pics of the damage post those as well.