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  1. If the 05 is the CA emissions as stated above you would have to swap the cylinder heads to make it work. In either case you need to swap the intake manifold as the 05 is DBW. Swap the crank sensor, and the driver's cam sprocket. You will probably need to swap the water crossover pipe as the temp sensor is on the front in the 05 and the harness won't reach to the old location on the back and the connectors are different. O. .
  2. Would suggest hand tools, though an impact shoukl work without issue. I'd break it by hand then use the impact. Don't need a 2nd person. Don't forget that little 10mm on the bottom main seal side of case. O.
  3. +1^ http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp Most probably a 55 profile, as that is stock on the legacy. 70's will rub. O.
  4. What has worked for me is putting the castle nut back on and hitting the control arm with a BFH. Have also used a 4-5 ft cheater bar and pried the control arm down. O.
  5. Unusual to have problems with Bosch as they are the originators of O2 sensors(but this doesn't make them immune from issues). I have replaced in a 98 IOB and a 97 Legacy with Bosch and never had issues. Denso, NTK and Bosch are what I usually recommend., all of whom have been oem suppliers at one time or another. O.
  6. See attached. Complete FSM here:http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/ O. MSA5TCD96L5975.pdf
  7. You may be surprised to know, but there only a handful of people that make clutches etc. Sachs being one of the major ones and their TO bearing "garbage" looks exactly like the oem one. If you buy a clutch kit for less than $100 expect garbage, Sachs is not one of those. O.
  8. Check with supplier. I just had to return a Sachs clutch for the opposite reason. My replacement (from another vendor) was in the same box and part number but had the correct (smaller) bearing. In addition the pressure plate was @ 1/2' to small in diameter and would not hang on both pins. I have an 05. O.
  9. get FSM here:http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/ Only remove the outer circlips. Use a thin stiff rod and you can snake it past the opposite rod and tap out the king pin. ie: past 3 and tap 1. 4 and tap 2. Make a drift out of 3/4" dowel to install. The block has markings to say whether the piston is an A or B. Spec sheet gives dimensions. Put pistons back into cylinder they came from. Make sure piston is installed with dots or markings facing the front of block. O.
  10. FSM here: http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/ O.
  11. Change the water pump. If the T belt is due might as well do it with new idlers. When filling the car start with coolant in the upper radiator hose. Then the radiator. With our t stats on the bottom of the block, you will never fill it by just adding to the radiator. O.
  12. Should be no problem. To check see:http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp O.
  13. Bank 1 is drivers side. Sensor 1 is the first O2. get fsm here: http://jdmfo/Auto/Japan/Subaru/ Do you have the early pzev car with three cats and a total o 5 O2 sensors? Doesn't change anything, just info. Engine info is same except for the exhaust. O.
  14. The p420 is generally a benign code that usually requires replacement of the front o2 sensor and or is the result of an exhaust leak. Rarely but sometimes is needing a cat replacement. O.