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  1. 2 2x4's across two rafters will work, or even a 4x4 as close to where there is a truss as possible. They don't have to be much longer than the span they have to cross. If you can, secure the ends to the joists. The weight will be where the pulley is, so the length won't matter. Don't even remember the quantity of engines I lifted with just a chain through my house garage ceiling and a come a long. Just don't try to do an engine and tranny in one piece!!!!
  2. Look here: USDM Forester FSM 1998 (mediafire.com) O.
  3. The brown is the neutral position switch. Separate at the top of the tranny the resistance of the switch should be more than 1Mohm. O.
  4. The head and exhaust are modified EZ30 units. The big problem is that the EJ259 had 3 cats and 5 O2 sensors! O.
  5. When you say case bolts, are you referring to the head bolts or the bolts that secure the two halves together? AFAIK all the NA 2.2 bolts are the same. O.
  6. The 96 2.2 is non interference. If the OP doesn't know how to fill and properly burp the system, it will continue to overheat. Do search for burping the system. If you can get it pressure tested, that will determine the source of the leak, but from what you've said it again leads to the radiator. With this mileage, you might as well replace the hose from the water pump that feeds the water bypass pipe (the pipe that feeds the throttle body). O.
  7. DIY Head Resurfacing... or "Post-apocalyptic machine shop techniques!" - Old Gen.: 80's GL/DL/XT/Loyales... - Ultimate Subaru Message Board Should help with resurfacing Don't know what went wrong the first time, but .... O.
  8. Craftsman had a stud extractor like Irwin. The current Irwin reg set doesn't have an extractor for the 10mm tho, O
  9. look here: http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Legacy_Outback/ O.
  10. RockAuto lists different KYB units for rear struts. O.
  11. if they mounted, you put put them on right. If not the slide pins would've been on the outside and they couldn't mount. O.
  12. The preferred replacement is the Subaru HG intended for the turbo motors, they are MLS. The Fel Pro, Six Star and Cometic MLS units are all good. Head prep is essential either DIY or machine shop. O.
  13. https://sl-i.net/FORUM/showthread.php?18087-Subaru-Factory-Service-Manuals-(FSM)-Every-Model-USDM-EU manuals