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  1. No. It has to be a legacy/outback from the same generation. ie 96-99 O.
  2. You can probably find just the right spot to set the vise grips enough to break it free. Take some PB with you. Having to work on them constantly, I cut the 15mm side off so it would give me the ability to move more. O.
  3. use this to check: http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp O.
  4. This should help •Yellow - 12V Battery / Constant •Red - 12V Ignition / Switched •Black - Chassis Ground •Black / White - Factory Amplifier Ground •Blue - Power Antenna / Factory Amplifier Remote Turn On •Blue / White - Factory Amplifier Remote Turn On •Orange - Dash Light Dimmer / Illumination •Orange / White - Dash Light Dimmer / Illumination •Orange / Black - Dash Light Dimmer Ground / Illumination Ground •Brown - Mute / Not Used •White - Left Front Speaker (+) •White / Black - Left Front Speaker (-) •Gray - Right Front Speaker (+) •Gray / Black - Right Front Speaker (-) •Green - Left Rear Speaker (+) •Green / Black - Left Rear Speaker (-) •Purple - Right Rear Speaker (+) •Purple / Black - Right Rear Speaker (-) This is the Subaru side Suby radio wirirng.txt
  5. if the triggers are in the same place and have same count use what you wish. O.
  6. Maybe. He may have the Fwd fuse in permanently. Other yes indeed.
  7. See attached. get full fsm herehttp://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/ O.: cylinder head assembly.pdf
  8. You can install the heads from the 07 onto the 05. Don't know of any other workaround. O.
  9. I just used the jdm link and it worked, Try again O.
  10. Why bother. They are free. http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/
  11. There is a vin stamped on the block. A flat surface on the pass side just below a tranny bolt hole. Will probably need cleaning to see it clearly. O.
  12. DOHC is probably an EJ25D. The DOHC setup is also used on the Turbo blocks. There is a vin , stamped or imprinted on the pass side on a flat above where the axle fits in the tranny, Probably needs to be cleaned, 1oth digit gives year. O.
  13. Check under the dash for the wires attached to a button or switch. May have been moved by previous owners. I ran into one with the wires just dangling. O,
  14. The hose goes from the throttle body to the crossover pipe. It acts as a return line that goes from the bypass pipe to the TB. Its designed to keep the throttle body from icing up. Some people in hot climates just bypass or plug them as icing is not a concern for them. It will show up in service procedure for the TB. Use an online dealer part cat. to look up the actual part no. if you need it. The dealer should be able to get it w/o a number. Its on all the EJ22 and EJ25's at least up to 06. O.