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  1. Well after replacing the fuel pump, plugs & wires, and ignition coil, my car still ran like crap. I finally took it to a dealer. It turned out to be a bad EGR valve. Apparently, this is somewhat common on 05-09 Legacy/ Outbacks. I hope this info helps someone in the future.
  2. Any chance a bad coil pack would be the cause of my problem??
  3. I added the E-85 because of high alcohol content. If I had gotten gas with water, the alcohol would have helped get rid of the water. Have had this work in the past. Will pull a spark plug to check condition. Bought as a used car, so don't know condition of the plugs. Thanks for the good advise.
  4. You don't say that you had the wheels balanced. Had a vibration on my 08 Outback recently. a wheel balance fixed the vibration.
  5. I don't think you can get a two door coupe door to replace a door on a 4 door car. Get a coupe door, so you will know that it will fit properly.
  6. Problem started last September on normally aspirated 2.5 motor, when all of a sudden car idled and ran poorly. CEL came on along with blinking cruise control light, and brake antilock dash light indicator. I thought it may be bad gas, so added 8 gallons of E-85. This fixed the problem entirely within about 50 miles, so thought all is well. The same problem came back just before Christmas. I pulled codes, but only said spark plug miss-fire. I cleared codes, and no codes appeared. So, replaced the knock sensor, and fuel pump and fuel filter unit. Upon start up ran fine for a few seconds, then miss fires started again. Expected a new fuel pump to fix the problem, but not so; but it seems to be a fuel problem, as sometimes it takes additional throttle to start engine. It won't necessarily start by just turning the key with no extra accelerator assistance. Got me stumped on how to fix with no CEL to give direction. Doesn't seem like spark plug trouble, as motor can run so well, then instantaneously run so poorly. Maybe a bad computer?? Any advise really appreciated.
  7. am guessing that the relay is bad. During that 30 second delay, touch the relays with your fingers. The one that you feel and clicks, and turns everything on is likely your problem child. Replace that relay, and you should be good to go.
  8. I too, have a 98 Outback, recently changed the ATF. What I did is to drain and fill three times, with short drives between drains. Doing this gives a good drain, as only about half the ATF will not drain from the system. I am happy with the results.
  9. I considered doing this some time back. However, after checking available space in front of the radiator, I gave up on that idea, just not enough room, and just too awkward to install. It made a lot more sense to install a new radiator, as I figured the rest of my old radiator wasn't worth saving. Seemed it cost about $100, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. It was super easy to install. It was then, that I realized that a new radiator was the best and easiest solution. I bought mine on line, Chinese manufactured, never have had a problem with it.
  10. My compressor still works great, but the clutch is wearing out. Makes a lot of dust, and occasionally doesn't want to engage. Is it difficult to just replace the clutch unit?? Does it require any special tools to remove, such as a "puller." I am thinking about finding a replacement at a pick-a-part yard. Thanks!!
  11. A good write up........... I am guessing you are using an old fashion pump handle grease gun. Where did you source a needle fitting to fit the grease gun?
  12. O wow what a story, what a mess replacing an oil filter. I had VWs, and big VWs called Audis, back in the 80's and 90's. All had simple spin on filters, that were super easy to change. How does VW think it better to use a plastic housing with a cartridge inside??? Truly stupid. VWs always had something breaking. I am on my 4th Sub, (still own 3), and life is so much better. Not much breaks on any of my Subs.
  13. Sandy, I think we have met and talked a few times, if you are the same Sandy that lives in the Greenbriar subdivision. I am Larry, the guy that walks the two yorkies in the neighborhood. Drop me a PM, I have some ideas, as I had an engine swap done not that long ago.