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  1. Is the auto trany filter the same as an oil filter?? If so, what oil filter would fin my Forester??
  2. I have had 98 and 99 Outbacks that used a larger oil filter. Sometime about 15 years ago Subaru went to a smaller oil filter. I realized they were interchangeable, so have begun using the older style larger filter on my newer Subies. I figure that if larger is better, then larger filters better. Has anyone else had this experience of interchangeability?
  3. Thanks for all the reports on head gaskets.
  4. Does 2010 Forester have a reputation of blowing head gaskets?
  5. Thanks for all the info about sensors. Prolly more trouble and cost then it is worth to get sensor(s) replaced. Just better to keep an eye on tires to visually see when a tire looks low on air. Car is going to need new tires in near future, will see what tire store says about the sensors. Thanks to all for your replies.
  6. Just bought an 09 Forester. The tire pressure dash light is on. I pumped up the tires to spec, including the spare, but light fails to go out. How should I proceed to fix?
  7. Thanks idosubaru for advise...............much appreciated Rooster2
  8. Daughter just bought an 09 Forester in good shape. What are problem areas on that year Forester that I should become aware of, or at least keep an eye on?
  9. Agree with others, nothing to be gained by going to a less restrictive muffler, except it will be louder. I found out when I tried a glass pack muffler.
  10. Same thought.......battery is going south. You may want to clean off battery terminals to see if that helps. Also, attach battery jumper cables from another car, then try to start. If starts right up with no hesitation, then pretty good indication that the battery is bad.
  11. Getting back to fixing my p/s pump problem. Life has gotten in the way to fix this project. I don't see a leak, so it must be a mechanical problem. I checked you tube, all I see is how to r&r all the seals to fix leaks, not anything on how to repair the mechanical action of the pump. How much is a new genuine Subaru pump? Any way to tell if a pump from a yard is genuine? Thanks for any advise. Rooster2
  12. reservoir is on top of the pump. Good advise on checking for an air leak. had a buddy install the pump. I will ask him about the oring. Thanks!
  13. turned steering wheel stop to stop multiple times to bleed out air. Have been driving car for about 10 days now, steering not getting any better. Belt is tight.
  14. Replaced P/S pump with a rebuilt unit from Rock Auto. Steering is better, but in a cool morning, the steering fails to feel like power steering, Just plain hard to steer. My question, is how to determine if it is the pump or rack that is the problem. Thanks for any advise.