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  1. Some folks still have some originals. I might have a set but also sold off a bunch of them. And guys like Earl have a graphics business and already have produced some. Not sure he or anyone else has repro’d this exact script but I’d check around first and see. Much appreciate the enthusiasm and hope you do repro something, this set or other decals going forward. Certainly don’t be discouraged by my post. I think we need the clear “caution ....high idle ...” decal that came on the drivers inner door panel. Enjoy !
  2. Both , but the spot most likely to show first would be the rear wheel arches and the sill closest to that same rear wheel. What happens is the wheel apron has a horizontal seam near the strut top and over time you get pinholes of rust through at that seam and it trickles down to the sill as well as the wheel arch. Happens inside , so no real rinsing is always going to keep it from occurring. When the wheels are off be sure to use some tar or whatever works for protection on that seam. Yes , I saw your other post after I this one. 1.8 , same deal , you have a fairly solid engine and hopefully it’ll be back in action soon. Shares much with the 2.2.
  3. Wow great choice !! Have to assume it’s the 2.2 first generation single cam engine. Enjoy ! Vintage lover here and yours now fits that bill. That’s a sweet one getting sweeter with age. You know where to rinse them well and watch for rust , right ?
  4. Nice choice ! Have fun here. Enjoy!
  5. Awesome to me ! Thanks man ! The construction, engineering, functionality, economics, and so much more to say about that breed the ff1. Make something contemporary of the same effort. Change the inboard drums to disks. Make the so called heater a bit better. Use of carbon fiber. Could make a version of that now under 1000 lbs I’d guess. And it would scream with a Euro style 1300 turbocharged. Mini eater. Ok I’m a dreamer.
  6. Cars101 ? Or equivalent. Try this please http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Forester/
  7. Welcome , wish I could post better news for you but my suggestion is to leave it , use it as intended , and try to just enjoy being in a true classic. And keep in mind that there are people out there , old farts to you probably , who would cherish a simplistic five speed with an 1800 engine normally aspirated. It’s an economical classic. Now the part you don’t want to hear. That engine just won’t accept all you wish to throw at it. I’m not going to take the time to explain but I’m confident someone else will explain why it’s just not going to happen. Converting it to 4WD is also going to be a chore. Best of luck. Enjoy your time with it.
  8. Last call. Northeast USA might be something worth driving for to the right person. Hoping to have this Brat trashed very soon , like next couple of weeks at the latest. Not my property and I’m just not prepared to store it so please act soon if you want it. Sorry no pics here but you can email me at moosens@yahoo.com Make is soon ;)
  9. All about finding and acquiring parts. Smoother ? Hmmm , these kind of are what they are to me. You have the dual range four speed ? I can’t recall when the automatic 4WD stared but I think the same era. How’s the third gear synchro ? Those are usually first to show. Automatics of that era get the hydraulic lifters should you ever find one in a yard. Vented rotors also come into play around then. Again , should you come across parts cars. More current owners are here and sadly on face booo too. Best of luck with it and enjoy !
  10. Quick video but I would say you should be sure you have good oil pressure and even then don’t think that the oil always makes it to each and every lifter and fills it. Even after a new oil pump and of course fresh seals you can still hear that last lifter in the oil trail making noise. Solution is to rev it up and don’t be fearful - go up towards the redline but of course don’t exceed it , just maybe hold it at 5k until you hear that lifter quiet down. Best of luck. Enjoy!
  11. A fellow on the FB Vintage Subaru groups has hubs for sale. I made sure to buy a set even though I’m currently not running a 70’s Subie. I will be soon and I’m glad I have my back up set now. Notorious issue and as these cars get older expect it to show more.
  12. These past couple of years I’ve become keen on this generation. Had two parts cars already , both of which show frustrations with the stock unit. One was a direct swap from a junk yard car I’d guess and the one I chose swap into my daily driver is a Sony unit. The Sony works great but I still have an issue where the right speaker cuts out. Ok now pay attention here. Regardless of which radio it takes a Fonzie style three whacks on the side to make the unit turn back on with the Old Stock Unit and now with the Sony at least it doesn’t seem to cut power like the last one but it still DOES cut out the Right speaker. Not to confuse ya more but the old stock unit as mentioned above would cut out power all together , and at times losing the station presets , but it would also cut out the Right speaker as the Sony is doing. I saw nothing from having the unit out during the swap that would give me any reason to think my Fonzie whacks actually cause a re-connection because I don’t see any wires over on that side. Is this common among this generation Legacy ?
  13. What I can add to this is we have a 1993 2.2 which can read zero oil the first couple of minutes almost and then later will show actual level. This caused a full serve guy (sorry but my wife uses full serve) over filling the engine once. Like significantly. None of our older Subarus ever had this problem. Seems to me these newer engines can be a bit retentive when checking oil quickly after stopping. I have begun to crack the filler cap open to breathe is out a bit and hope the best. As for level ground, Have a ball ? Dog toy in our case. Place the ball down and watch if it rolls. Carry a cheapie HF torpedo level if it’s that critical. A little degree or two should not cause a huge difference.
  14. Yes , you can and indeed should jumper wire straight from the battery. And again , if you take the pump off and use a coffee can with a little petrol you can reverse flush that old school pump. Just for a couple seconds. Any pump around 3psi should work. But I wouldn’t count your original out just yet.
  15. That’s just a breather tube , don’t mess with it. 1980 would be first generation so you’d actually want to be over in the Historic forum but no big deal here. Those first gen vehicles run the fuel pump from the alternator and voltage regulator signal. Best to have a known good VR and of course a good alternator too. More than likely your pump is fine. If you feel it’s nasty inside you can reverse polarity on the pump for a second or two and flush it out. It’s old school and some folks here may not agree but we’ve done this often and no bad results. Only do that if the pump is really tossing crap out. Otherwise use a filter like you said. Find the manuals online. Some folks can direct you more easily but in general I think the Cars101 thing has them. Here’s another. http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/ They recommend changing the alternator and VR at the same time but you might not need them both. Keep in mind you’re going to deal with aftermarket crap for alternators going forward. Some of us went hardcore on these and have some stockpiles. But in general obviously going to be tough to find good parts for going forward. Good luck with it.
  16. First gen rules. Second gen - more issues than first gen by far. Second gen feels more comfy , but to me is heavier and less nimble. I’ve had manual shift of both gens. Second gen I like the feel of as for the clutch and shifter. I still have a first gen wagon but it’s an automatic. My FWD five speed was the best. Sold it with I think 351k and it’s still going in the next state over. Best of luck with the purchase.
  17. Reminds me of what I dealt with in my 1978 wagon you likely recall. It’s still going up in Massachusetts but I made the decision to let it go to someone who had time for the bodywork needed. Same as yours , mine looked pretty damn good from up top but was getting a little too “holey” for me and brake lines took the worst of it. Be sure to lift the carpet and check the side sills and floor that butts up to to the sills or “rocket panels”. That’s a build up place for us rust zoners. See you at Pine Barrens or maybe NJMP sometime !
  18. Mark the owner was one of us and may still be , just inactive. That’s one car that will increase in value. Price may be high and actions end but I don’t see it depreciating. Limited supply !
  19. This has got to be my old photographer buddy Julieanne. Hope you’re doing well. Good to see you still up here in the northeast and on this board. That’s a tough spot. Nice to see folks let us know how good they’ve got it but that doesn’t help you much. I once had a guy cut and ship sections to me but those are now in someone else’s hands and likely never got installed. Only guy in your area I can think of might be Anthony Cano ( I think his real last name is a bit longer) who you’ll see around the Subaru 360 locations. He’s done some nice work on his own rigs , not sure if he is willing. I’ll try to see if I can find some contact info. For a while I saw that the wagon you had was with another guy who had contacted me. Not sure where it is now. My sweet wheels and front bar , wish I had those back but that’s life. I’m taking on another 1978 4WD wagon this year. Maybe we’ll catch up sometime. Cheers!
  20. You can email me at moosens@yahoo.com and I can easily send a pic that way. Crappy weather coming next 24 hours and then freezing Sunday so I’ll do my best.
  21. In that era you’d need as mentioned , a special edition or high end Legacy. Our 94 Outdoor Sport edition wagon has that bar. As I can I will gladly take pics but I’ve used up my gallery here so send me a PM and I’ll try to get a pic to you of where and how it mounts up.
  22. Wouldn’t normally recommend drugs or alcohol but given all its stated issues maybe just send it to a yard and hope for the best that someone finds some value from it , and proceed to numb the skull. Turn the page. Start your next chapter. Now don’t take this as just words from someone who hasn’t lived your life. At least the same moment/event. Gosh , I’ve pushed way too many down the road that I would have , could have , should have ...... etc. Top of my head list: 1976 GF authentic old lady car with like 57k mostly all there but I couldn’t deal with the spot it did have. Right where the suspension meets the body. Complete shame. The shiny panels are still around and that transmission helped a friend and it lives on to this day.... All my Brats and that’s be a solid half dozen. A few 80’s , probably several that were really worth someone’s effort , but Not mine at that time. An RX I got a bit ripped off on comes to mind. And then my 92 Legacy which had over 350k when I sold it , really wanted to see that car hit the half million mark and maybe it will since that guy has it running in Massachusetts. You do your best , you try , but in the end , it’s The End. Hope that helps. Best of luck. Easy in the drugs and alcohol. Maybe substitute meditation.
  23. “Whats the little solenoid/electrical thingy hanging off the side of it?” Trash Sorry for the pessimistic reply. But that’s old crap that was replaced with typical strut and spring set up. Nobody is wasting time rebuilding those and anyone with an air ride system is likely to have replaced them by now.
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