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  1. Same here. Just tried to reorder a smaller quantity. I have left over RH parts, if someone is willing to trade for some NOS LH parts.
  2. My local dealer says the LH side, the -200 P/N is NLA, both in person and via their online portal. They still show as available online, so I tried placing a web order, only to have my order cancelled. I just placed an order from the link above, so we'll see if they cancel this one too.
  3. I regret not spending more time at the show or sharing a brew with you Paul, maybe on my next trip East!
  4. Have you tried cleaning the MAF? I would only buy an OEM MAF sensor, the aftermarket ones just aren't worth the savings, but then again, I pretty much only have turbo'd Subarus.
  5. Any rust or body damage to the vehicle? (Can't view CL at work, hahahaha).
  6. carfreak85

    WCSS 2018

    I'll be there on Saturday!
  7. carfreak85

    Power steering pump ea81T

    I concur with czny. The reservoir is unique to the EA81T.
  8. Does anyone know the angle/size of the reamer you would use to modify an EA82 control arm to fit an EJ spindle? I've been searching and searching but I must have missed it...
  9. carfreak85

    Ea81T auto to manual help please

    Ahhhh, yeah, it's a washer/bracket combo part, probably still available from the dealer. EA shifters just suck, even with delrin bushings.
  10. carfreak85

    Ea81T auto to manual help please

    Picture of the spring, to jog my memory?
  11. carfreak85

    EA82 Silicon CVJ boots

    Silicone has high permeability, I'm not surprised you're seeing the sweating.
  12. carfreak85

    86 1/2 GL Turbo 3-door hatchback

    Jiggs, you ready for a photo shoot of our fraternal twins?
  13. Wow, I've never seen that logo before!
  14. While GD is correct in all his statements, you CAN turbocharge this engine and DD this car, but you'd better have a backup vehicle ready to go. No aftermarket of any substance exists, NOS parts supplies are quickly drying up and even the supply of parts cars is getting thin. The longterm method of keeping these cars on the road is an EJ-swap + 5-lug swap.