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  1. Have these been pressure tested? Looks like there is a crack in one of the chambers.
  2. carfreak85

    1978 Fun Wheels Subaru BRAT Go Kart

    They were a marketing tool for the BRAT when it was launched. Could win one in a raffle and eventually I think you could buy them.
  3. carfreak85

    1978 Fun Wheels Subaru BRAT Go Kart

    I recently had the wheels sand blasted and powder coated, installed new innertubes and sawtooth tires, but one of the tubes has a pinhole leak. Follow along on Instagram @templeoffuji.
  4. carfreak85

    Is subaruxt.com gone?

    Any updates on this saga?
  5. carfreak85

    Engine front re-seal

    Those were the scenarios I was running through my head. Not too keen on regreasing, but pressing a new bearing on would be amenable. Yeah, if you've got part numbers that would be great!
  6. carfreak85

    Engine front re-seal

    What brand and part number of tensioners do you folks prefer now that the supply of OEM tensioners has dried up? @GeneralDisorder
  7. Recommending your least favorite late-model Subaru, eh?
  8. Do you still have the dealership installation instructions?
  9. carfreak85

    Coolant temp sensor EA82T

    Both sensors are still available new from Subaru, for now.
  10. carfreak85

    How Many Members of USMB?

    I dabble in all the current, living social platforms. Mostly so I don't miss any rare parts or cars for sale. You'll get faster and more varied replies on FB, but it's nearly impossible to do a longform post or build thread there.
  11. carfreak85

    BRZ Radiator for ej swap

    What are your plans for radiator fans? Are you going to use the BRZ OEM fans?