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  1. carfreak85

    KYB Shocks & Struts Question

    KYB Shock Part Numbers for 1986 Subaru GL 4WD
  2. You'll need a fuel surge tank, your stock fuel tank doesn't have any baffles.
  3. carfreak85

    91 Loyale RS LED Upgrades

    ...and the point the author was making, which you are choosing to overlook, is that because BOTH LED and HID light sources are drastically different than that of an incandescent filament, they are BOTH unsuitable as a plug and play bulb. LEDs are not "exactly" like HIDs, but they ARE wrong for an incandescent lamp housing for the "exact" same reasons. Also, HIDs are not a "point" of light, the shape of their output is an arc, with glowing electrodes.
  4. carfreak85

    91 Loyale RS LED Upgrades

    I'll start off by saying I have no problem with HID or LED. They are brighter than incandescent bulbs, can be more reliable. When someone does a true retrofit of OEM-designed parts into a different lamp housing, like Turbone did on his RX, they can reap massive increases in night vision. The flip side is, of course, the cheap "plug 'n' play" HID/LED blubs that people mistakenly believe improve their forward lighting (Spoiler alert: they do not). True retrofits are not the point of contention here. If you are taking the entire LED (or HID) assembly and swapping it into a different housing, I can get behind that. I'm currently working on a RX350 bi-xenon HID retrofit into JDM STI bugeye headlamps. However, if you believe that just slapping a LED bulb into any old lamp housing is somehow better, you're kidding yourself. The only assumption between HIDs and LEDs in the article I posted is that they both have different sources of light compared to an incandescent bulb. The SHAPE of the light source has more to do with beam pattern than just about any other factor. Incandescent bulbs have a straight, line shaped light source that is brighter at the ends of the line "____", HIDs have an arc shaped light source that is brightest in the middle " ) ", while LEDs are s single point of light "." There is more surface area in the light source of an incandescent filament and thus the reflectors must be designed with this in mind. When a plug 'n' play LED blub is slapped into that same lamp housing, the reflector doesn't magically rearrange itself to optimize the physical light emitting characteristics of the LED.
  5. carfreak85

    91 Loyale RS LED Upgrades

    Please read this before upgrading your forward lighting: Thinking of converting your halogen headlamps to HID or LED?
  6. carfreak85

    Who needs keys? or locks re-keyed?

    The glovebox door uses its own, small key. I was lucky enough to find a key and matching glovebox lock in a car in the junkyard years ago, which I happily swapped into my wagon.
  7. People need to be able to think critically for themselves. If we give a few options on where/how to source parts we expect the person on the receiving end to do a bit of research on their own. If the recommended (dealer) part is too expensive for the OP, it is on them to seek out equivalent alternatives, not mine. The old adage about teaching a man to fish comes to mind. The affordability of dealer parts is up to the end user. When I was in high school and college and living on a tight budget I would usually lean towards the least expensive option, often to have that part fail shortly after. Now that I'm an adult with a solid job and a dual income household (no kids) I have zero problem going to the dealership for parts, especially when I know there is a massive gap in quality between OEM and aftermarket, as is the case with head gaskets and other parts, such as EA81 intake manifold gaskets.
  8. Manufacturers are only required to stock replacement parts for seven years after the model ends production, so consider yourself lucky when you can still buy a 32-year-old hood release cable from the dealership...
  9. Dealership is always the safest bet, but if you do some research you can find the OEM parts much cheaper online.
  10. I agree with @Imdew, you need to adjust the latch to tighten the hatch to the body when shut.
  11. Could you give us a breakdown of the conversion? I've got the relay and the wiper switch (with pigtails) ready to swap into my wife's '99 Forester. Are the wiper motors different?
  12. carfreak85

    XMODE in the snow.

    Didn't get to drive mom's '14 Foz in the snow this winter, but I'm interested to see what it's like.
  13. carfreak85

    Another pile of parts in WA

    I think that's a Gen 1 radio box.
  14. carfreak85

    Another pile of parts in WA

    Do you have: Any Enkei or alloy wheels Blue EA81 2WD radio box Tan EA81 2WD radio box Tan EA81 door handle cups