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  1. carfreak85

    1988 XT6 FOR SALE

    I didn't know you sold the turbo coupe...
  2. carfreak85

    FJ1600 Question

    90 whp out of an EA81 is still pretty damn good! If a big valve made 84 chp and you figure in driveline losses a stock EA81 is putting out 63-71 whp. Given the breathing issues these engines have I'd say you're doing well, with some room still to grow that output!
  3. carfreak85

    Ea81 transmission swap into a Ea82

    Fixed it for you...
  4. carfreak85

    EA81 rear sway bar

    I don't know how your vehicle inspectors could have an issue with simply replicating the exact same style anti-roll bar mounts that Subaru themselves used. It's literally square tubing with a slot cut and hole drilled with a captive nut welded behind the hole...
  5. carfreak85

    EA81 rear sway bar

    I would just copy the EA82-style mounts. Basically, cut square stock in half, make a slot for the mounting clamp's tab, drill a hole and weld a captive nut inside, then weld that assembly to the semi-trailing arm. Wish I had a photo to share...
  6. I recently picked up a car that has the dealer installed cruise control and would like to double check the vacuum routing, since I have been replacing old, brittle vacuum hoses. Does anyone have the diagram or installation instructions floating around somewhere?
  7. Don't put stop leak in the A/C system, or any other system for that matter. Not only are they bad for the system, they generally don't work very well. Find the root cause and fix that.
  8. carfreak85

    EA82 "Hail Mary" pass repair

    Make a note to your self to check back in with us in ~30k miles to let us know if there is any oil consumption from doing it "your way."
  9. carfreak85

    Repair EA81 seats ....

    Yes, I've done it.
  10. Some people like that look though!
  11. Keep an eye out for the supplement on eBay, I've seen a few pop up here and there in the recent past.
  12. carfreak85

    Repair EA81 seats ....

    The frames and seatback upholstery are LH and RH specific, the cushions and seat-bottom upholstery are not.
  13. carfreak85

    Repair EA81 seats ....

    I've swapped passenger side foam and upholstery to the driver's side on several cars now and it's a great way to freshen an old driver's seat. I tend to snip the hog rings, recycle them and replace them with small zip-ties to make installation simpler. If you have a nice, spare passenger's seat there is no reason not to give it a try!
  14. That sounds like a terrible idea, especially anywhere it rains, snows or where they salt the roads.
  15. An Outback is just a trim level, essentially. Any coilover or lowering spring that fits a 1996 Legacy will fit your car.