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  1. I'm currently installing a set of coilovers on my 1987 GL 3-door and I was curious how other folks mount the rear coilovers in their EA82s. I've seen them installed using a mishmash of OEM and aftermarket parts, but that seems like it not only increases the ride height, but could potentially snap the shock shaft. So, what do you folks do? I've got a few ideas of my own, but I'm interested to see your solutions.
  2. I've been slowly combing through various subsystems on my RX and the most recent system to get some love was the PCV system. I found that every hose is still available, except the one that attaches directly to the PCV valve on the intake manifold. I ran down to my local auto parts store with the original hose in hand to pick through their selection of hoses. WELL! It turns out that the small heater hose from a 2002-2009 Ford Explorer (Dayco P/N 87730) is almost a perfect fit and is made from EPDM rubber, so it's oil safe. Hose was about $7 and needed to have a small portion trimmed off, otherwise it is a perfect fit!
  3. Uhhhh…. I don't think any production Subaru has EVER had 14-15 in. rotors. STI Brembos are only like 12.1 in. or something.
  4. Yeah, there are companies out there that already do this. If all you want is a fun side project, knock yourself out, this seems like a fun thing to try if you have the means. If you want to actually make power or have a reliable engine to beat on, start with a factory turbocharged engine. @GeneralDisorder
  5. carfreak85

    Sticker removal

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=8&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiFzKTYn7fjAhVewMQHHZpJAxQQFjAHegQIABAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.3m.com%2F3M%2Fen_US%2Fcompany-us%2Fall-3m-products%2F~%2F3M-Stripe-Off-Wheel%2F%3FN%3D5002385%2B3293162209%26rt%3Drud&usg=AOvVaw2yqgIQXb3Vxu5J0DCoaM-j This works really well, been using one to remove pin stripes and adhesive foams from my fleet.
  6. Don't waste you time closing the deck of an N/A engine and adding boost. Your time and money is better spent buying a factory-turbo'd Forester...
  7. Just to close the loop on this topic: EA82 door strikers AND the mounting hardware are now both discontinued...
  8. I ended up digging through my spare hardware and found a short M4 (M5, maybe?) that grabs the distributor shaft and holds tight. So we're back on the road (with a new-found coolant leak )
  9. There haven't really been "turbo kits" for Subarus in the U.S. since the WRX came out, for obvious reasons. OEM just does it better... Buy a WRX/STI, swap a factory turbo engine/trans/suspension/brakes under your own car, but good luck even finding a turbo kit these days.
  10. carfreak85

    87 RX sputters

    I haven't really driven the car enough to determine how frequent it is. Discovered another hemorrhaging coolant hose on the last test drive, so waiting for a slew of NOS parts to tackle the PCV and turbo coolant/oil hoses before I drive her again. Also picked up 12 ft. of vacuum hose to replace all the boost reference hoses. Discovered that the center diff lock isn't interested in playing, even sitting still with the engine on. Hmmmmmm...
  11. carfreak85


    Priorities Paul! Might need to be a yearly migration...
  12. H6 = Kleenex, been used for so long and is a short, easy thing to remember. Master, yes, probably. Brake booster is different between the three models though, '99 Forester, '02+ WRX, any-STI.
  13. carfreak85

    87 RX sputters

    @Gloyale It feels like my '87 RX is doing this, but I've only been able to drive it a few times and it's pretty subtle. Any suggestions?
  14. As the brakes wore out on our '99 Forester I replaced the originals with '02 WRX front brake rotors/brackets and the rears with H6 rotors/brackets. Pads were the same front & rear, needed to trim the rear and slightly bend the front dust shields to clear the larger rotors, but that was pretty easy. I've been debating swapping out the brake booster/master cylinder for WRX/STI parts, but only if they fall into my lap for a decent price. Love these brakes on this car!
  15. carfreak85

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    You really shouldn't be installing aftermarket axles in the GL. If you had done some research on the board first, you would have read multiple threads where people complain about the exact same issues you're having; axles bad out of the box or fail shortly after being installed. The lifetime warranty means jack squat if you're replacing axles once per month (though I'm sure you've got the repair down to a science now! ) 15 miles isn't that far at all, is public transportation an option for a short while? We have pretty bad public transit around here, but my sister still commutes over 20 miles each way by bus into Seattle for work every day. You could also take up cycling (not trying to be a jerk or jester, just throwing out options).