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  1. Hood release cables are still available from SoA, get 'em while you can!
  2. I assume your work will be paying for the repair, in which case absolutely try to fix the car, going through insurance it will likely be totaled and receive a branded title if repaired. Great looking wagon though! Reminds me that I need to get my '84 turbo back on the road... I miss the 808, need to get back out there.
  3. I just spun around and asked the warranty folks, and yes, we've seen turbos take out engines when the impellers are damaged and become ingested. Not frequent, but it has happened. So there you go.
  4. carfreak85

    FOUND! 1992 Loyale. OAKLAND Ca

    We need more backstory!
  5. GD, I work over the cube wall from our warranty department (OEM manufacturer). I write recalls, interact with our legal counsel as well as with NHTSA reps. "Sudden loss of control" is only one of the criteria used by NHTSA to determine if something needs to happen. A cat disintegrating, locking up the turbo or taking out the engine is absolutely something that could be covered under a safety recall because guess what, if you engine munches your turbo, you lose the ability to accelerate, brake with power assistance, steer with power assistance, all things NHTSA generally frowns upon. Is it likely to happen? Maybe not, but it could, and that's all that matters really. NHTSA isn't only interested in safety, that's why they have a customer portal on their website, the link says "Report A Problem," and there is no criteria given for what they consider acceptable types of complaints. Manufacturers generally don't initiate recalls on their own, unless people are dying or the company stands to lose millions in dissatisfied fleet buyers, so it's really on us as consumers to report anything and everything. You may disagree, but take it from someone working in the belly of the beast...
  6. I applaud you for taking the time to file a NHTSA complaint. Not enough people do that. Early WRXs also have the catted up pipe.
  7. carfreak85

    EA82 Coupe Hatch-area Water Leaks

    @PigEqualsBakon Well, let me know what you find out. If it's too much hassle I can just put together a list of parts that I need.
  8. I'm not sure what you're referencing, but I'll have to take a look. Temps are starting to climb around here and that car would be miserable without at least a fan...
  9. carfreak85

    EA82 Coupe Hatch-area Water Leaks

    @PigEqualsBakon How much to buy the whole car from your insurance company? Yes, there are many parts I can think of that I would need.
  10. I've got Enkei Compe-8s, Turbines, the 4-spoke factory alloys, a set of mesh Enkeis, maybe one other style in 4x140.
  11. If I've been driving with the fan on for an extended period, then stop the car and shut off the engine, when I get back in the car the fan will not work in any key position. Not sure about water intrusion on the windscreen, I'll have to look for evidence of leaks, but I don't expect that to be the problem.
  12. carfreak85

    EA82 Coupe Hatch-area Water Leaks

    @PigEqualsBakon Do you have any tips for getting rusty mangled hardware out of the middle "uni-brow" trim between the lamps?
  13. @Jmpjose Yes, the rear view mirror would be wonderful, the 3-door's mirrors have a longer neck than wagon/sedan mirrors. Only really interested if it's not sun baked and ratty. Thanks! @sparkyboy I'd love to snag the lamps from you, maybe the grill too. I don't have a lot of XT stuff, just side mirrors and a NOS spare tire glovebox kit to secure a flat in the trunk. Lots and lots of other old school parts though, wheels, etc.
  14. Company23 makes a pretty slick ball joint removal tool, I've needed it once or twice in the last 6 or so ball joint replacements. I always grease my ball joints and their counterbore in the knuckle before installation to avoid having them rust in place.
  15. Link? I could use some EA82 coupe tail lamps and rear view mirror... @Jmpjose you wanna earn a few bucks pulling parts for me?