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  1. carfreak85

    86 Hatch 5spd D/R Need Info

    The first intercooled Subaru we ever received in the U.S. (air-to-air OR Air-to-water) was the 2002 WRX. I have a '93 Type RA EJ20G in my RX-II coupe, and it is a lovely engine.
  2. carfreak85

    86 Hatch 5spd D/R Need Info

    How about ANY of the hot Subarus built since, oh, IDK 1989 with an EJ-T engine? Don't forget that the fastest Subaru we had in the states until 2002 was the 160 hp, 2.2L, non-intercooled Legacy Turbo sedan.
  3. No, not in Cali. Anything newer than 1974 will get smogged.
  4. I've got an 05 Forester head unit (with WB radio) in my '02 WRX with an Aux input from Jazzy Engineering. The music doesn't get as loud as I'd like, even when turned up all the way, but it works and is plug-n-play.
  5. The velour seats, although those could simply have a unique 2WD upholstery. I've only ever owned one 2WD, and that was back in 2002-03.
  6. Looks like it's in really good condition for its age and mileage! And it has the GL-10 option as well, that's very rare. The 2WD versions are pretty uninspiring, IMHO, its the 4WDs that built the brand's cache. As far as what it's worth? It's only worth what the next guy will pay for it.
  7. carfreak85

    Gen 2 GL wagon fog light info

    The EA81 fog lamps are slightly more narrow, slightly taller and have rounded corners versus the squared-off EA82 lamps. Still made by IPF though. The lamp covers are white with black graphics while the EA82 versions have a black plastic cover with a white "SUBARU" on them.
  8. carfreak85

    Gen 2 GL wagon fog light info

    On an EA82? They're made by IPF, you can find photos that show the size on my Instagram page @TempleofFuji. I've got a set on my RX and on my RX-RA, they're roughly the size of a standard smart phone.
  9. I'll trade you an '84 factory service manual for the 14" RX wheels...
  10. Have the radiator flushed, or replace it. I had overheating issues for a LONG time on my turbo wagon and it ended up being a clogged radiator.
  11. carfreak85

    Loyale Control Arm Help

    There is a Loyale in the Tacoma Pick-n-Pull.
  12. carfreak85

    Goodbye Hatchback

    Mileage, rust, price?
  13. carfreak85

    Fender Repair Panel

    I'll give you an entire fender if you sell me those 14 in. RX wheels.
  14. If you're going to use a tap to chase the threads, be sure it is a thread-restoring/thread-cleaning tap, NOT a thread-cutting tap.