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  1. I would do the factory procedure regardless of what gasket is used. It's not as if Fel-Pro knows something about the EA81 that FHI engineers didn't.
  2. The car seems to know when it's hooked up to the SSM and behaves as it should. Stumble persists, but the car seems to need a few extra revolutions to fire off after sitting.
  3. Sprayed down the intake piping while the engine was running to no effect. Did notice the oil pressure sender was wet and was emitting bubbles after I shut it off and was inspecting the intake manifold... Will do some laps this weekend with the SSM2 hooked up.
  4. I sold a non-op, stock RX 3-door with no title and some rust under the battery for $2,200 exactly two years ago. And the buyer paid to have it hauled from Seattle to Coeur d'Alene.
  5. At this point in the vehicle's life, whatever 13-in. tire you can find close to ~22-23-in. diameter is the right size tire. There's only a handful of decent handling, safe options out there (I'm looking at you, re-treaded tires...)
  6. Yes, VINs match. Vehicle has been in our family since ~2004 (or two sets of HGs ). Plain old fixed steel cam gears on this mill, no tumble generator valves. I'm going to try some starter fluid on the intake system today.
  7. It's a USDM 1999 with a non-AVCS EJ253 SOHC engine (build plate on strut tower confirms -253 engine). IACV may be my next target.
  8. Knock sensor is OEM and isn't any older than a few years (replaced last HG go-round). Going to clean the MAF and check for vacuum leaks in the inlet system this afternoon.
  9. 1999 automatic EJ253. Plugs (NGK), wires (OEM) and front oxygen sensor (OEM) replaced in the last two years. For many years we've had what I can best describe as a tiny "hiccup" when pulling away from a stop. Used to do it immediately after shifting into 2nd gear, and was hardly noticeable to anyone but myself. Sometimes it will take a few extra revolutions compared to "normal" to start the engine. It's gradually become worse, to the point of having multiple misfires when tipping into the throttle while pulling away from a stop. Full throttle seems to bypass the problem. The check engine lamp has never illuminated during or after one of these misfire events. Based on research here and on SubaruForester.org I replaced the front oxygen sensor last week, and while the problem has improved a little bit, it's still there and still annoying. What am I missing here? Need to clean/replace the MAF sensor? Rear oxygen sensor?
  10. Just looked in the 90-94 parts catalog. 22100AA440 - Distributor assembly, applies to all models 3-door/sedan/SW/TW both turbo and N/A.
  11. I could be mistaken, but the ignition control module might be shared with MPFI/SPFI engines as well.
  12. Grab a long screw driver, put the handle against your ear and start touching the engine all over to find where the knock is coming from. I have a few running EA81T longblocks, if you need a replacement.
  13. Driver's side lower radiator hose is unique to the AT radiator as well.
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