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  1. carfreak85

    Front strut

    EA81s have torsion bar rear suspension while EA82s have coil springs, so no, the rear struts won't interchange. I think that's what you were trying to say, at least...
  2. The shimmering in your oil is more likely bronze, copper, lead, tin, aluminum, etc. from your crankshaft bearings. They might have a steel backing, but the wear surface is is non-ferrous metal, so a magnet on your engine oil drain pan/plug really isn't doing you any good, unless you're planning to grenade the engine and want to catch all the party favors. Again, transmissions use mostly steel parts, which is why most OEM transmission drain plugs already have a magnet in them, and almost zero engines have magnets in their drain plugs. Add one if you want, but your money would be better spent on a quick oil change after 20 miles of driving.
  3. Any rust-free wagon liftgates? Got pics of the stash?
  4. carfreak85

    4 Loyales

    If it is indeed a DL it will have the quad-headlamp setup versus the single large glass headlamps. If there is a DL, I would like the grey plastic cubby under the stereo.
  5. Based on the experience of KillerB Motorsports (or was it Turn in Concepts?), I would highly advise against this. They outlined (non-scientific) test they ran where having a magnet on the ENGINE drain plug was not helpful and actually detrimental, but failed to get too detailed when pressed. You can find the thread on NASIOC. TRANSMISSION oil pans and magnets are a different story, since they have steel particles suspended in the fluid vs. an engine which will only have steel particulates after a something has gone terribly wrong. Just a suggestion, feel free to ignore.
  6. Unless the ER27 has larger bolts than the EA82, you'll find that converting to studs will be pretty expensive, since they're an odd M11 size.
  7. carfreak85

    4 Loyales

    Are they all wagons? Mileage on the chassis? Any DL models among them?
  8. carfreak85

    4 Loyales

    I'd love to know a bit more about the parts you have. I'm not looking to swoop in for the whole shebang, but it sounds like you have parts I would like. What years are the four vehicles? Any of them turbocharged? What color are the interiors? Are any of the wheels alloys?
  9. carfreak85

    Wagon Savage

    Yes, please let up know what years they are as well.
  10. carfreak85

    Junkyard GLs

    I shot you a PM so we don't clutter up this thread anymore.
  11. carfreak85

    Junkyard GLs

    Yes, minus the actual lamps. There is some damage, but could be easily repaired, the car had a minor front end impact that landed it in the junkyard.
  12. carfreak85

    86 Loyale fun wagon

    I'm pretty sure they are M11.
  13. carfreak85

    Radiator overflow tank for Brat 2.2T

    My EJ20G-swapped EA82 uses the coolant expansion tank from a USDM WRX. Works fine and isn't made of plastic
  14. carfreak85

    Junkyard GLs

    I have a set of those, if you're looking.