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  1. My vote is EA81 transmission mounts have failed.
  2. What additive do you speak of? Working for an OEM in the service/warranty department has always made me weary of additives.
  3. Yes, fluid has been changed with the multi-flush method, tires are new and all match.
  4. I've also been experiencing this "intermittent AWD" issue for several years on our '99 Forester. I'll be following along...
  5. Read some of the tire tests and user reviews on www.tirerack.com. I ended up getting a set of Cooper Discoverer AT4 all-terrains for our SF6 forester.
  6. Not Subaru engines, but here's one version of the answer:
  7. @1 Lucky Texan and @Numbchux you two have no idea how heartwarming it was to read your replies to this. As somewhat of a lighting evangelist, it's nice to know there are others out there who "get it." Carry on...
  8. carfreak85

    Rear strut shaft hitting body

    There should be two bushings, one above and one below the mounting ear, that sandwich around the shaft. You said you replaced the bushing (singular) so do you have one, or two bushings up there?
  9. Don't buy aftermarket replacement axles, re-grease and reboot your stockers, they simply outlast anything "remanufactured."
  10. carfreak85

    4x140 to 5x100 bolt pattern adapters

    @Suberdave has been making some recently.
  11. If you're blowing bulbs with frequency, you might want to look at the headlamp plugs and see if they have thermal damage.
  12. carfreak85

    4x140 to 5x100 bolt pattern adapters

    You don't NEED XT6 parts these days. The front end can use EJ parts and there are a couple sources for reproduction XT6 rear hubs. Wheel adapters and wheel spacers are TRASH.
  13. Looking for a working knock sensor for an '87+ EA82T, part number: 22060AA010. What do you suggest? @GeneralDisorder Are there any crossover parts from Nissan? Let me know what you've got.
  14. How are you guys killing EJ 5-Speeds?! My 2002 WRX was bought new by my father, we dual drove it in Autox for 5 years, maybe 10 events per year. I beat the piss out of my transmission: doughnuts and drifting in the snow, racing with multiple drivers, speed shifting, etc. The only thing we have never done with this transmission is a high-rpm clutch drop. The engine spun a rod bearing at 80k, but it wasn't until about 150k+ miles that the center differential started making noise, which seems to be a common failure mode for the Phase 2 5-speeds. I can't speak for anyone's experience but my own, and my experience it that if treated with even a modicum of mechanical empathy, the 5-speed transmission is as strong as it needs to be for the WRX. Heck, my 2002's "AA" transmission is the weakest one the USDM WRX was ever delivered with, still no problem shearing gears.
  15. Has your car ever been in a collision? Bend trailing rod?
  16. carfreak85

    Fuji rabbit scooter

    Yeah, you can send it in a message, or email it to me: soobcrazy at gmail (dot) com
  17. carfreak85

    Fuji rabbit scooter

    Do you have any photos of the Rabbit? My aunt lives in Waukesha and could possibly store it for me.
  18. carfreak85

    Retro fit power steering 82 GL

    That WRX pump might put out too much pressure for the original rack. Did you research the specs on the two pumps before selecting, installing and plumbing the WRX unit?
  19. BFGs are HEAVY, I'd look for a lighter tire. Could probably save yourself ~20+ lbs of unsprung.
  20. carfreak85

    Rear CV Axles

    Yes, 100% interchangeable between series 1 and series 2.
  21. carfreak85

    Rear CV Axles

    Later EA82s use CVs in the rear halfshafts outer joint, at least in USDM-land.
  22. I don't know if it's the biggest factor when converting a Gen 1 to use Gen 2 front brakes, I've never done the swap. But if you're grabbing a hodgepodge of EA81 parts, it's something to keep in mind.
  23. Wide calipers with vented rotors, skinny calipers with solid rotors. That's the major compatibility change to be aware of for EA81s.
  24. Were you still interested in an EA81T engine?