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  1. I stopped at Subaru today in Spokane, told them the problem. Of course, it didn't do it again at the dealer. They said it could be a sticky actuator on the drivers side door. Hmmm. Had to order part and it will take a week.
  2. Thx. I will check it out and let everyone know.
  3. So this just happened, both key remotes that have fresh batteries before incident, don't disarm the security system or unlock the doors. Has happened to anyone? Advice Please. 07 Impreza 2.5I Can I disable the security system and still be able to start the vehicle?
  4. Naked Buell

    4x140 - 5x100 Wheel Adapters

    Nope. Nothing yet. The guy is pretty busy. Scott @ SJR already has everything figured out. I was going to contact him. My guy needed a digital turn table to be able to drill exactly where needed and I was even going to pay for half. I may try to give the whole thing a push again and I will let you know.
  5. Naked Buell

    CrossTrek Review

    So, out of all the ones that have a CrossTrek, no one has anything to say about them?????? I have seen some with BFG's on them, nice looking little 4x4 safari rigs. Nice look.
  6. I basically pulled the line from the carb, front of carb, that goes to the dist. I sucked on it and saw my dist. was not advancing. I could have the gas pedal floored, in gear, and it was as if Grandma was driving. NO acceleration, just slight increase. No power. Timing was good, fuel filter was good, plugs and wires good. I was really scratching my head, until I figured that it had to be the dist. That is what advances the timing to keep the engines power where you want it. When you say 4k-5k revs, that is with the clutch pushed in?
  7. Naked Buell

    CrossTrek Review

    Hey guys, I have always liked the Cross Trek and was thinking of getting one for the next wife's rig. Can I get some of the pros and cons that you have come across. I hate the fact that you can't get a manual in the Outback anymore unless it is the Outback Sport, if I am correct. Any thoughts would be great.
  8. I had that problem with my Ea-81 and it was the distributor wasn't advancing under load. It reved just fine but had no power when driving. I had the dist. rebuilt and it fixed the problem. The guy said the diaphragm in the dist. breaks down and you have a vacuum leak basically.
  9. Naked Buell

    GL-10 Quiz Question

    Easier to relocate when younger. If you are a hard worker and resourceful you can make things happen. Statistics show people move every 5 years. I didn't believe it and every time I relocated it was about that exact time. Be safe and take care of the Brat. I have one too.
  10. Naked Buell

    GL-10 Quiz Question

    I mean "move"; it looks like another state. I moved from Seattle to Eastern Wa area, rural. Super nice people. Small town, if you are a scum bag people know and if you are a nice person, people know that too. Plus, it's type of people in general, not the race, which I am sure you know. Good and bad no matter what the race. Remember, nothing is impossible. That sucks about "just" buying the house, but I am sure now you are thinking about moving. There is nothing worse than feeling like you or your possessions are not save. That security is worth more than what you think you may be losing to relocate. Plus I've learned, even though you may have money or are successful, don't show it. Live simple and they think you don't have anything. It's a protection. Bible advice. You can't lose with advice from the man upstairs.
  11. Naked Buell

    GL-10 Quiz Question

    That leaves two options. Arm yourself and protect your property, or better choice, time to move. I know it sounds like a lot but I did it myself and have never regretted it. I was in San Antonio for a bit while in the military; I understand. I would be moving to a nicer area. Plus, take the keys with you. Don't leave them at home but, then they would probably just hurt the car. Which brings us to the second option again. Time to move. It sucks but then again, it doesn't. You will be happier in the long run.
  12. Naked Buell

    GL-10 Quiz Question

    Real scum bags out there. Be careful guys and be observant. And be smart, especially if you have ones scouting on your cars. Maybe its time for some cameras. Pretty cheap nowadays.
  13. Naked Buell

    GL-10 Quiz Question

    Was that stock for the 88 GL or had someone changed it? I believe all Rx's came with them with the center Diff lock right? Correct me if I am wrong Subie Bros.
  14. Nope. Gone already before I got the car. It was pretty much stripped already. I just grabbed the front lights for me and the part for Dragon and already scrapped it. But I have 2 more to get. So let me know what you guys are looking for and I will snag what I can. I have everything for my Rx so it is just extra goodies for my Subie bros.