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  1. Naked Buell

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    Hey thx. I did find what I was looking for at Napa.
  2. Naked Buell

    interior fasteners

    Snowing like a banshee here. About to go to town in the Subie and find me some right ones. thx carfreak. I was hoping someone had a part number but I can scan the books. Thx
  3. Hey guys, have a 85 Brat, I'm looking for the little fasteners that slide onto the interior trim piece and then you snap the whole piece in. Any ideas??? Not the normal size ones, the baby version ones.
  4. Naked Buell

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    I'm also sorry to hear about your father. Mine is getting up there too and has fallen off of 2 ladders that have changed my Dad in ways only a son can understand. Please don't think what you write about fixing or what you have found out and put on the site is pointless. When looking how to do something, I look for your threads first. I like how thorough you are and with the pics too. It helps out a lot and please please don't stop the great work. Your Subie Brother across the globe, Naked Buell, aka Joe PS, I'm looking for the little plastic push on fasteners for the interior trim around your head, its in a 85 Brat. Not the common size, the little ones that slide onto the trim itself and then you just pop the interior piece on. Any ideas to find them? Amazon has the normal ones but I can't seem to find the little ones.
  5. Naked Buell

    Social distancing breach !

    Ohh, you guys crack me up. Thx for the laugh. I'm up in Washington State in the mountains north of Spokane. We are good up here. Everyone stay safe and thx for the laugh during a trying time.
  6. Naked Buell

    EA81 oil pump replacement

    Honestly, unless u found someone who had one in good shape u would be better doing an ej swap. I know, I know, but parts and power and fuel injection, better to save for that up grade. Without an oil pump the motor is obsolete. That is what i had to face myself. My 85 Brat has an 2.2T.
  7. I would put a remote switch that only u know about, that shuts power off to the column. No power, car won't start. And, yes, I hate thiefs too.
  8. Naked Buell

    Wagon Savage

    A cool 80 wagon GL would be a cool find and Ej update.
  9. Naked Buell

    78-79 Brat find

    Just waiting for the muddy roads to dry up so I can take my trailer over there and rescue her.
  10. Naked Buell

    New brat owner needs help!

    Well if pump is pumping, take off the line right at carb, have someone crank and see if you are getting fuel right at the carb and then work backwards.
  11. Naked Buell

    Wagon Savage

    I will put that on my check list.
  12. Naked Buell

    EJ22 wiring harness question

    Life does keep us busy. High school and homework and some chores doesn't look so bad when you look back.
  13. Naked Buell

    Wagon Savage

    Hey guys, I have two wagons, ea82's and the neighbor said I could have if I take them away. I did see one with a 5 speed push button 4wd, I will let you guys know more when I comb over them. Anything you guys might be looking for, let me know and I will see what we got. Thx guys.
  14. Naked Buell

    EJ22 wiring harness question

    U know Numbchux, it would be really useful to actually take the time and revise the write up with things that we have learned and that works better. Just my 2 cents.
  15. So I am putting the interior center console pieces in the 85 Brat and with the new Sti 5 speed, the shift is further back, or closer to you, and a quick shift. Does any have any pics of what they did for console ideas?