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  1. I actually have a third eye assembly but when I found out I would have to cut up my grill I decided not to.
  2. Thanks, I'll consider getting access to that center fastener from the inside.
  3. I've taken out the two screws but the vent seems to be still held in place by something in the center. I'd prefer not to have to take off the panel behind it inside since the 30 + year old plastic is brittle. Pressing on the vent there seems to be something solid in the center unlike the rest which deforms easily. If there is a press in fastener there I'm going to try prying it out with a thin screwdriver.
  4. I'm not on FB, can you post a link here?
  5. That's an old picture, but the cold weather will be coming soon to Minnesota. That's why I wanted to fix the "air vent grill" before I put the Brat away for the winter. I only see two screws though, are the other two inside?
  6. Sorry, my '85 BRAT. There's a crack in one of the fins that I'd like to fix or replace. That black part just behind the driver's window. It's a left hand drive.
  7. There are two screws on the black plastic "grille" behind the door glass. Even with those two screws out there is something still holding it in place. Do I need to remove the interior panel to get at it?
  8. franbev

    My Brat

    What year is it? How many miles (KM)?
  9. Just over 100K miles and soon the snow and salt will be gone here in Minnesota and I'll be taking it out again.
  10. https://www.strait-design.com/blog
  11. Put it on BAT (Bring A Trailer). They have sold a lot of interesting old cars.
  12. What's the Subaru OEM part number for the clutch cable on a 1985 Brat?
  13. Or should I say smash-up. https://www.craigslist.org/about/best/orl/5948013632.html
  14. Yes, I'm planning on keeping the rims bare.