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  1. Marc556

    1978 1st Gen Brat Build!

    Fantastic project with a so beautiful car !
  2. Marc556

    Brat differential

    Hi guys, I want to install a LSD in the differential of my Brat. So I have to change the seals/gaskets of it. Do you have any subaru parts referencies for a kit of gaskets ( maybe it is the same differential like forester) ?
  3. Dear all, could you tell me where and front which model I have to buy the door mirrors (and the switch to fit on the Dashboard) to install on my 1986 Brat ?
  4. Marc556

    Brat Mk 2

    Nobody has contact to give a little help?
  5. Marc556

    Brat Mk 2

    Yes, it is right.... I'm living in Luxembourg and i bought a Brat in Australia.... a RHD. I want to convert it in LHD like our local specs. I've got the possibility to ask a Luxembourger guy who works with the USA to put my parts in one of his containers that will be shipped in Europe.
  6. Marc556

    Brat Mk 2

    It has to be shipped in USA, not in Europe.....
  7. Marc556

    Brat Mk 2

    It should be nice if someone in USA can collect the needed parts and send them where the container will be ( I don't know where yet)
  8. Marc556

    Brat Mk 2

    Thank you Bennie, i wrote my message in english, but Google translated it automatically in french.... @dfoyl: i ve discussed with Ritchie, he doesn’t have the parts anymore....
  9. Chers fans de Subaru, Je veux convertir une RHD Subaru Brat en LHD. Savez-vous qui peut m'aider à trouver les pièces aux États-Unis pour moi? Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre aide ! Marc Tableau de bord (avec jauge Rev + fils) Membre LHD Crémaillère de direction Colonne de direction Steering support de colonne Moteur d'essuie-glace (mécanisme compris) Bras d'essuie-glace Panneau de navette sous le pare-brise.
  10. Marc556

    Brat 1800 Bodyshell question

    I try to find an easy way to restore the rear fenders... The wheel arches are very rusty, so it should be nice to replace them. I’m searching on internet (original or reproduction) arch, but I don’t find ... do you know where I can find that? I’ve got the same problem with the rocker panels, panels from Loyale are usable?
  11. Marc556

    86 Loyale fun wagon

    If you need some parts, just tell me..... I shall try to help you. I'm living in Luxemburg
  12. Marc556

    Brat 1800 Bodyshell question

    Thank you so much for your comment !
  13. Marc556

    Brat 1800 Bodyshell question

    Dear all, Yesterday, I've checked the shell of my Brat .... I'm not so Lucky because there is a lot of rust..... There are 2 places I don't know how to proceed... Inside the rear fenders. As you can see on the pics, there is a lot of rust there ( and probably more on the hidden side...) What is the best way to stop the rust? In this case, do you only pour a 'rust stop' as Frameto or do you drill all the fender spot welding to remove the fender and by the way remove 100% the rust with a sandblaster? I think the second is the best, but it is a hard job... what is you opinion?
  14. Dear all, the bootlid of my 1988 Brat is very rusty. Where can I buy one in good condition? thank you so much