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  1. Hi all, been slowly making progress w/ my Brat. It is now safe and roadworthy. My newest issue is the transmission is leaking badly at the shifter shaft seal. my questions are; can it be replaced without removing the transmission? and any words of wisdom or advice before I dig in? So far I have: replaced a head due to a previously botched helicoil for a sparkplug. Replace h2o pump, hoses, radiator. Installed new 32/36 (it runs, but not quite right, but that is a later project). Redid all brakes that need immediate attention. Fixed the leaking t-top. Replaced a bunch if wheel studs. Entirely replaced exhaust. And, additional sundry repairs and maint. thanks in advance.
  2. Sasse

    Europeon EA82T/XT

    I am pretty sure the methods of testing hp in the US vs Europe were different then. It isn’t always an apples to apples comparison. That said, I have no idea if there was any difference in the vehicles.
  3. Sasse

    Fan Thermo Temp Range

    What are you running for T-stat temps? Doesn’t make sense to me to look at one w/out the other....
  4. Leave it, cap it, remove and recycle/dispose of it. Doesn’t make much difference. It isn’t really needed anymore. My $0.02
  5. Possible a tire is bad. Tread separation or defect.
  6. Installed. All went pretty easy. The cat-back muffler/pipe will be installed next week.
  7. Thanks all. I went with a Magnaflow. The mounting point on the tail end of the unit matches stock better (to my eye). Now welding, or mods needed. So far, so good.
  8. Yes. It is a filter and vapor control and should be replaced periodically. I am guessing you still have the original carburetor. The vapor line is often capped/removed if an after market carb is installed.
  9. Is there anything other than a failure of the wiper motor that will cause them not to park? they just stop when I turn off the switch. Thanks in advance for help/ideas!
  10. Nice. Sounds like you have winter projects. Spauldings might have some parts. I am working on a Brat - if you are interested in selling a set of seats let me know. I am in Billings, but get to GEG every few months. Have fun!
  11. Sasse

    EGR delete plate

    Thanks. Sounds easier and better.
  12. Hi all, putting a weber in my winter project Brat. It’s an 82. Will the aluminum from an old license plate be stout enough to fabricate an EGR delete cover plate? It’s all I have around the garage. Hoping not to have to go out just for a small chunk of aluminum or steel. Thanks in advance.
  13. Nice - and good on you for teaching your kid how to fix stuff!
  14. Sasse

    Service Manual question?

    I have no idea if the manual covers your engine. But, I do believe you can read the number cast into the block identifying it as an ea71, not an ea81 or ea82.
  15. Thanks - the light is kinda funky and cool. But, I don’t know if it’ll ever be useful.