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  1. Yes. It is a filter and vapor control and should be replaced periodically. I am guessing you still have the original carburetor. The vapor line is often capped/removed if an after market carb is installed.
  2. Is there anything other than a failure of the wiper motor that will cause them not to park? they just stop when I turn off the switch. Thanks in advance for help/ideas!
  3. Nice. Sounds like you have winter projects. Spauldings might have some parts. I am working on a Brat - if you are interested in selling a set of seats let me know. I am in Billings, but get to GEG every few months. Have fun!
  4. Sasse

    EGR delete plate

    Thanks. Sounds easier and better.
  5. Hi all, putting a weber in my winter project Brat. It’s an 82. Will the aluminum from an old license plate be stout enough to fabricate an EGR delete cover plate? It’s all I have around the garage. Hoping not to have to go out just for a small chunk of aluminum or steel. Thanks in advance.
  6. Nice - and good on you for teaching your kid how to fix stuff!
  7. Sasse

    Service Manual question?

    I have no idea if the manual covers your engine. But, I do believe you can read the number cast into the block identifying it as an ea71, not an ea81 or ea82.
  8. Thanks - the light is kinda funky and cool. But, I don’t know if it’ll ever be useful.
  9. Repaired the cyclops light on my winter project Brat. is it really a passing light? i read somewhere that it is a passing light. Who’s idea was that? The car almost never passes anything! IMG_3335.HEIC
  10. I asked which cat converter is best (check for yourself). I never suggested I was removing one - except to replace one.
  11. Uh. OK. When did asking questions and seeking knowledge become a sign of fear? I was confused by the suggestion that state laws can be less stringent than federal laws. I learned states can be more stringent than feds, but not less. Thanks for the input. Though I disagree with your implicit premise that since some people don’t try to minimize environmental impact, why bother doing anything.
  12. Thanks for the help. Aren’t catalytic converters required to be replaced by EPA on all vehicles originally equipped with them?
  13. I need to replace the y-pipe/catalytic converter for my 82 GL Brat. Actually, I need the whole exhaust replaced, but I digress. Rockauto has 2 listed: 1 made by DEC 1made by Davico Does either have a better reputation for correct fitting and durability? Thanks ds
  14. Wrecking yard? Probably didn’t change much though the years.
  15. Sasse

    Door compatibility?

    Thanks. EA81 - probably should have mentioned.