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  1. The bolts are well oiled at this point lol, I bought it like this, previous owner just told me that 4th and 5th are out, so to hell with this trans. Any chance a awd 1.8 trans will hold the power? I've been told that the 1.8 and 2.2 awd trans' are the same besides gear ratios, and we've ran a 2.2 budget turbo build on a stock 2.2 trans for quite some time with lots of abusive driving. No problems so far.
  2. I checked again and it will move to the 1-2 and 3-4 shift rails, but not to the 5-r rail. My guess is the shift arm came out of the rail somehow and that fork is still in reverse. No amount of jiggling or pressure will get it back into th3 "reverse" position again. A friend told me to pull the reverse sensor and try to push the rail back to neutral. Im gonna try that when it isnt drizzly outside
  3. I buy new empi (empire) axles from rockauto. Good quality. No refailures yet on about 10 axles
  4. Yeah it moved to neutral but now barely moves (bushing slop mostly) still in reverse. I just bought it and it seems like it had a pretty hard life. Already tried rocking it. I reversed the car into the rollback to tow it and pushed in the clutch and rolled off to park it. I guess the trans is coming down
  5. 02 2.5l 5mt non turbo sport wagon. First, I consider myself pretty good with subarus but before I pull this trans, I need to ask if anyone has any advice. The car will back up on its own and roll forward with the clutch in. The shifter came out of reverse to neutral position, but will not move any more. Car is still in reverse gear. Just wanting to see if anyone has had this problem and what was it? Thanks!
  6. correct. petroleum distilates degrade it. a uv protective coating, sans the petroleum and to the OP, I wanted to let you know I wasn't trying to start a peeing match, I work for a shop and we frequently have dodges come in and are just terrible. I had to goop a window switch back into a charger just today. fell out when I merely rolled the window down.
  7. WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! I know you didn't just compare dodge plastic to subaru plastic. Obvoulsy if your dash panel(the trim across the dash on the 02+ and the whole freaking dash on the 01 down) is not completely gone or broken to hell without ever being touched, your truck is a garage queen or you are darn lucky. Do some back research on dodge truck dashes and tell me subaru plastic is junk...
  8. You probably have a plugged cat. My Foerster set the 420 code and I drive it like that for about 20k. It strayed bucking and stalling and feeling gutless. I pulled the cat off and looked inside and the honey comb had melted down, restricting about 60% of exhaust flow...
  9. Was hoping you might still have that center blue console with factory radio? Early 80s sub it looks like. How much?



  10. Hey ricearu

    Todd there in Dallas said to give you a shout. Was wanting that

    Dash from a 77/78 wagon at pick a part in your area.

    Wanting to see if you could salvage it for me . I will pay for

    Time and materials getting it. Could ship or hold till I

    Get healed up and get back to work. I am through that are

    Sometimes . I have stopped and bought parts from Todd before

    Any ? Give me a holler. 1-217-248-7212 thanks Nolan

  11. The struts are not the same. The shaft tip that mounts into the top hat is different. You can also back and fourth like I said near but the rewrs will knock and squeak because the strut shaft does not sit right in the top hat. I have heard of some people using washes to sandwich the hats into the shaft but haven't tried it. I just listened to the noise till I sold the car
  12. i'm hoping to get a new cordless cutoff tool for christmas or tax time. I am gonna start cutting out patch panels for real. I forgot about this post! Thanks for the pic!, my legacy is kinda iffy there, I am gonna pour some phosphoric acid in there and seal that hole before my rear quarters go to hell too! Only saving grace is that in texas, we don't get salt because snow and ice (if we even get it) never stays long enough to need melting, so they just find the slippery spots and run a sand spreader over em.
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