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  1. nipper

    Plastic Welding

    Found a much more reasonable on, no damage on ebay
  2. The only thing I know t do is replace it. The rubber is breaking down and nothing is going to stop that process.
  3. nipper

    Brat gets stuck in 4th gear

    How is the transmission lubricant? How are the bushings on the linkage?
  4. nipper

    Plastic Welding

    Im watching that one too but that is cracked as well at the same spot
  5. The way it works normally is it flashes if there was a fault of some kind the last drive cycle OR if the tranny overheats. Since its always on it sounds like it got damaged during the repair.
  6. nipper

    Plastic Welding

    I may try to fix it and eventually replace the panel. There are some multi part epoxies that are supposedly good for it. Its broken by the seat belt.
  7. nipper

    Plastic Welding

    Even used panels are broken in the same place
  8. nipper

    I'm Back

    I have to get used to this new format
  9. nipper

    I'm Back

    I try. I cant really work on cars anymore as i have a hard time working and I cant be far from Mom. My Dr and I discussed PT for me but we decided taking care of Mom, the house, and the dog are enough PT for me
  10. nipper

    I'm Back

    Well my Mother is bed ridden now, and at one time I could barely walk.
  11. nipper

    I'm Back

    Yes I was diagnosed with a neurological condition that is ever so freakin slowly getting better. Its Myasthenia Gravis. The Justy blew the CVT belt so now I have a CRX along with my outback.
  12. nipper

    Plastic Welding

    Thats what I was thinking. Its the only rattle in the car but its also hard to find. I am watching ebay as I would just rather replace it as the crack is in a high stress area.
  13. nipper

    Plastic Welding

    I still have my outback, but I also now have a CRX. The CRX is in great shape (Grandma car) but it has a big broken rear plastic panel in the driver side rear of the car which rattles. I know glue is worthless. Has anyone tried plastic welding these panels. (Subaru, Honda, Ford its all the same plastic)