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  1. Auto electrics 101: The battery s a storage device used to start the car and make up any output defacits by the altenator (like at a traffic light) The Alt recharges the storage battery and runs the car. The Alt is not putting out enough power to meet the demand of the load, so the car runs out of battery power and starts running badly. The battery can rebuild itself if it sits long enough and hasnt been damaged by the discharge. These batteries arent designed for deep discharge. Just replacing the battery will not fix the issue, it may delay it but wont fix it. This isnt rocket science.
  2. nipper

    Subie newbie :)

    A typical reason for wet floors is a clogged drain hose from the HVAC core. Extremely common on all cars.
  3. Just make sure you type with your pinkies out
  4. Its easy actually. urn everything on, rev the engine to 1800 RPM and take a volt reading. If its no 13.9 its a bad alt. Every alt I ever had go bad went this way. Fine during the day but cant keep up at night or in bad weather when everything is on.
  5. nipper

    Subie newbie :)

    If you remove the door cards yes they can be lubed. White lithium grease is your freind. Lubricate everything including the lock cylinders. Are the floors solid? Thats not a usual rust point for Roos. Congrats.
  6. Before we go nuts on diagnostics, has anyone pulled out a voltmeter to actually check the charging voltage and battery voltage? If I was to take a wild guess it sounds like your alternator has crapped out. What you describe is typical of running off the battery.
  7. Isnt this the third attempt? There are times to walk away, and assuming the frame is straight, the struts are good, there is no good reason they cant figure it out, unless they are a bad shop.
  8. Go to another shop, as this one cant seem to find the issue and they should be able too. What can cause a pull? A bad tire (rotate the tires see if it moves) A stuck brake caliper (front or rear) A frozen brake caliper Lets star there.
  9. A few basics first. How many miles are on it, what recent work has been done, and is it an auto? How is the fuel pump pressure?
  10. Well I would go with a cheap am/fm bluetooth radio. Black friday is coming up you may find a deal. Its a std DIN slot.
  11. nipper

    Plastic Welding

    Found a much more reasonable on, no damage on ebay
  12. The only thing I know t do is replace it. The rubber is breaking down and nothing is going to stop that process.
  13. nipper

    Brat gets stuck in 4th gear

    How is the transmission lubricant? How are the bushings on the linkage?
  14. nipper

    Plastic Welding

    Im watching that one too but that is cracked as well at the same spot