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  1. There are may code readers, but a lot of them dont play well with subaru. Im not looking to hack it, im looking for a really good diagnostic tool for the entre car.
  2. 2019 Subaru Outback What are we doing for code readers that play nice with Subaru and can change settings without blowing the bank.
  3. Fog lights on with the high beams will have no visual assistance to you the driver. Your eyes focus on the brightest light, which will be the high beam. High beams defeat the purpose of fog lights.
  4. https://jalopnik.com/this-is-basically-the-entire-subaru-solterra-1847769985
  5. I want one for my 2019 which will let me fiddle with the "Dealer settings" I see them now from 20 bucks to 200 bucks. I am happiest 100-200 bucks.
  6. Also a stuck thermostat, clogged or decrepid radiator, bad cap can cause over heating. Its an old car. Old cars can overheat. Just on Subarus one tends to suspect HG. Actually on any old car that can be suspect.
  7. Im having a bad allergy day so cant read through the posts, but may I suggest inspecting the universal joints iand the carrier bearing n the driveshaft? My apologies if already discussed
  8. I just noticed today when listening to HD Radio station 0n the lower right of the touch screen is a "button" that shows 1 2 3. You can select 1 2 or 3 by touching the button. I gather it has something to do with the HD signal, but what?
  9. 50 miles would be acceptable for a PHEV (the gold standard seems to be the Volt and thats in that area) but 17 why bother
  10. Odd I replied but it didnt post. For 36K new and only 17 miles of electric range not worth it. I looked at them and it doesnt make sense.
  11. I looked at them. They made a slow car reasonably faster. New ones may be worth it as they are PHEV. I've heard nothing bad about them aside from being "meh". They only have 17 miles electric only mode so "meh" especially at 36K new.
  12. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/we-all-owe-the-subaru-baja-a-big-apology/
  13. Inspect the pigtails. Look for signs of loose, overheated or brittle wiring. The pigtails suck in these cars and lead to healight failures. Dont go just by feel of the connection.
  14. Lets do basics. By "wont turn over" do you mean wont start or wont crank? Not cranking and the missing is more indicitive of a charging issue (bad alternator) If it does crank and not start do you have spark? Check the battery voltage.
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