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  1. The extended warranty for oil consumption is 8 years/100k miles https://subaru.oemdtc.com/80/engine-oil-consumption-2013-2015-subaru
  2. Using parts interchange listings, and trying other vehicles on that list, I came up with a few other part numbers. Napa lists a UJ10430, although there was no availability. Autozone lists a 2-0430DL, of which they had 4 in their Hub store across town. I now have 2 of those sitting on my desk (they are greasable, btw).
  3. Thanks for the write up and excellent pics!
  4. We all make mistakes. The main issue is a) was it done because you didn't know any better (not intentional) and b) did you own up to the mistake or try to hide it from being discovered. In my line of work if you don't follow b) people can die (no road shoulders at 30,000 ft). The other concern is like GD says is it a continuing case of mistakes.
  5. When I used to wrench on airplanes for a living pro tools were the usual buy (Snap On, MAC, Proto, maybe Craftsman). But now that I just tell people what to do to fix airplanes and only wrench on my car occasionally Harbor Freight or Kobalt from Lowe's is sufficient for my needs.
  6. My son and I chased a poor running issue on two Subaru's, both ended up being a coil. I went to the pull and pay yard and got a Subaru OEM one and when I installed them all running issues went away. Stay away from the aftermarket part store ones, I have never had much luck with them but don't want to spend $$$ for an OEM part from a dealer. The pull and pay yard worked for me. All that being said is this a Coil Over Plug engine?
  7. Go here and check the wiring colors http://ae64.com/WRX-pinout.htm
  8. I had a similar issue on my 03 Forester that ended up being a frozen brake caliper. May want to check for free movement of the sliders/calipers.
  9. Car-part.com says 93-2002 will fit. You can also check parts.subaru.com for your year and use the what does this fit button to see were it was used. The parts.subaru.com site will probably be more restrictive than car-part.com
  10. Is the fuse on the back like the rest of the fuses in the fuse box? Nope. If I recall it looks like a resistor? I don't think it's easily replaceable
  11. I had a similar issue on an 03 Forester the back end would move typically when I shifted gears. Eventually I found that the lateral link bolt had worn the hole in the wheel knuckle so that the wheel was free to move back and forth. Took a while to find it. The metal piece where the bolt goes through was oblong. This is a picture of a new lateral link bolt with after market lateral links but the wheel knuckle is the same.
  12. According to parts.subaru.com that transmission number crosses to Subaru Part Number31000AD890 https://parts.subaru.com/a/Subaru__Forester-S-25L-AT/49239512__6021990/AT--TRANSMISSION-ASSEMBLY/S10-150-01.html It's used on Forester 1999, 2000 and 2001 https://parts.subaru.com/p/AUTOMATIC-TRANSMISSION-ASSEMBLY-TZ1A3ZC2AA/49239512/31000AD890.html you could check opposedforces.com to see if they give the Final Drive Ratio (I can't access it using company firewall). It may work on other vehicles but I don't have that information
  13. Also make sure the end of the overflow hose is cut at a 45 degree angle so it doesn't get sucked down to the bottom of the tank Rad cap likely suspect, make sure it's a Subaru one. Could also be a leaking connection of the hose at the radiator (I usually put a tyrap on the hose to make sure it doesn't loose vacuum.
  14. did you look here https://sl-i.net/FORUM/showthread.php?18087-Subaru-Factory-Service-Manuals-https://sl-i.net/FORUM/showthread.php?18087-Subaru-Factory-Service-Manuals-