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  1. I believe the idea of using Seafoam in the oil is to put it in shortly before changing your oil. I put some in my '99 with an oil change and then had to have all of the oil seals replaced due to leaks, apparently the Seafoam removed the sludge that was prevening the oil seals from leaking or at least thats what I was told when I took my car in to have the oil leaks checked. It didn't have visible oil leaks before I put the Seafoam in it. I'm sure others have different experiences with Seafoam. I know I have used it in the gas tank and have used it in the intake manifold to remove carbon from the valves? Pretty sure it doesn't do much for the piston ring issue.
  2. On the EJ25 engine the water pump is above where the thermostat housing is. The lower radiator hose is attached to the water pump. The water pump is driven by the timing belt. It's located on the front of the engine behind the timing belt cover. The problem with leaks on the Subaru is that they often get blown back onto the engine and can collect and then drip off somewhere unrelated. Getting a knowledgeable independent Subaru specialist is a good idea to evaluate it.
  3. Thanks for providing the links. I may have asked the same question before and GD replied so I was fairly certain in what I said about the turbo gasket. The opinion of those that have done hundreds (like GD) is of way greater value than my silly three examples
  4. I've done both a EJ20 JDM install and purchased a rebuilt CCR EJ25D engine for my Subies. My two data points don't mean squat but non the less I've had good luck with both. Apparently CCR is no longer in business and was taken over by someone else that didn't seem to have as good a reputation. My CCR engine has over 200k and the JDM engine is on it's second owner. My son also replaced HGs on his EJ251 that eventually had rock knock (didn't know about the poor oil pump on those engines). If I have to do this job again I would definitely go with the Subaru reman as it's a known quantity. Ebay, JDM and used engines are a crap shoot and you can get good and bad results. Few of us want to do this job over again. Turbo MLS Subaru gaskets are the way to go (11044AA770). Some have used FelPro with varying results but lots of board experience with the turbo MLS gasket and it's the one Rick uses and recommends. Since he has done more HG jobs in a week than I have done in my lifetime, I'm going to take advantage of that experience.
  5. I've never had good luck with aftermarket coils on Subaru's. My go to is a pull and pay yard or buy one from an online Subaru dealer.
  6. I have a drivers side knuckle assembly with new bearing, new seals, new hub and new ball joint if you still need it
  7. one option is to get a price from KBB and deduct the cost of putting in an engine
  8. I think the 8.7 Volts at the small pin of the starter is your issue. Take a 1/4" female spade connector and crimp it to a 10-12 guage wire and then touch the other end (strip some of the insulation) to the positive terminal of your battery
  9. Thanks for letting us know. I had a 2004 Forester that the airbag light would come on if the seat was moved. Disconnect, reconnect always took care of it
  10. Here is a link to the file http://share.subiefiles.com/subiefiles/technical reference/official/Wheel Bearing Installation Guide.pdf I can't upload it as it is too large a file and since it it protected I can't optimize it
  11. My 99 OBW has 560,000 miles. Not sure what will give out first, second engine, second transmission or body from rust rot
  12. Coolant being displaced from radiator to overflow is a clear indication of head gasket issues (ask me how I know)