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  1. The 09 has the EJ25 engine and it's the FB series of engines that were recalled for oil consumption https://subaru.oemdtc.com/80/engine-oil-consumption-2013-2015-subaru Definitely use a Subaru OEM PCV valve and switch to synthetic as GD said.
  2. Engine with Coil Pack/Plug wires Coil over plug 2011 was when Forester went to FB engine that has Coil Over Plug not Coil/Wires
  3. From GD's post above And seriously - get off it about plastics. They are here to stay. I just replaced a broken plastic heater control on an '86 Subaru GL with 130k on it. I also broke about a million plastic bits doing a heater core on a 1990 Corvette last week. Plastic is here to stay and has been for *quite* some time. And some of it is quite good actually - glass fiber reinforced ABS and Nylon has higher tensile strength than Aluminum in some cases and for some applications has greatly enhanced thermodynamic properties. Some of you may not like to know that many newer commercial airplanes are designed and built with totally carbon fiber "plastic" wings including primary structural spars and wing skins. Like autos, airplanes need to be light weight so airlines can carry more weight (passengers)
  4. You can download a Subaru maintenance manual from here https://sl-i.net/FORUM/showthread.php?18087-Subaru-Factory-Service-Manuals- I don't have access to it here and none of the owners manual links for 98 work
  5. If you have rod knock throwing a bearing at the offending cylinder is not likely to resolve your issue long term. People with more knowledge than me generally advise newbies to not split blocks. When I had the same issue I ended up putting in a JDM engine and it was probably easier than trying to split the block. If the crankshaft journal needs to be reworked you will have to split the block to get the crankshaft out. I believe that many don't rework a crankshaft but simply install a new one, that would involve splitting the block.
  6. Mike104

    Valve spring recall

    I saw my son doing this valve recall job the other day. Subaru made some sweet tools to compress the valve springs and remove the rockers and keepers. Essentially they take the engine out, put it on a stand and rotate the head facing up. Each cylinder is rotated to TDC and they apply shop air pressure through the spark plug hole (to keep the valve in place). The valve rocker is removed (using the special tool) the valve spring is compressed and the keepers removed. New spring is installed and then everything is put back together.
  7. Use a Subaru OEM PCV valve, the parts store Chinese ones are crap
  8. Thanks for getting back to us with the fix, may help someone else down the line
  9. www.car-part.com found me a driver side rear door for my 03 Forester, same color, $150 within a half hours drive.
  10. Delete the oil cooler and use the manual kit I second this comment by GD. I have heard that the oil coolers leak and I have the same vehicle (2003 Forester) with MT and I don't have an oil cooler, not sure why an auto would need an engine oil cooler. The AT oil is cooled by a coil inside the radiator.