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  1. reviving this dusty old post. I got the p2098 on my 05 auto outback. any update on this old problem?
  2. I can't remember what type of transmitter I was programming (could have been a garage door opener, radio/phone pairing or remote starter for all I remember) but is it possible that the key fobs only store a certain limited number of codes, after which you need to clear the stored codes before programming a new code?
  3. That second line of text appears the same in both images. Question remains if the "new" plugs show any other telltale signs of those noted as counterfeit. Also I made a jpg of the text in the first image and without mentioning anything did a reverse image search on Google and the response came back with reference to NGK. LINK On that same search page there is a customer service number you could always contact. You could just say you found them on a shelf and want to identify them.
  4. I phone 6... geesh, I'm on a Smith Corona typewriter ;-) but here is a LINK that describes how those with white fruit phones can do a reverse Google image search. Fingers crossed that you didn't get farked again. I missed the reference to the youtube video issue of color difference of the plugs.
  5. Hey Paul Right click on your photo and select "search google for image". Obviously your pic shows up but all other references to similar images (text) are Japanese related. You might still be OK but there's no guarantee that Chinese can't print using Japanese text and you'd never catch them as easily as with your original "Genuine Rarts" image above.
  6. to your question... not sure but it does look like a broken weld. Seems structural but as a temporary fix to quiet things down try high heat furnace caulk. It's about $9 a tube at Home Depot. LINK or one for $12 I used at Lowes LINK Clean it as best as you can and apply caulk, perhaps embedding fiberglass cloth into the repair?
  7. I'm guessing I could figure out the o-rings, gaskets, and retaining clips but what are the two items circled? Guide pins??
  8. No yards nearby and could end up with another failure in the near future. I'll check dealer for rebuild kit. style changed in 04. Steering is still solid on mine. Let me know if the Grease Gods are good to you this time around. What brand are you buying? Anyone have a link to FSM?
  9. It's not the o-ring on the top of the pump. That was replaced two years ago. Can't quite see the leak. Reservoir was near empty and the top of the engine had fluid pooling in recesses behind the pump. If I don't repair/reseal, is there a decent aftermarket to consider? Genuine is pricey. Also, anyone have a link to FS manual?
  10. LINK Odd, that while I see a relay for the 99 Forester, the above link doesn't show it as a part for the 99 Outback. Was there a relay on the parts car? Trouble diagnosing when mixing parts from different model years. You might want to call a dealership and ask them by VIN if there is a relay for your car or if they can send you their parts schematic for the system.
  11. "and it is "brake" "break" is to break something, or take a break.." Problem solved?
  12. Well, I guess that was his problem all along?
  13. is there resistance when you push the button? if it is the same style as the one pictured in the yt video seems like the spring may either be broken or getting stuck?
  14. is there a button on the lever? is it stuck? did you try wiggling it (professional term)? tighten the button? LINK guy made home made button out of old knob LINK guy fabricates button for sale but you might get an idea of how these work