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  1. This DIY "wet" rust killer is made with finger nails, spit and shoelaces: actually PB Blaster, AT fluid, and Dawn soap
  2. https://www.subarubatterysettlement.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnA_zN6IACc I already had SOA replace a rear gate sensor on our 2019 that was reported to create a constant drain, especially if the gate was left open. There's more and more "features" of readiness that can result in drain on battery aside from speculation that the batteries are undersized as the youtube video above suggests. I am really old school and recall as a kid that we would turn the TV on a few minutes before watching to give it a chance to warm up, Enuf said, now get off my lawn 😉
  3. ordered strong arm brand through local Advance Auto. after their BF discount, turns out same price as through WalMart 3rd party seller every day. great return policies for both.
  4. Anyone have brand recommendation for aftermarket rear gate lift support (pistons) for 08 OB. Many reference poor fitment, requiring metallurgical skills of a wizard to get them fit. Rock Auto gets trashed for general customer service so I am looking to buy local. Noticed a little weak the other day but today the gate is dead weight and one piston is oozing. Using a 2x4 for support for now.
  5. Almost due. Trying to remember if made any difference but easy enough starting point. Any merit to draining 2 quarts oil then adding same amount tranny fluid run for 10 minutes then do a complete drain/filter change?
  6. Recent discussion on oil weights got me thinking. Especially on colder days. Has 5W30. Ticking until car warmed up, after about 5 minutes then fine. 136K miles. Never had valves adjusted but if these aren't self-adjusting, is there a reason that they would quiet after warm?
  7. Did you really mean -30 Celsius?? Having spent the longest month one weekend in Lake Placid, NY where the overnight temps hovered around -30 Fahrenheit, I feel your pain. In the morning, the alternator screeched like a banshee in heat and the turn of the key elicited a "no-no-no-no" from the engine. Can't imagine that the heavier weight oils wouldn't be congealed at your -30 C temps?
  8. agree with Heartless. even if not "broken", corrosion can seep back up along the cable. replace cable.
  9. Thanks all for the moral support (Moosens) and technical suggestions. Stopped by a local shop today who got it up on a lift and showed those bolts who was boss. No way I could have wrenched them on my back. BTW Moose, 'twas Ferry Blvd Sunoco. Major hiccup with the Raysbestos 980354FZN rotors I had ordered from Amazon. After installed, the wheels were barely able to turn... even the side where nothing was done to the bearing, simply swapping out the rotor. Tech asked if I was sure they were the correct rotors. He was able to determine they were rubbing on the parking brake assembly, disassembled and put them on the lathe twice to take down this small but interfering ridge. Later, when calling Amazon to pitch a b&%tch, I came across the following 2 star review: "The rotor itself is fine seems to be built well. I installed these on my 2008 Subaru outback 2.5l non turbo manual 5 speed transmission. Install was easy and just like every other rotor. When the tires was installed and torqued down the rotor was pressing against the heat shield and rear knuckle so hard the tire would not spin. I spent about 10 minutes on each rotor grinding off the lip for the drum brakes in order for it to fit when the wheel was installed. Either I got lucky with a factory defect or these just are not designed to fit a 2008 Subaru outback like they say. All in all I got them to work but I'll be ordering a better fitting product since these do not fit as described." Amazon fully refunded me for the rotors (now working), said keep them and even tossed in a small gift card for the aggravation. I would have been so screwed, this being our only car right now, had I run into this in my dimly lit work area whilst slithering around on the ground.
  10. Not there quite yet. Funny that the top 2 reviews on that link reference a hub removal and caliper bracket rounded over bolt removal hell. For certain I am using 6 point impact sockets and they have been seated completely but those bolts are having a good laugh at my expense. My electric Harbor Freight impact wrench is powerful enough to remove lug nuts so I had high hopes but alas. Also, there are no small electric impact hammers to coax these bolts. IF I had a lift AND a compressor that would actually drive air tools, it might be doable to air hammer those suckers and their rusty innards into submission. I am afraid that working in close quarters on my back, trying to ball-peen hammer punch the head of those recessed bolts, I am just as likely to hammer my own head. I am a pit bull, doggedly persistent to a fault, but will likely now support a local shop instead of potchkyng it up to the point of needing to buy an entire trailing arm as this is our only car right now.
  11. The rear wheel bearing / rotor replacement saga continues. First time replacement 120K miles and likely the caliper bracket bolts are virgins, here in rusty, crusty New England. On the 08 OB, SOA decided to bury the top bolt inside a port hole on the knuckle. The lower one is just barely more accessible. Liftless, working on the ground, me and Jack Stanz, I have tried multiple PB Blaster soaks, 1/2 ratchet and just today 1/2 impact gun with 3/8 non-impact extensions. The bolts just shrugged and I think I saw the extensions twisting. Is the god of fire the only remaining remedy? If so, that top bolt will be a challenge. Prayers welcome.
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