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  1. From 1 Nipper to another... the 1-2-3 option shows up when HD is selected. They are substations. If you have issues with poor signal, disable HD is suggested.
  2. BTW, if you have a PepBoys near you, there is currently a full rebate ($29.99 less $30 mail in rebate) on 5 quart jug of Rotella oil. Various grades, its marketed as truck and suv but hey it's oil and spec'd properly. limit 2 per household. That $70 sounds pretty harsh.
  3. get alternator checked by reputable auto store if going bad they can put on a light show
  4. ordered it through Amazon $5.49 delivered Home Depot has same price but Amazon will deliver it... yesterday ;-)
  5. so do you run the reg or XP version?
  6. Looked in the stickies but can I have a show of hands for best oil filter for my 08 OB? Subaru vs Wix or other suggestions? Seems like there should be a Best Of section in the stickies that can be updated by members. Filters, TB kits etc.
  7. TSB 07-179-20 This bulletin announces a design change made to the PRG control module. This change is in response to a limited number of customer concerns regarding the vehicle’s battery becoming discharged after the rear gate is left open for an extended period of time. The discharge occurs because current PRG control module logic keeps CAN communication active. Logic changes have been incorporated into the new module to allow the CAN system to “go to sleep” after a period of time to prevent current draw and optimize operation of the PRG system.
  8. didn't have a new one on hand had lithium spray grease on hand took the easy way out
  9. Yes and No? Probably due for yet another Free Lifetime Warranty replacement after a few days. If not today then surely down the road.
  10. Saw a few posts on the Foz site about similar issue but not here. My 08 Outback started suffering the wonky rear handle at the hatch where it wouldn't spring back once opened. Started squirting lithium grease at the side pivot points but then looked a little closer and noted the spring mechanism above the handle. Spraying the grease up there did the trick. I have attached a pic of mine all gooped up but another pic of someone not as lazy as myself who decided to disassemble the rear gate showing the spring mechanism.
  11. I would point you back in the direction of the store that sold you the alternator... Who tested the alternator?
  12. try swapping 1 and 3 wires to see if the fouling travels with the wire.
  13. I'm impressed if you had one of those 2005 POS combo radio/hvac units lying around. Don't forget the poor ground connection in the area behind the face plate at #3 button that causes the entire unit to go blank (no radio/no hvac). Just tap on the area or open and resolder.