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  1. is there vibration in the steering wheel or do you just feel it in the seat
  2. A good start but while possibly hitting the nail on the head, the diagnosis might not be definitive IF one of the rear tires is also out of balance/bent rim.
  3. get your tires balanced. cheap and easy on the back. Start simple but if that doesn't solve your issue then dig deeper into the soup pot. common things happen most commonly...
  4. to be clear, you ran it with ONLY the new first and original second cat pipes connected (everything beyond the second cat pipe was disconnected) and had the loss of power symptoms? well that seems to have now isolated a constriction in that second cat curious why you earlier sensed there was restricted output at the right tail pipe. where are you getting your parts from? can you link a schematic of your original exhaust system? cats are expensive little items.
  5. While you wait for your bore scope to arrive, disconnect then reconnect exhaust components sequentially until the symptoms disappear. Seems pretty simple although tedious. You would have to do this to use your bore scope anyways. If you trust your suspicion, then start in the rear with that R muffler although it could be a restriction just ahead of that component then move L and then forward. Each time evaluate to see if symptoms improve.
  6. Not sure but there are brighter bulbs on the USMB than myself who might explain the metallic shavings external to the cat. Did you remove the cat or just disconnect it from the upstream flow? I would suggest you remove the cat entirely and have a look from each end to see what the damage looks like. also shake the converter to see if there are any rattling sounds indicative of loose honeycomb material. Assuming that spray cleaning the MAF was unrelated to the improvement, at this point, simply disconnecting the cat as you have only tells you that there is an obstruction somewhere beyond the area you disconnected. The honeycomb certainly appears to be failing but it would seem that for your situation, I would expect pieces of the material the size of grapes and larger to have caused a clog. I had started posting the above but then stopped, thinking you had solved the problem but it appears that you may have a restriction further down the line. Disconnect the exhaust and run again. If power restored then you still have a restriction
  7. yup a real varoom machine! So after you reconnected the exhaust, was the power still restored or did it once again show signs of constriction? As I said previously, my buddy took his cat off and cleared out the broken bits and then reattached. No codes or anything. I read here in the past that people experiencing loss of power when going uphill resulted from gravity moving the bits of cat comb back into the air flow. seems like you are narrowing down the causes.
  8. did you run with the cat disconnected? was the loss of power resolved or unchanged?
  9. While you did say the noise was to the right of driver, in the front of the car, in my case similar symptoms turned out to be drive shaft u joint. You still haven't identified the year/model of the car. As GD pointed out, 05+ have bolt on hub/wheel bearing assembly which will save you money and time.
  10. clogged cat? saw this on a friend's van. started out gradual loss of power then wouldn't even move! disconnected cat and ran that loud sucker home. removed cat and dumped out pieces of honeycomb. Reinstalled as far as I know, it is running to this day.
  11. Nice write up. Is there reason to believe that the tubes could not be cleared without full dissection of the roof of the car? Fine wire threaded through the tubes assisted with compressed air?
  12. Not sure of the compatibility with the material you are looking to bond but I have had pretty remarkable success using crazy (super) glue methods below. Basically, lightly tag the pieces together and let dry. I prefer the liquid and not gel formulations. Then add a layer of fiberglass cloth and once in position, soak the cloth in more crazy glue. Build up a few layers if you have room. I used this technique on butt joints with great success. Also, if you aren't already aware, the addition of baking soda to crazy glue makes a rock hard "plastic". So, after initial tag tacking, if the space is limited, once you wet the surface of the area to be bonded, sprinkle baking soda on the area and wet the area with crazy glue so as to create a callous over the area to be bonded. There are many videos on youtube that show these techniques.