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    I am a father of 6 including a new daughter with Trisomy18. I coach high school basketball. Lead a group of house churches and I'm so stinking cheap that I've began venturing into my own auto repairs. My Subaru has been awesome.
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  1. I’m noticing that after I drive on a highway for a while then come to a stop this interesting light patter comes on. The “brake” and “at oil temp” light are flashing. The the middlE light is solid. what is interesting is that the car seems to be fine otherwise. After I turn it off for a while they won’t come back on. And this doesn’t happen every time I drive it. anyone had this happen? My best guess is that a sensor somewhere may be bad.
  2. Anyone know the part number and where I can order the plastic rivet / fastener for side ground effect foe a 2010 legacy
  3. They are not led. Just the Cyrene vision +130% more brightness.
  4. UPDATE: Got some Phillips bulbs... Seem brighter but they don't seem to be aimed correctly. Left side especially seems to have a laser focus about 45 degrees to the left and hits hard on the center lane line. Not sure how i could have got it in their incorrectly. Seemed really snug. In general they are brighter, but they just seem not to be shining in front of the car. That was sort of the case with the old ones too though. Hmmm
  5. Thanks guys. Very helpful. While costly has anyone had good experience with led bulbs? I hear that they would likely not be damaged as easy
  6. I have a 2010 legacy... like a lot of folks, my headlights go out a lot. BUT, even when they are working they seem VERY low... there is such a difference between the high beam and low beam that it can be annoying. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a certain type of replacement bulb that helps? I have cleaned the cluster cover so that isn't an issue... it's fairly clear.
  7. So I changed the oil today and put a Mobil-1 20,000 mile / 1 year filter on it and full synthetic oil. My plan is to probably change it in after 10,000 miles because I figure nothing every lasts as long it suggests and just monitors the oil, checking color and level until then. I'll let you all know if the seafoam causes any trouble. Thank you all for commenting on this thread. I've just started working on my cars and I highly value all the input you guys have taken time to write.
  8. I really appreciate all this information guys. Thanks. I'd be interested in learning more about cleaning out the piston skirt if anyone knows of tutorials or videos on this job. I'm not sure i'd try it, but i'm really enjoying learning about this stuff. Really wish i'd had a auto mechanic class when i was younger... Meanwhile, I'm going to just keep rolling. I've had no issues with my subaru engine. I'm going to start using full synthetic oil and changing it myself to save on the cost of it. I'm also going to ry adding some seafood to the oil prior to change. I'm seeing some folks elsewhere saying that stuff can do a lot of cleanup. I'll let you all know if i notice my oil lasting longer. Funny thing i'm hearing from some folks that subarus generally need a lot of oil... probably because full synthetic wasn't used from day one. Thanks again for the input!
  9. I have a 2010 Legacy 2.5i with 137,000 miles on it. For last couple of years, I noticed that i would get my old changed and the regular oil would get low about 1000 miles or so short of when my next oil change was due so i'd need auto ad a quart. I thought that it could be that valvoline was not giving me enough oil. I switched to Jiffy Lube and the same thing was happening. I suppose it's possible that all these places put the bare minimum oil in it and shame on me for not making them show me the dip stick every time they change it. There is no noticeable oil leak. Last time I went to a synthetic because I thought that might be it. It seemed like the synthetic ran out even sooner than the standard. Has anyone else experience this? Any fixes? Is it just common practice that you need more oil in these things once they get higher miles on them? Any Additives to help? Open to your thoughts on this... ...and while i'm at it, do any of you all put seafoam in your oil to clean things? I'm sure that doesn't impact my issue but I've come across folks doing this to help performance and thought I'd throw that out while I'm at it!
  10. From about 60-65 my legacy gets a loud hum that would seem to be a bearing issue. It seems to get better from 70-75. 1 I can’t determine the wheel it is coming from. any tips on finding it? 2 is there anyone who has had this happen and it wasn’t a bearing issue.
  11. So I was given a set of q tower crossbars from Yakima. They say you must have a q5 size clip on both sides of each bar but those are near impossible to find as they no longer make them. Has anyone ever mounted q towers successfully with another size q clip on their legacy Of same generation?
  12. I'm somewhat of a beginner to working on cars. I've mostly just done break and caliper work on my cars as well as a few other smaller repairs, but I'm considering taking a shot replacing the exhaust system. I'm curious about any tips or suggestions that folks here might have or if you think I'd be better having someone else do it. I've seen some videos online, but I've not seen my exact model replaced. I have a single tailpipe but it looks like many of the others have two. I probably could put a dual in mine but not sure if that would even be something to consider. Just thought I'd ask here...thanks in advance for any tips you all might have.
  13. Ok! Thanks a lot. I may give this a go.
  14. so to be clear... i have factory Subaru legacy wheels and tires on it now. A guy is offering me some 2008 Impreza rims with tires on them. My tires are almost ready for replacing so i thought I might take him up on it. I would just be popping off my rims and tires and putting these on it. Seems like the rims are the same size (16) but the tires might be slightly smaller (55 compared to 60). sounds like it would mess up my milage slightly... but in a year or two when i get new tires for this car I could go back to the original tires size (on the newer rim) and it would be fine from that point on?
  15. So i have a 2010 Subaru legacy 2.5i with P205/60R16 tires and standard wheels with hubcaps. Curious if it would create any problems for me and my all-wheel drive system if I swapped them out with 205/55R16 off of 2008 Subaru Impreza with alloy wheels. Also, i'm assuming if i did this i'd need to get the same size spare tire? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!