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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 2010 Legacy 2.5i with 137,000 miles on it. For last couple of years, I noticed that i would get my old changed and the regular oil would get low about 1000 miles or so short of when my next oil change was due so i'd need auto ad a quart. I thought that it could be that valvoline was not giving me enough oil. I switched to Jiffy Lube and the same thing was happening. I suppose it's possible that all these places put the bare minimum oil in it and shame on me for not making them show me the dip stick every time they change it. There is no noticeable oil leak. Last time I went to a synthetic because I thought that might be it. It seemed like the synthetic ran out even sooner than the standard. Has anyone else experience this? Any fixes? Is it just common practice that you need more oil in these things once they get higher miles on them? Any Additives to help? Open to your thoughts on this... ...and while i'm at it, do any of you all put seafoam in your oil to clean things? I'm sure that doesn't impact my issue but I've come across folks doing this to help performance and thought I'd throw that out while I'm at it!
  2. My 2007 Outback with 236,000 miles pings. It pings a lot. Anything off idle it makes pinging noise. Cannot hear it with windows up. Tried Seafoam SS14 three times, Sunoco 94, octane booster. First bottle of Seafoam seemed to help but three days later it was back. New knock sensor. New timing belt.
  3. Ok so I have used seafoam engine additive quite extensively over the years to solve various carb and fuel problems. A common practice that I do each winter is to pour about two tablespoons of this "miracle liquid" into the carburetors of my snow machines. 95% of the time this will instantly clear up any problems with excelling, idling, or any other combustion related problems. I have torn down my carbs and all the machines that went through this little ritual are either completely clean or only need a quick blowout, while the ones that i didnt do this with are usually very dirty. So my question is, Does anyone think it would hurt my carb on my subie to do this? I ask because i know that there are obvious differences (size, 2-cycle snowmobile vs 4-cycle subaru), as well as many technical differences, between carbs on snowmobiles and carbs on subarus. Does anyone think it would hurt it? and if so, why?
  4. I have an 03 Outback 2.5 A/T w appx. 184k miles. Trans has been replaced and the previous owner took good care of and maintained the vehicle well. The past several months I have had starting/idling/stalling issues. This general is worse when the vehicle is cold. It is hard to start without giving the accelerator a little help it most of the time will not start and keep running. It will stall if the idle is not kept up but when it does it runs fine. Sometimes it will idle and or start on its own without help, but that is generally only when it is warm, however can periodically do so on a cold start. When it stalls out, often the "AT Oil Temp" light flashes. The car is not throwing any codes. When these issues first started the symptoms where worse and the idle on a few occasions started to run high on its own, yes while driving which was quite dangerous! A few weeks back I ran some Seafoam into the intake into two different areas as per the bottles instructions to try to ensure that all cylinders where feed properly with the remains in the fuel tank. I also cleaned the throttle body out the best I could (air filter good, pcv valve iffy.) I did not get the standard heavy white smoke on start up that I normally do on other vehicles leading me to question whether the process took properly. I had a mechanic tell me to reset the computers values by disconnecting the negative lead & touching it to the positive side and leave set for 15 minutes or so. All of this seemed to do the trick. However, it started again and I brough it to my mechanic. The only thing they could find was a reported vacuum leak next to the intake. That certainly could do it and assumed that when I reassembled the air cleaner, I must have not made a proper connection and was gald that was the problem. It was not. THe car is still doing the same thing. I am going to try and replace the fuel filter and pcv valve next but if that doesn't do it, I am stuck! Suggestions!?! Btw: The TPS switch was tested and all that seems to be good. Please HELP!?!