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  1. GeneralDisorder

    Information about GL-10 Turbos?

    Reliability was not that great and is worse now that there's no parts for them. A few were AWD - they are rare now. The heads crack and they have head gaskets issues. And they are a total b1tch to work on. The biggest issue is there's NO parts for them. So they really aren't feasible drivers. GD
  2. Plugged exhaust is what it sounds like. GD
  3. Because they are junk in stock form. We can fix them and make a LOT of power, but in stock form they have problems. If you find one that's in good shape you can address the issues before they turn into major failures but it's not particularly cheap. It's about $4,000 to bullet-proof an EJ255/EJ257. That's fast approaching more than the car is worth. GD
  4. You don't need a spring compressor for rear springs. Just have a friend push down on the top hat and start the nut. Rears don't have really strong springs. And yeah quick struts are typically garbage. If you can't do it then just pay a reputable shop. Primitive racing sells King raised height springs. We use them quite often to combat rear sag. Call them and get a recommendation and a quote. GD
  5. Hands down the 91 to 94 Legacy Turbo. These are REALLY hard to kill. With even reasonable maintenance they just go forever. No banjo filters, no up-pipe cats, hydraulic lifters so no valve clearance exhaust valve damage..... and not enough power to hurt themselves. The 02 to 05 WRX EJ205 is a close second. With the up-pipe converter being the only real design flaw. It's easily removed. That is in 100% stock unmodified condition of course. With excellent maintenance. I have seen 250k+ from both (with original turbochargers). After those you get into turbo oil starvation, ring land failures, and oil pickup tube failures. These can be addressed before or (more often) after they fail, but if not addressed one of these will generally claim the engine at some point. GD
  6. Those 2000 to 2005 NA Legacy engines had the smallest oil pumps Subaru ever used - 7mm. Not great long term. These engines die from a lack of oil flow to the rod bearings - this is due to the engine block main bearing journals being opened up from thousands of miles of crankshaft flex and being made of soft cast aluminium alloy that has a similar density to Oak. As the main line clearances open up, they drop oil pressure and volume to the rods eventually leading to rod bearing failure. Subaru is well aware of this effect - take a look at the failed Subaru diesel engine - they knew the aluminium block main journals would never hold the cylinder pressures of a diesel, so they cut out the mains and made the journals from cast iron inserts that are bolted into the aluminium block. Alas they crack and this was the end of the diesel Subaru experiment. They were junk. 280k is pretty well done. Stick a fork in it. Without a main line hone it's a waste of effort. Best option if you want to keep the car on the road is a reman short block from Subaru for $2350 and comes with a 3yr / 36k warranty. Or a new short block - can still get those as well. Main line hone, while possible, isn't economically viable for a non-turbo block. GD
  7. Since they are side feed injectors you can simply swap them around. Swap 1 and 3 and see if the kill test lack of roughness moves to #1. GD
  8. GeneralDisorder

    Hitachi Carb Issues

    For sure. I prefer the electric choke. The manual is fun to play with but it gets old and one tends to forget about it. GD
  9. The 1985 EA82 MPFI, and I believe also the 85 EA82T used an electronic distributor with a separate knock sensor and ignition control module just like the EA81T. Good luck finding any of that stuff in the US anymore. It's all been crushed and is entirely unsupported with replacement parts..... of course so are the rest of the EA82 parts with things like engine oil pumps being essentially impossible to source. Hopefully this will result in the EA82's dying off eventually so we don't have to keep telling people they are a terrible investment and basically a dead end due to lack of parts support. GD
  10. GeneralDisorder

    Hitachi Carb Issues

    Why? You are already aware the Hitachi is garbage. Putting it back stock will never happen and even if it did you could just drill out the epoxy. But it won't - there's too many parts that can't be sourced for it to function in an "original" way. Vacuum valves, AAV's, and all the plumbing. Doubt it could be done and be functional without a pristine donor and if you had that.... just drive the donor. If you really want to plug it with a gasket, then TIG some additional material to the adapter, mill or block sand it flat, and cut a new gasket from a sheet of gasket material. GD
  11. I would cross-reference the Subaru part numbers on parts.subaru.com GD
  12. GeneralDisorder

    Hitachi Carb Issues

    The coolant passage is connected internally to the cross-over inside the casting of the manifold. Plugging the rubber line does NOT stop coolant flow to the bottom of the carb. You ARE contradicting me and my recommendation stands. In MANY cases people think they have plugged off the port with the adapter and gasket only to find their engine hydro locked days, weeks, or months later when the gasket blows out because the overlap between the manifold and adapter was 1/16" or less. To ensure a COMPLETE seal EVERY TIME the port must be welded up or blocked with epoxy. GD
  13. You have a serious lean condition. The two trims added together should be no more than plus or minus 5%. Here's the possibilities: 1. MAF is under-reporting airflow. Seems unlikely considering the reading from it. 2. O2 sensor is skewed and reporting a lean condition. Or you have a constant misfire - which is interpreted as a lean. 3. Fuel pressure is low or injectors are partially plugged. Resulting in unpredictable injector flow and the ECU is compensating by raising the fuel trims. Post a video of the engine idling. And do a kill test of every cylinder by unplugging the injectors one at a time. GD
  14. GeneralDisorder

    Hitachi Carb Issues

    The redline adapter castings are not all exactly the same (because they are castings and castings shift). In addition the Subaru manifold is cast and the port is not always exactly the same. So telling people they won't have to plug the cooling port hole in the manifold is irresponsible - some will seal with the gasket and adapter and some certainly will not. I have seen both many times as I've likely done more of these swaps than anyone else on this board. So - notwithstanding your enormous statistical sampling of one whole car, please don't contradict my advice on the subject and you can also stop gravedigging posts from 2 years ago. GD