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  1. I buy it through a wholesale rep here in my area. She has been representing Chemsearch for many, many years. I can dig up her email and perhaps she can put you in touch with the right people. You get the run-around because they really aren't interested in selling onesies and twosies. They sell cases, or multiple cases. I'm a small-fry in that I buy about one case annually and I don't use any of their other products. They are full-on commercial, industrial, and government/military. Oh yeah - you can't buy less than a case BTW. They simply won't sell it. And it's about $200 with shipping, etc for one case from CA to OR. GD
  2. That is factory. The heat/fire is from a poor connection at the stud. GD
  3. Depends on who is doing it, but usually not unless it has ticking lifter symptoms. GD
  4. Yeah it's usually about $800 for us to do the front cover. Of course that's with the engine in the car. Not out on a stand. But dealer rates are much higher than us. I would likely quote that job at about $650 given the engine is out. What I know of dealer rates that's about right in line with my quote. It's not a small job. But that may not be the cover - might just need the phaser o-rings on the front replaced..... or it could be both. GD
  5. GeneralDisorder

    AC Clutch

    I'm talking about your question. Duh. IT IS DESIGNED TO DO THAT. Clear? GD
  6. GeneralDisorder

    AC Clutch

    They are not available. And Subaru uses a cycling system. It's supposed to do that. GD
  7. GeneralDisorder

    Replacing door seals

    Yes get them from Subaru. And in the future post in new gen. GD
  8. Heli-coil. We use https://www.threadtoolsupply.com/ Get some EJ exhaust manifold studs from Subaru. GD
  9. Sounds like you need to monitor the AFR sensor output while watching fuel trims. Being intermittent and the sensor being new I would say you probably either have a wiring issue (perhaps with that main harness plug) or an ECM problem. It's going to take driving and monitoring and till the problem shows up and you need someone watching live data that can interpret it correctly and potentially do some circuit probing and oscilloscope work to narrow the culprit. GD
  10. LoL. If you have to ask, you are no where near capable or qualified to turbocharge anything. GD
  11. Yes. And they are Subaru only. You would be best served with new ones. I doubt you will find cheaper than online dealers. That's the cost of proper maintenance. GD
  12. Too old and relatively uncommon. Car is 25 years old. It's basically an Antique. You are lucky you can get the individual peices still. Consumers aren't even buying struts (statistically) for a car that old. Who is going to spend $1k on a set of loaded assemblies for a $500 car? Most people with 95 Legacy's are looking for cheap Chinese stuff, or buying the best looking set they can find at the local pick-n-pull. GD
  13. A live data scan tool is much cheaper than a Tactrix cable and the learning curve you will incur getting up and running to do a custom ECU reflash. And in any case what if it the problem isn't the cat or the O2's/AFR's at all? What if your fuel trims are out of whack because of a MAF problem or intake leak? It's easier to just fix the problem. And for a 2005 that means knowing what inputs the ECU is recieving. I bet if you give the ECU a 0.7v signal back into the secondary O2 signal wires it would be happy. No guarantees but that's basically what it's looking for. 700 millivolts on the narrow band sensors. GD
  14. A scanner that does basic live data is like $50 or less. I would humbly suggest that anyone attempting to appease the computer ought to highly consider asking it what it wants. Honestly you have no business working on that code without the proper tools. GD