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  1. You just have to use the 04 axles most likely. GD
  2. Blown turbo. Could need a whole engine. TONS of the 05/06 LGT / OBXT in the junk yard because of VF40 failures. Typically you end up replacing the entire engine which is often $6k to $8k. This is essentially an STI engine with a smaller turbo. They are NOT CHEAP to repair and if it's done wrong or poorly you WILL be doing it again. Best practices are to change over to forged pistons, welded pickup tube, and re-route the turbo oil feed to prevent failures in these critical areas. If you don't know what you're doing you WILL screw it up. Honestly I would pass. They are too much trouble and 5EAT isn't that great either. They had their own problems. GD
  3. The factory sensor is made by Denso. There is no reason to buy it from Subaru. They didn't make it nor do they have a corner on the Denso sensor market. Black wires are heater element. White is sensor ground, blue is signal. GD
  4. Oh yeah - it's the MT that didn't have EGR. Disregard - I was confused this morning apparently. Should be a direct swap. 99 Outback only came with the 2.5. Unless it's an Impreza Outback Sport. That would have the phase II 2.2 and is not compatible. GD
  5. The AT 2.2 doesn't have EGR. You will need an EGR manifold and to drill/tap the EGR port on the head or route the EGR tube to the IAC hose. GD
  6. GeneralDisorder

    6 pole AC relay 84 GL wagon (non turbo)

    Just use two relays. Parallel up the coil power and ground leads. GD
  7. All the old engines already came with 10's. It wasn't till about 2000 that Subaru started experimenting with small pumps. GD
  8. Oil consumption was solved. But they are a suffering from broken valve springs. Apparently that is creeping into newer models than the early FB's also. Officially I think it's 12/13 models but on good authority I hear it is affecting newer models that this also. GD
  9. If the valves happen to be closed and none are bent then it will show compression. It's easy to pull the covers and check. Probably a broken belt. GD
  10. List price is about $11. Your dealer is gouging you. Order the parts from parts.subaru.com for pickup at your dealer to circumvent their price gouging. GD
  11. Insufficient spring tension and poor seal would be my guess. Leading to the valve being open under manifold vacuum and crankcase pressure conditions when it should be closed. I have not studied it in detail - all I can tell you is that old/worn factory or aftermarket PCV valves WILL cause extreme oil consumption. This has been a constant through all the EJ series of engines. GD
  12. No the intake sucks oil through the PCV valve. GD
  13. I have witnessed the expected consequences of an AutoZone PCV valve burning though all 5 quarts of oil on an EJ25. This took approximately 300 miles. GD