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  1. GeneralDisorder

    Volt meter not working????

    Orders of magnitude more accurate than the dash gauge which is a charge/no charge indicator at best. If it's off by a few tenths of a volt (which I doubt), would it really even matter? The dash gauge isn't wired directly to the main junction or the alt - it just gets power from the same source as all the other gauges in the cluster. In my hatch the dash gauge fluctuates (seemingly for no reason other than it wishes to do so) between about 12.5 and 14.5 while the Maxima alt is putting out a steady 14.5. I am quite sure that little Amazon goody will be just fine if used correctly. GD
  2. GeneralDisorder

    Volt meter not working????

    https://www.amazon.com/LIHAN-Charger-Display-Voltage-Current/dp/B01JA627KU?keywords=cigarette+lighter+volt+meter&qid=1529391679&sr=8-7&ref=mp_s_a_1_7 GD
  3. 22 intake doesn't bolt to the 251 heads. That's a negative. GD
  4. Either the pump is bad or you have some suspension problems perhaps. Strut mounts, etc. GD
  5. They might. I've seen that too. At the least they will put it back stock which is just about the same as screwing it up. Forged pistons, Killer-B oil pickup, and a silicone turbo inlet are bare minimum in my opinion for making these reliable. And of course air pump delete. That's a given. GD
  6. Doesn't hurt to ask. But I doubt it will work. Banks.... banks are where you get money. GD
  7. Uh.... that's nuts. But it's a typical dealer quote. We can do a lot better for a lot less. About $6,500 for a new engine/turbo from Subaru, and about $8,500 for new engine with upgrades like forged pistons, race bearings, larger turbo, tuning, etc. This is fairly typical. Bring it down to Portland. I'll get you sorted. GD
  8. Cylinder "glaze" is a fantasy. The rings were shot and plugged up with failed oil. GD
  9. GeneralDisorder

    3AT modulator

    I mean - I'm not really seeing the downside here..... the 3AT's haven't had any parts support for a while. Trans shop came to us for an oil pump drive shaft and one of my guys had to dig through his scrap pile to find some that the splines were only half chewed off so they could put a Loyale back on the road for some elderly couple. This just means more manual swaps. GD
  10. GeneralDisorder

    Auto seatbelts

    No seat switches that I am aware of. Even the Legacy belts operate blindly without an occupant. I'm telling you - you are wasting your time. The diagnostics on these are intense and it's not going to get fixed. There's no parts available anymore. Just get manual belts. GD
  11. Always been that way. Mitsuboshi has multiple factories. All of them are "managed" by Japanese oversight. They have upper management Japanese on-site. Thailand and Malaysia are like Japan's Mexico. All those parts are fine I've installed thousands of them with zero failures. I have had two Gates belts come apart before 105k, and all of their kits have Chinese idlers and some weird tensioner made in Canada. I won't buy them for several years now. GD
  12. GeneralDisorder

    Hitachi Carb Issues

    I've done about 40-50 of these swaps. Directions are not required. Neither is a kit. Get the carb, adapter, and low profile air filter. On the EA82 you will want a 60 or 65 idle jet. Rip off everything that isn't the manifold itself. Throw it all away. Run a vac line to the distributor. Tune idle mixture and speed. GD
  13. GeneralDisorder

    Auto seatbelts

    Convert to manual belts. The auto belts are a pain in the a$$. GD
  14. GeneralDisorder

    Hitachi Carb Issues

    Carb is clapped out. Get a Weber. Understanding it isn't require. It's a carb - it works on venturi's, pressure differential, emulsion tubes, and jets (orifices) just like all the others. It's clapped out and no amount of futzing with it will magically turn it into a Weber. Don't waste your time. GD
  15. There is no module. The fuel pump receives power directly from the relay. The relay is controlled by the ECU. Make sure you test for voltage drop or you might miss a poor connection. I've seen several instances of corroded or burnt fuel pump power connections on older Subaru's. GD