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  1. That is a standard Bosch/GM NTC (thermistor) resistance value. You can use any $20 GM sensor in it's place. For example: https://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-213-77-Original-Equipment-Temperature/dp/B000C9JS5C Or a Bosch unit (metric): https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/content/downloads/Raceparts/en-GB/53687307119081483.html#/Tabs=53698955/ Bosch also lists the values along with it. REALLY common stuff when you are doing standalone EFI setups and tuning. These are used everywhere - coolant temp, manifold temp, intake air temp, etc. They have brass, plastic, open element.... anything you could want and they are CHEAP. Bosch essentially set all these standards back in the 70's, GM adopted them along with a lot of Bosch components and rolled them into their Rochester Fuel Systems products and a couple billion GM products were built with Rochester (Bosch) injectors, temp sensors, and other bits. Subaru just copied GM because that's what they could buy cheap and it was essentially industry standard (and in many cases still is). GD
  2. We have seen the canisters blow up and carbon pellets get sucked into all the lines and into the fuel tank. We have had to pull out fuel tanks to clean them and the inaccessible vent valves on top of the tank. Last one was a 2003-ish Forester. Similar era and system. GD
  3. The 5EAT isn't the greatest trans Subaru ever made. I wouldn't recommend towing with it. They have a lot of valve body and wiring harness problems and the usual CANBUS issues. Very expensive to replace if you tear it up. If you are set on doing this you absolutely need to run something like Amsoil signature ATF and a cooler on it. Keep it as cold as you can get it. I would install a fluid temp guage also. GD
  4. Just put a 251 in it. The 2.0 will be down on power, the ECU and gearing isn't setup for it's power band and if you need parts like rings or valves - not available in the US. GD
  5. GeneralDisorder

    Best source for axles?

    Auto mechanics do not smear brake fluid on boots. You're high if you think we do such things. People are such morons..... GD
  6. If the MAF is bad, the car will drive normal with it unplugged. Check for a plugged exhaust. GD
  7. GeneralDisorder

    Best source for axles?

    Very unlikely you are going to find EA82's in the junk yards here in Portland, and if you do, about a 99.9% chance they don't have OEM axles. Subaru axles haven't been available from Subaru for that chassis in many, many years. The consensus is that there ARE NO GOOD OPTIONS.... period. full stop. Not new, not used..... nothing. It's a wasteland out there for EA parts. Half the time the click is because the cone washer and possibly the hub itself are knackered, and/or will be shortly after the next guy takes it apart and doesn't know how to properly assembly a mechanical shaft locking axle/hub system. GD
  8. GeneralDisorder

    EA82 no start. Help please!

    You probably have the distributor 180 degrees off. Remember it turns 1/2 crankshaft speed. The cams need to be 180 out from each other, but you can easily get the distributor 180 degrees wrong and still have the cams in a run-able position. The cams will be fine if you turn both of them 180 degrees but the distributor will then be 180 out. GD
  9. Get a Deutsch connector kit and put in a new connector. It's not difficult. GD
  10. 5EAT is not a direct swap (not even indirect) and they have a LOT more problems. Avoid. You don't need more gears anyway. GD
  11. Replace the battery terminals and check the fusible links. GD
  12. Amsoil 5w40, and Amsoil filters if you want to run up to 25,000. We don't recommend less than 6k. And we don't do any non-synthetic anymore. Waste of money and time. GD
  13. GeneralDisorder

    Best source for axles?

    Do they have the same inner spline count? Often the one's with the ribbed inner cup are 25 spline. But perhaps not all of them. Distant and foggy memories of EA stuff..... GD
  14. GeneralDisorder

    Best source for axles?

    Since you can't get NTN axles for anything in the grey market it seems to be industry practice. NTN makes axles for a TON of manufactures. I've seen them on Fords even. I believe that essentially their entire production capacity is used up just supplying OEM's so they likely don't care. GD
  15. GeneralDisorder

    Best source for axles?

    NTN won't sell axles through the grey market. Their axle division has an exclusive deal with Subaru. Trust me I've asked about it and my sales rep at Worldpac would sell his children to get NTN as an axle supplier. GD
  16. GeneralDisorder

    84 dl wagon cabin air filter??

    It does take that long. We do them periodically on the 2008 to 2010 WRX's and STI's due to fatigue failure of the pedal mounting box spot welds. About a $1500 repair. And that's not even touching the heater core box. We have it on good authority that the assembly line starts with the heater core hanging from some fishing line and all subsequent parts are then bolted to it. GD
  17. No loctite. Just tighten to spec. Nothing else I can think of while you are in there. GD
  18. There is no "break in" on journal bearings - if contact occurs then it will destroy itself rapidly. That rod bearing is going to get as much oil as it's going to get from the mains no matter what you do and you are better off putting it back with the extra clearance it has. Get some Lubriplate assembly lube for it and stick it back in there. And this a 20w50 engine for the rest of it's life BTW. GD
  19. GeneralDisorder

    Best source for axles?

    The FEQ axles are garbage in our experience. Even my Worldpac sales rep tells me not to buy them. They don't meet with my standards anyway. Tried a few - they pop out of the box. We use OEM Subaru (Subaru no longer produces remans), or we have had some limited success with a brand I get from another distributor - IMC - SureTrak I think is the brand. But they have cheap boots and the OEM boots don't fit.... we give people a choice if they are concerned about the price and I tell them they are good for maybe a couple years if they are lucky and we won't install them in anything lifted or that may see off-road use. They simply aren't appropriate for that. On lifted EJ vehicles we will install Group-N mounts and then move the outer clamp of the inner boot up the shaft to relieve some of the strain on them. GD
  20. GeneralDisorder

    84 dl wagon cabin air filter??

    Dash pull! 10+ hours. All my tech's and all the one's I've ever had before them.... and myself..... hate that job. GD
  21. LoL. I haven't done electrical troubleshooting on a Loyale in probably more than a decade. Not that I would commit such things to memory for more than an afternoon anyway.... not very useful in the grand scope of things. You need a diagram. Find a factory service manual on ebay. GD
  22. If the CEL isn't lit, and multiple computers act this way, then you have a power/ground issue. Check all the power and ground circuits to the ECM. GD
  23. Would have run ok with oil pressure. Probably would have lived a normal life. That's not terrible. Not great either but typical of these engines. Don't put in a new bearing. If you do anything just reassemble it as you found it and run it. GD
  24. GeneralDisorder

    EA81 and EA82 Engine swap to EE20 Diesel

    The EE20 is not smaller than the EJ22. It's a dual cam engine with much larger heads. Also they suck: http://www.uklegacy.com/forums/index.php?/topic/145286-why-boxer-diesel-engine-crankshafts-fail/ GD
  25. GeneralDisorder

    84 dl wagon cabin air filter??

    LOL. GD