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  1. Fantastic! How many years has the wagon been up for sale? And I wish I was close enough to join in. Hope you get a good showing of old school rigs! Twitch
  2. Lol, I got rid of the car But mine was also trim catching on the top rear corner of the window. Twitch
  3. Ok, so I had a similar issue in my '86 XT Turbo. The driver's side door wouldn't align perfectly. Part of the door shutting issue came from the door trim catching the upper corner of the door glass. In addition to the door sag. It was a weird conglomeration of door sag but the upper corner sticking high enough to interfere. It came from the door and sunroof creating a combination of sag and upward angle. Might be worth a look. Twitch
  4. It's possible the problem is far enough out that it set a permanent code and now the computer has fully disabled the cruise control, as it fails before startup due to this permanent code. Now what I mean by permanent, is it's in a different memory point in the ECU, so it may not be wiped by your code reader. If you have the ability to check your "permanent" or "memory" codes, you may be able to wipe it and get your cruise back. Twitch
  5. Have you tried the classic method of chasing down vacuum leaks by spraying carb cleaner at various vacuum fittings while it's idling? If there's a leak, the car will increase in RPM for a short time if there's a leak near/where you sprayed the carb clean. As for your other possible issues, idosubaru pretty well covered it. One other thing I would recommend is pulling the electrical connectors off your injectors and check their resistance across the terminals. If you have one way off from the others, it might be a dead/dying injector. Twitch
  6. Well, here, I'll give you something to read, and I promise I won't delete it. Battery impacts have rapidly improved over the last 7 years, and now the battery powered impacts outrun the corded models. On youtube, the Torque Test Channel has rattled dozens of impacts onto their ranking charts. Currently the top few are bouncing back and forth between Dewalt and Milwaukee, with occasionally a 3rd brand popping up here and there. Even the lower end impacts from the main brands, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, Rigid, Ryobi, Craftsman, even the Harbor Freight brands, are plenty for your average mechanic. I currently run an older brushed Milwaukee for big tasks, and a 12v Fuel impact driver with an adapter for little stuff. Twitch
  7. So, long time no see for most of y'all. I'm still kicking, and still a car enthusiast, but lacking the time or energy to dive into my old Subaru right now. In my search for the near perfect one car solution, I went with something a little more, um, "uppity", we'll say. She's a Certified Pre-owned 2016 Cayenne S, with a tow package, heated and cooled front seats, and a 420hp Twin Turbo V6. I make poor financial decisions and wanted a car that was finally fast, comfortable, and could still tow. 7700lbs towing and 1200lbs payload means I can still get away with towing my travel trailer. And getting this car was one hell of a trip. I had a 2019 GMC Canyon crew cab, 6ft bed, with the 2.8L diesel. Economical, capable, but slower than a snail in traffic and made me feel like an octogenarian driving it. Also, it had a DPF (diesel particulate filter) failure at 40k miles. Which, while covered under warranty, left me without a truck for over 3 weeks. So I decided it needed to go and started a hunt for a better upgrade. I found several good options until this Cayenne caught my eye. I contacted the dealer and started negotiations, got pictures and reports about the car, and got a deal and financing. In a span of 72 hours, I sold my truck, bought plane tickets, I took my first two flights from Spokane to Atlanta to Newark, got an "exciting" ride in a Taxi at midnight, slept like 3 hours in my hotel, walked to the dealership the next morning, and bought the car. Then I promptly drove it to a Whole Foods, stocked up, and traversed 2633 miles over 3 1/2 days, across the country back to Idaho, full solo. A total accumulation of 42 hours 42 minutes of driving. I almost roped a few people into the ride, but no one was available last minute. One hell of a drive, and I would do it again. Twitch PS: If y'all have any questions, feel free to fire away. Also, those fuzzy dice have lived in my daily driver since I bought my BRAT in 2008. I flew across the country with them in my bag, and put them on as soon as I left the dealership.
  8. Rebuilt a high compression EA81. Same engine design, just bored and stroked. Reused the head studs aside from the one the machinist chewed the threads off of. Those studs are 11mm and you won't find replacements unless you have them custom made. They'll probably out last the engine. Run a nut down them ti check for any stretched threads. If the nut threads all the way with minimal catching or hanging, they're good to go. If any have spots that the nut gets stuck on, consider replacement if you can't smooth them out with the nut, or see if you can place those threads in a spot that they won't be in a position of excess stress. Twitch
  9. So it was a distributor that died. And with a bunch of hunting, I found a unicorn. Rebuilt with almost no miles and no shaft play sitting in the junkyard. The old exhaust has been unbolted and and the new disty is getting timed in soon. New exhaust and hangers are getting dropped in when I swap the tranny mounts, finally, and we'll see if the old beast will wake the dead once again. Twitch
  10. Hey Mark, 1-800 radiator might be able to hook you up if the junkyard piece doesn't work for you. Also, I have been looking into potential replacement radiators from other models of cars. I'll share my findings with you as soon as I have something concrete. Twitch
  11. https://spokane.craigslist.org/pts/6996421132.html Not my listing, nor his listin, but found by @Txakura EA63s don't show up very often and hopefully some of you guys will find a good home for it.
  12. I second Heartless' statement. I've had Beldon (Napa), BWD (Borg Warner), ID, (Import Direct), all fail on me, in multiple cars. NGK is the only aftermarket (which is the OEM manufacturer for Subaru) that has ever lasted. So I second it being a possible wire problem. Twitch
  13. LUK is who supplies Napa, and while I worked there, I never had any return under warranty that weren't blatantly abused/oil soaked. So I'd take that as a good sign. I typically went with Sachs for my clutch kits, but idk if they're still Japanese/German made. Twitch
  14. That's a neat idea, until you think about the bellhousing adaptation required for it. Then the weight and the suspension requirements that go along. And then the dimension issue of getting it under the hood and behind the bumper. Neat idea, but no more practical than importing a Subaru diesel. Twitch
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