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So, long time no see for most of y'all. I'm still kicking, and still a car enthusiast, but lacking the time or energy to dive into my old Subaru right now. In my search for the near perfect one car solution, I went with something a little more, um, "uppity", we'll say.

53530540529_7c51ca44d7_k.jpg53530672265_33ec8f768f_4k.jpg 53530553064_45c9bcaba6_4k.jpg53530552949_1c57eca175_4k.jpg 53530551789_8b06291f0d_4k.jpg

She's a Certified Pre-owned 2016 Cayenne S, with a tow package, heated and cooled front seats, and a 420hp Twin Turbo V6. I make poor financial decisions and wanted a car that was finally fast, comfortable, and could still tow. 7700lbs towing and 1200lbs payload means I can still get away with towing my travel trailer. And getting this car was one hell of a trip.

I had a 2019 GMC Canyon crew cab, 6ft bed, with the 2.8L diesel. Economical, capable, but slower than a snail in traffic and made me feel like an octogenarian driving it. Also, it had a DPF (diesel particulate filter) failure at 40k miles. Which, while covered under warranty, left me without a truck for over 3 weeks. So I decided it needed to go and started a hunt for a better upgrade. I found several good options until this Cayenne caught my eye. I contacted the dealer and started negotiations, got pictures and reports about the car, and got a deal and financing.

In a span of 72 hours, I sold my truck, bought plane tickets, I took my first two flights from Spokane to Atlanta to Newark, got an "exciting" ride in a Taxi at midnight, slept like 3 hours in my hotel, walked to the dealership the next morning, and bought the car. Then I promptly drove it to a Whole Foods, stocked up, and traversed 2633 miles over 3 1/2 days, across the country back to Idaho, full solo. A total accumulation of 42 hours 42 minutes of driving. I almost roped a few people into the ride, but no one was available last minute. One hell of a drive, and I would do it again.


PS: If y'all have any questions, feel free to fire away. Also, those fuzzy dice have lived in my daily driver since I bought my BRAT in 2008. I flew across the country with them in my bag, and put them on as soon as I left the dealership.

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