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  1. The main thing is that you can run redtops with the older ecu, but they won't be flowing correctly and your car will be running slightly rich. Yes it's probably fine, but your not getting you best performance out of it.
  2. Just a little update on this thread. I ran across a problem on the Facebook side of the USMB. Short story the ecu in their 94 legacy was bad and causing a no start. I sent them a 1990 legacy ecu and the car would start, but would not run right. In short we found that the redtop injectors are slightly bigger and require slightly different flow rates than the gray, black tops. So to run redtops and get the best out of them you should swap to a plastic MAF sensor and ecu out of a 92-94 legacy that originally had redtop injectors.
  3. That's cool, I'd love to have a small teardrop to tow behind my subaru.
  4. My mom's old ej22 in her 1990 legacy auto sedan made it to 320k before it blew a head gasket, she owned it from 170k and had it for 14 years.
  5. mikaleda

    battery powered impacts

    Update on my dewalt 20v max high impact gun. Still going g strong batteries still working perfectly. I had to pull and service the impact head (needed greasing) super simple and it's working as good as ever. I have yet to have it fail me, I'm quite impressed so far.
  6. mikaleda

    Good tools or cheap tools

    I just thought I would throw in an update. I just bought a gray pneumatic 3/8ths inch duo socket set with ratchet. I am seriously impressed, these are some of the nicest impact sockets I've seen and the 72 tooth count ratchet is a quite nice. Also my dewalt 1/2" impact is still going strong and has yet to let me down, I just recently had to pull the impact head and service it, that was quite easy. Another good cheap tool that I ran across recently is my 3 ton power zone Aluminum jack, it weighs in at 60 lbs and is quite sturdy and it was $150 on eBay.
  7. Probably one of the most common problems that causes misfires is plugs and wires. I've never seen a coolant temp sensor fail on a subaru, not saying it can't happen but its very unlikely.
  8. I just got my order of Subaru part #14165AA021. Looks like the part I need, thanks for the help.
  9. Wow the way they have that routed I couldn't tell. I tried looking through the entire engine cooling section and couldn't find it anywhere. Thank you, that's the part for sure.
  10. Great, nobody not even the wrecking yards list this part either.
  11. So I've got a customer with an 05 ll bean outback and one of their oil cooler lines is rusting out. The Subaru dealer doesn't carry the pipe I need only the one on the front of the engine. The pipe I need runs by the exhaust up the back of the block into unknown territory. Its on the verge of failing and I'm not sure what to do, I really don't want a pull and save part because of how badly corodded this one is already.
  12. I've had several of these first gen legacy's into 300k+ miles. I've never had to mess with the hing pins and I live on a nasty dirt road. Replacement of the door hinge may be your best bet. They unblot from the door and the body.
  13. Well Subaru like most other car company's design engines that when ran out of oil destroys the lower end. I'd say if you ask yourself this question you should take it to a shop. You will need another engine.
  14. That's probably one of the most common overheating issues with Subaru's that I've seen on the forums aside from headgaskets. I have tried many different tricks to fill the cooling system on a Subaru. What I've found is it takes patience,there is no quick easy way to fill a Subaru's cooling system. I will generally let them sit for a night and recheck the fluid before sending them out as well. Glad you found your problem and shared your experience with us.