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Found 5 results

  1. We have a 99 Legacy wagon with the 2.2 motor. It has recently started missing some when cold. Now, it's not really cold yet....so we're talking about the 60's here, not below freezing. When you drive the car maybe 3 miles, it goes away and runs fine. It doesn't miss or hesitate later in the day either, even if it sat all day. I had similar problem a while back and that time it was the Idle Air Control, so I took this one off (which is very easy on a 99 compared to a 95) and I cleaned it with carb cleaner to get all the carbon off the moving vane. It still has the problem. I'd really be interested in help from someone who had the exact problem, so I can avoid rabbit trails. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. All - I just bought a used 01 legacy sedan auto and a week into it noticed, while driving, it started sputtering/missing around 3500 rpm - 4500 rpm, as well as emit a high pitch type whistle from, what seems to be the rear of the vehicle/exhaust. this happens through every gear; 1, 2, 3 - have gone that fast in D. After the 4500 rpm mark - it smooths out until redline. it has 150k on it. AWD no upgrades. just had timing belt, water pump, and head gasket replaced before I bought it. Seems as though it was also done at about 126k miles based on documentation in glove box. so - did the guy who sold it to me actually do it - or am I a sucker - dont know - at this point - cant care - just need to fix the car and move on. In park, the car will rev up to red line with no issues - aside form the whistle noise our of the rear end - so, it doesnt appear to be mechanical. It only makes the noise through that 3500 - 4500 range. this started up two days ago - ive put about 50 miles on it since - seems to drive fine otherwise until today - check engine light came on. Last fill up was on Friday-check the cap. I havent brought it in to check the code yet - just happened on my way home tonight. Looking for a some guidance on what to check - used forums for my other soobies - seems to be the best place to get straight answers and willingness to figure it out with you. Thanks for any leads - if you know a reputable mechanic in Omaha, NE area - let me know.
  3. A few days ago, all of a sudden, I noticed a very low (400-600 rpm), shaky idling issue coupled with terrible gas mileage... Today it started stalling at every stop unless I give it gas. I believe cylinders 2 and 4 are missing, though it's hard to tell because the idle is constantly fluctuating and randomly stalling. When I get into gear the engine runs fine (still crappy MPG) and when the choke is on it runs fine. I have new Bosch spark plugs and NGK wires replaced less than 200 miles ago. New fuel filter. Cleaned the crap out of the carb. I pulled the plugs and they look normal. Wires are certainly carrying a charge. No random arcs. No visible crack in distributer cap, terminals look fine. Pretty sure there is no vacuum leak but I'm about to do a carburetor cleaner spray check. Head gaskets look fine, no coolant leak or anything. Could this be a problem with the ignition coil pack? I planned on picking up a better one anyways, hopefully tomorrow. Could this be a thermostat issue? I flushed the radiator not long ago, I'm sure the current thermostat is 166,000 miles old. PCV valve maybe? What other checks/cleaning should I do before I go on a random part-buying rampage with money I don't have?? I certainly won't be driving this thing until I figure it out. Thanks
  4. Is seems I'll never run out of problems to ask you guys about... So it has been rather hard to start now that it's getting cold here in VA, I've actually had to use starting fluid a number of times. But yesterday I was running errands all day and while it ran fine most of the day, by the time it got dark the engine started stumbling at low rpms... sometimes I could have the pedal floored with no response and was forced to downshift...progressively got worse... and today, even though it was warmed up, it stalled at a stop sign, couldn't get it into gear for like 5 minutes without stalling. It idled at like 500 rpms (usually its between 700-1000). It would rev better in neutral than when driving (still crappy though). I ended up just coating the air filter in starting fluid and I got home just fine, as much as i hate resorting to starting fluid. Oil is slightly low, but not to where it should hamper performance. Coolant is fine and relatively young. Spark plugs were replaced last night, didn't help. My small oil leak has been getting worse, mostly from the oil pan gasket and valve cover gaskets which I will replace today, a little bit seems to come from the sender, which was recently replaced so I'm hesitant to replace it again. Maybe it just needs some teflon. Not sure if this increased oil leakage could have anything to do with it running like crap... Any suggestions?
  5. I bought this Subaru about 2 weeks ago for a couple hundred bucks on a rainy dark night. Ran, shifted, and stopped just fine. Bought it and drove it around until i had to registar it. Then i started poking around. To the point: Can somebody provide me with a picture of the o2 sensor plug/location? I have been tracing wires on and off for a while and cant seem to find where the o2 sensor connects into the harness. The wires coming off of the sensor itself have definitely been cut off, but i wouldnt this they would have cut the harness as well... Im starting to wonder if the previous owner chopped it off when they swapped in a new engine. (Still an ea82 Spfi) Much appreciated.
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