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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am new here and a new subaru owner, I live where it snows alot and want a little more ground clearance on my 1992 loyale, I'm wondering how much lifting it 2-4" and maybe put a few sizes larger of tires on it how much is it going to affect my gas milage? Any info will be appricated. Thanks.
  2. Are you eco-driving yet. I'm getting about 30.5 MPG in my 2014 XV Crosstrek (manual trans), which has a combined rating of 26. I do mostly rural driving, some highway, and too much city driving in Washington, DC! Based on my calculations, I spend about 9% of my time idling... getting zero MPG. I've developed a real world eco-driving game called CarPrint (carprint.xyz). The CarPrint app helps you save money and protect the environment by eco-driving, and it makes driving fun! Check it out.
  3. I'm considering buying used Subaru (probably 2008). I'm founding lots of confusing info on-line regarding the MPG. Some say it's the same some show difference by 2-3 miles/G. It seems that outback is a bit heavier and I wonder you you people can confirm if both models have the same MPG or not ? I would also like to know what is general trend, another words which of the tho would you prefer ? Thank you for you time and replies. ARTHUR
  4. My son bought a stock 92 Justy with 5spd, 4wd and MPFI. We put a new Cat on it and it seems to run fine. We are only getting 31mpg at 55-60mph. We though it should get more in the range of 38-40mpg. Any ideas?
  5. I bought a 91 EA82 with EFI and automatic for my wife and I'm only getting 22mpg. The check engine light comes on after a few miles but runs fine. This mpg seems low. I had an 89 with carb and auto that got 28mpg. I was expecting as good or better with the EFI. Any ideas?
  6. Hey everyone I know you can find small simple ways all over these forums for adding/releasing power from ea82 turbo engines, but what I want to do is compile all the mods for improving the efficiency/power output from mostly stock ea82t's My '87 GL (push-button 4wd 5 speed) EA82T modifications/improvements -'03 STI Top Mount Intercooler -2.5" straight piped all the way back off turbo (stock up-pipe)(stock turbo) -opened air box (noticeable improvement) Any other mods that I can do/will do, I'll update my post and tell everyone how it works out and performs And please don't say to EJ it... heard that enough already haha if I didn't want to keep my EA82T I wouldn't be posting a forum about improving it (: Thanks for any input!!
  7. Ok so I would just like to know if there are any cheap or simple improvements that can be made to my car (1984 GL Wagon 1.8L) to increase the MPG. I have already discovered that keeping my tires inflated can improve my mileage by a good 1-2 MPG, but would like to know if there was anything else I can do to improve it. Along with that, are there any improvements that can be made to better the get-up-and-go power of my engine? I know these are kinda to different things but instead of creating two different topics I figured I would just kill two birds with one stone and ask in just one thread. Any suggestions?
  8. So i have a 85 station wagon, its currently got a weber on it. running great. But i recently bought a 87 FI manual trans wagon for 350$... It even runs! besides some serious fuel flow issues i drove it home 15 miles. My question is if i get the FI system working well, which would be better for mpg, FI or a weber? i plan on transplanting the 5 speed trans in either way.
  9. A few days ago, all of a sudden, I noticed a very low (400-600 rpm), shaky idling issue coupled with terrible gas mileage... Today it started stalling at every stop unless I give it gas. I believe cylinders 2 and 4 are missing, though it's hard to tell because the idle is constantly fluctuating and randomly stalling. When I get into gear the engine runs fine (still crappy MPG) and when the choke is on it runs fine. I have new Bosch spark plugs and NGK wires replaced less than 200 miles ago. New fuel filter. Cleaned the crap out of the carb. I pulled the plugs and they look normal. Wires are certainly carrying a charge. No random arcs. No visible crack in distributer cap, terminals look fine. Pretty sure there is no vacuum leak but I'm about to do a carburetor cleaner spray check. Head gaskets look fine, no coolant leak or anything. Could this be a problem with the ignition coil pack? I planned on picking up a better one anyways, hopefully tomorrow. Could this be a thermostat issue? I flushed the radiator not long ago, I'm sure the current thermostat is 166,000 miles old. PCV valve maybe? What other checks/cleaning should I do before I go on a random part-buying rampage with money I don't have?? I certainly won't be driving this thing until I figure it out. Thanks
  10. I recently replaced my timing belt and pulleys, oil pump, water pump, cam seals, main seal and thermostat (thanks for the videos miles fox!) When i first started the car the passenger side timing belt pulled backwards towards the firewall on the cam pulley and is was riding pretty close to the edge of the pulley. I turned the car off and loosened the tensioner and pulled the belt back to the center of the pulley. when i started the car again the belt went immediately back to riding on the edge of the cam pulley. any ideas? Also terrible gas mileage before and after this job circa 15mpg in the city any ideas on this? edit = car is a 5mt 4wd loyale with 261k, the repair was originally initiated from a ball bearing falling out of my oil pump. thanks!
  11. 1995 legacy 2.2 automatic, awd, 160,000, all stock.... I own 4 2.2 legos... All get around 22 mpg average. A few weeks back my son noticed he was dumping more gas in more often than normal. Had him check the gas mileage over a full tank.... 13.7 mpg. Also, it seems to be lacking its previous get up and go.... Sluggish, but not horrible. I have had the cat converter suggested.... What other likely culprits are good starting points? No engine light, by the way.... Thanks!
  12. FIRST POST! Is 19mpg normal for an '87 GL-10 Turbo wagon? I bought a really clean '87 GL-10 Turbo wagon with an automatic 3 speed transmission a couple months ago. The previous owner only drove it a couple hundred miles for the year he had it. It only has 123,000 miles on it (just a baby!) I'm not really getting the mpg's I was hoping for. I've been driving really conservatively, but I only average about 250 miles per tank (250/13 gallons =19mpg). My question is: Is 19mpg normal or is that low? I realize that pretty much anything that goes wrong with a car is going to hurt your gas milage, but is there anything in particular i should look into given the year and model? Any common problems out there? Anything with older cars in general that should be done to restore gas milage? SUPPLEMENTAL INFO -supposedly the fuel tank capacity is actually 15.9 gallons, but the fuel gauge says its empty at 13, so thats when I've been filling up again and calculating miles. -I also replaced the oxygen sensor and got a new timing belt. -I replaced the fluids when I got it and I've been using a couple different additives -new tires -One thing I've noticed is that the car doesn't coast very well at all. Even on a good decline, if I'm going 35mph and I let my foot off the gas, it'll slow down quite a bit, whereas in my wife's new forester, the car will continue to gain speed just from rolling down the hill. I'm a newbie and certainly no mechanic so please educate!
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