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Found 12 results

  1. So, I got this Subaru DL Wagon back in February. It’s only got 60k miles on it it’s honestly in great condition but I’ve now broke both CV Axles, driver side was simple replaced in axle good to go but the passenger side broke and tore up my hub. (Think the previous “owner” The Subie dealer that I got it from) put the wrong ones in and just pressed till they fit. Any ways I have been looking for a new hub does anyone know if the justy front hub will be a direct replacement for the stock one on my 1988 DL? Thanks for any advice or any where I can get the right part I’ve called Subaru and the parts guy laughed when I said what I had haha
  2. Hello there fans of the great Subaru ,I have a justy j10, I bought a year I go It wasn't in good condition but I like it ever since I been fixing it up .so far it started from a little fix to a how to become a mechanic . To the point the idle run pure not all cold, runs ok with choke full open and then to high rev,s .I took if off once cleaned up but not much improved, so I AM thinking it's time to go with an other carb in fact a 38/19830,202 38 dgas Weber like carb my question is will it run ? Will be ok? And not use fuel like crazy?
  3. Hello folks, exist somewhere a list with all subaru-transmission codes?? greets bert
  4. Just made up my first Justy Lift Kit its a 4" , they can be ordered here http://www.sjrlift.com/index.php/catalog/lift-kits/justy-lift-kit-4-detail
  5. Hi Fixing a Justy for my sons girlfriend. Noticed the Vacuum Regulator valve is broken. Guessing that is causing a vacuum leak and crappy idle etc. I can only find one that looks like it called a Standard RV13 but it says thats for an 89 not an 88. Anyone know if they are the same and where to find one reasonably priced? Thanks Phil.
  6. My son bought a stock 92 Justy with 5spd, 4wd and MPFI. We put a new Cat on it and it seems to run fine. We are only getting 31mpg at 55-60mph. We though it should get more in the range of 38-40mpg. Any ideas?
  7. I'm looking for all the help I can get. Posted on the orig. justy forum as well (troubleshooting). Here's some recent work I've done on it: weber carb install, new starter, fuel pump/filter and hoses, new battery, new alt belt and had the alt tested. I checked for spark on all the plugs and looked fine, they're pretty new still too. It was pretty cold this morning, and "Clifford" wouldn't start up. Here's a video of what happens: Usually I have to depress the accelerator about half way to get it started cold, but in the video there's only a little change in how it turns over once I depress it fully. One thing at a time...
  8. Hi everyone, i'm new to the forums, new to Subaru and new to modifying a car.. Just got a pretty well shaped '94 Justy 1.2 5dr awd and loved it.. now i'm thinking and sorting by priority the mods i'll put on it.. Since the inyected version is not avaliable here, i'm trying to find out if it's possible to convert it, plus add the ABS and if possible a power steering.. i'll add a more extensive description of the proyect and photos of the car as it is right now in a few days..
  9. Hi y'all, my first post here. I'm working on a 1993 2WD EFI Justy, replacing a flywheel with a bolt broken off in one of the pressure plate holes. For some reason, the MSRP on 1993 justy flywheels that I've seen on the internet is $260, putting the median price at most retailers at around $200. So my question involves two different potential solutions: 1. Whats the cross-compatibility on flywheels from other types (4WD) and years? Its possible that a similar flywheel sorted under a different part number may be cheaper but I'm unsure how well that would work in mine. 2. The other method involves pulling a flywheel out of a 4WD 93 Justy in a nearby junkyard. Obviously a bit more complicated than the 2WD with which I'm familiar. Went there yesterday to discover that it was all pretty approachable save for the mounting bracket which is tucked up between the crossbeam, the firewall, and the transaxle housing. If anyone has done work on one of these types and could recommend a way to get that thing off there without pulling the whole engine, I'd be pretty grateful. Thanks yall.
  10. After going to the west coast subaru id really like to get together with other Old Gen Subaru lovers here in the NW. i see so many pages on facebook etc on the new gen (which are great and i love em) but i want to see all the Old gen rigs. Would anyone be want to join in on this? Im thinking after christmas time. If your interested Post on here or pm me. maybe if we find out where everyone is coming from finding a good place to all meet would be easier. Im in Salem, OR Where yall at?
  11. Hey there fellow subaru lovers. ive recently started a fan page on facebook for Old Gen subarus. (it says NW but honestly we love em all!) im not really trying to post to get more likes as much as i am looking for great Old gen subaru pictures. I see amazing ones day in and day out on here and i want to use them all but i would also like to give credit to those who have made it great. i ve added a few that i absolutely couldnt help myself but id like to get more! anyone who would like to have their old gen subarus plastered on the internet with us all drooling over it either add them on this thread. send them to my email ( elliottdevon@ymail.com ) And Or go and put it on the page and like the page. https://www.facebook.com/nwoldgensubarus ALSO we have been trying to get together a meet for Old Gens in the nw most likely in the oregon area. we have a separate thread on here if you are interested. but we will likely be adding it as an event on the facebook. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/142570-like-to-get-an-old-gen-meet-going-in-the-oregon-area/ Thanks all! hope to hear from you soon!
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