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  1. Thanks for the link there, I'll keep that among the options. Dustysjustys has been a pretty good resource for certain things like general information, some exploded diagrams, parts numbers, etc, but is a little limited beyond that. Definitely some good scans and pictures though.
  2. Hi y'all, my first post here. I'm working on a 1993 2WD EFI Justy, replacing a flywheel with a bolt broken off in one of the pressure plate holes. For some reason, the MSRP on 1993 justy flywheels that I've seen on the internet is $260, putting the median price at most retailers at around $200. So my question involves two different potential solutions: 1. Whats the cross-compatibility on flywheels from other types (4WD) and years? Its possible that a similar flywheel sorted under a different part number may be cheaper but I'm unsure how well that would work in mine. 2. The other method involves pulling a flywheel out of a 4WD 93 Justy in a nearby junkyard. Obviously a bit more complicated than the 2WD with which I'm familiar. Went there yesterday to discover that it was all pretty approachable save for the mounting bracket which is tucked up between the crossbeam, the firewall, and the transaxle housing. If anyone has done work on one of these types and could recommend a way to get that thing off there without pulling the whole engine, I'd be pretty grateful. Thanks yall.
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