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  1. I have a mostly intact steering column clamshell from a 1986 XT 4 cylinder and one for an XT6 with the right side of the top piece broken. Is it possible to have these scanned so I can have the full part with the gap for the windshield washer stalk? Also, has anyone put 19" wheels on an XT6 (or other ea82)? Any mods required?
  2. Hey folks! I have an 88xt non turbo, part time 4wd that I would like to fully restore or do a build of. I bought it from the original owner who unfortunately drove it in the snow so there is some cancerous rust. The water pump fell off into the crank pulley and damaged some things but I believe the engine to be salvageable as it didn't overheat too terribly. I would love any help finding body/interior/engine parts to help restore or build this thing back glory. It would be cool to swap in a higher power motor or the ER27. I would be ecstatic to find a set of louvers as well. Anything helps! I'm new to Subarus so I'm kind of unfamiliar with alot of things. Thank you all for responses/help
  3. So I have an 88 xt part time 4wd and I'm thinking of an engine swap. I would love to make some good power out of the car and keep it decently cheap. What engines are relatively easy to swap in? What tips can anyone give me on finding information, parts, etc on the topic? Thank you all for any help!
  4. Howdy, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Karl and I have owned a few Subaru cars over the years. We currently own a 2018 Crosstrek (Jurassic World themed, still a work in progress...Have decals on and the UpTop rack will go on soon, pic included) and before that owned a 2010 Outback which we put over 180k miles on driving all over the US. I joined this forum though not because of those cars but more for the fact that I am looking at getting a XT or XT6 as a project / fun weekend car. I love the 80's design aesthetic and feel the XT cars have it in spades! Would love to know more about them... how hard it is to get parts for them? Common issues? Will they fit someone over 6ft or is it a tight squeeze? How hard are they to work on? &tc, &tc. Other non-Subaru vehicles I have owned in the past include a 72 VW Beetle, 93 Ranger, 01 Mazda Protege Mp3, 87 Toyota 4runner Turbo, 05 BMW f650 Dakar, and a 15 JKU. There are a few others in there as well. I have done my fair share of work on cars (mostly on the 4runner and VW), and am not afraid to get my hands dirty. I know this was a bit of a ramble but thanks for reading and hopefully some of ya'll will pop in here and impart me with some Subaru wisdom. Can't wait to learn and contribute. Have a great day and stay safe out there in this crazy FN world. -Karl
  5. Hi there... I have a black 1988 XT-6 with auto trans and AWD that has been sitting UNTOUCHED in a garage (except for the piles of stuff that have accumulated on top of it) for the last 18 years. It was the SECOND car I ever owned, and I still remember thinking "Oh hell yea!" when I floored it out of the dealer's lot on a test drive. I think it had 80k miles on it back then, and 140k now. I've been thinking for awhile now about if it would be possible within reason to get it back on the road, and before I do anything I thought it prudent to seek advice on what's possible, and what needs to be done in what order (to avoid making things worse), from those whom have been there before I. So, I would appreciate anything anyone has to say about the topic, and thank you in advance. Here's some info I remember from before I stopped driving it...18 YEARS AGO. (And, yes, I remember dreaming, as apparently others have, about turbos, and apparently there was one in Japan only? I'd be happy with it moving under it's own power now. * 140,000 miles or so as it sits. It drove fine then but hasn't been started since. * Unfortunately, I cannot find any of the keys to the vehicle. (see my first post in the relevant thread, please) * At the time, I was replacing one of the front half-shafts. I think the core is still in the trunk. * The air shock system is in the attic and replaced with used coilovers I found from a FWD XT6 in a junkyard. Air ride was much smoother, but I didn't have an extra $1200 burning a hole in my pocket. (Any hints on shock replacements that will fit?) * In the past, I've replaced both valve cover gaskets, oil pan and trans cover gaskets, exhaust, diff. fluid, front half-shafts, CV boots, both timing belts, water pump, and probably oil pump? Obviously incidentals like brakes, plugs, wires, and distributor parts. Accel supercoil. Most of the work I did myself. I kept mileage/maintenance records but I have no idea where they are now. If I remember correctly, I used to average around 17mpg. * The ONE TIME I let my (ex) GF drive it, she mangled the front fender but there is a replacement in the attic, along with a replacement headliner if it's still ok. * I don't think the headlight washers ever worked. It made a noise like the pump worked in the passenger rear quadrant, but nothing came out; maybe clogged or I never found a separate resevoir, if there is one. * Power had stopped reaching the rear wheels. It drove fine otherwise, but before I was never able to spin the wheels on takeoff. I think I read somewhere there's a fuse or fusible link that activates some kind of separation mechanism or clutch, maybe it got stuck in the open position? Anyone know this problem? I never got further troubleshooting it beyond some wheel turning tests with the back end jacked up. I think that wound up being "normal"? Don't remember. * If you think that one's out there...my FIRST car was a 1978 rabbit that I traded a week's work for to my first employer because I needed to get to work and it was sitting in his back yard. It had a white body with black dash and blue seats, grey hatch, mahogany door panels, and a blue hood with a Mack bulldog bolted to it. GAS engine (with MPFI in '78!) but DIESEL 4 speed trans...it would only break 90 going downhill, but I towed all kinds of cars out of the snow in that thing...someone's jigsaw puzzle. Gotta have a laugh once in awhile. Thanks to all very much. Take care and be safe.
  6. Hey guys! In the beginning stages of building my 86 Xt turbo, sadly like most 4wd Xt’s on this planet the air suspension is completely destroyed... my goal is to drop the car as low as I possibly can on coilovers, swap to 5 lug (or get adapters), and eventually engine swap it. I have read a few threads about swapping the air bags for modern struts but i would like a little more detail on what parts I will need to do it with coilovers. The info I have so far is I can use Miata coils for the rear but I’m not sure what to do about the front given that I have 4 lug, I am completely open to swapping to 5 lug if needed for the front but what will I need?
  7. I have an 89 XT6 that I recently revived after years of neglect. I have fixed most of the issues that I found with it, but there is one last nagging problem that I'm having trouble with and I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas. When the car is totally cold, the idle surges for several minutes after startup, then eventually settles down to about 850 rpm. It will rev to about 1800 then drop to nearly 0 or stall altogether, then back up to 1800 and down again, gradually decreasing it's little mood swings up and down until it settles to normal, usually about the time the temp gauge starts to register. I have already replaced the CTS and pigtail, removed and cleaned the idle control (which seems to operate fine on the bench), and searched repeatedly for loose wires or vacuum leaks. I actually suspect the power supply to the ECM is at fault, because the few times the check engine light has come on, there are no codes logged when I check it, just 333 at the LED on the ECM. On top of that, the memory power for the radio isn't working either, I lose all presets when the key is turned off. It seems to me that the car is re-learning idle etc. every time I start it. I've looked at a few wiring diagrams but that doesn't help much other than giving me the wire colors, I still don't know where any connections or grounds are located. I don't know if it means anything but the green fuseable link by the battery for ECM power was fried when I bought it (which is why I got it very cheap). In other words, HELPPP!!!!
  8. Spring is here and I'm tinkering with my 1989 XT6. It sat in the garage for the winter, with a trickle charger and a weekly startup. I recently did a complete reseal of the H6, timing belts, water and oil pump, etc. It runs like a top, starting right up and idling perfectly after a cold start. I let it warm up to the point the fan kicks in, cycling the cooling system. When I shut it down and restart it hot, the idle RPMs shoot up to 1,500 or so and stays there, something is convincing the ECU to do this I guess. I cleaned the IACV, MAF, throttle linkage and all the wiring to them. I get 3.2 volts at the CTS wiring plug (I replaced the original with an injector harness). The CTS seems bad, it's 30 years old! I read an open circuit between the two conductors, tested when warm and then hot. I will check again when cold and hot, but an open is bad when it's hot and should be talking to the ECU. I'll try a new CTS first, they're not expensive. Questions... Should I get a $15 aftermarket CTS, or the good old NOS Subaru CTS for $40? The original lasted 30 years, so I'm leaning towards NOS Subaru. Any other suggestions on this issue? I can drive the car all day after a cold start, idling at a stop around 750 RPMs but if I shut it down and restart it hot after a few minutes, the idle zips up to 1,500 and is reluctant to settle down. I could check for vacuum leaks, but figured if this caused the high idle, it would occur even with a cold start.
  9. I'm replacing the bent and corroded IACV pigtail terminals on my '89 XT6. I know someone here has repaired these things using aftermarket pigtails, other make/model pigtails, or knows the type of terminals I need to get the original done, it seems salvageable, check the pics and help please.
  10. Hey all. Just finding myself int he bowels of absurdity with the wiring in this XT6 project. IMG_2940 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr Engine, trans and Harness are from the same '01 Outback wagon 2.5. IMG_2945 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr I pulled the original XT6 wring bulkhead grommet and removed all the Engine, Cruise, Air suspension, and electric steering wiring form it. And then stuffed the few remaining needed wires (wipers) back through the larger of the 2 Outback harness grommets, and fitted it through the firewall. The second smaller grommet of the EJ harness I used a hole saw and punched through were the RHD steering column would go. IMG_2944 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr When I thinned the harness I left all the ECU, TCU, and Cruise wiring intact (some cruise wires had to be cut to remove and thin) All the ECU/TCU wiring and OBD II, Ig. and fuel relays etc. stayed together. It seemed to have worked well. So far I've only hooked up 2 wires (Batt power to relays, and IG switched power to ECU "on") Turn the key and both relays click, 12v+ present everywhere it's supposed to be at Cruise and TCU as well. relays and ECU/TCU/CCU all have ground from Intake manifold. So far all good signs. But it will be a relief to actually start it and drive. Only about 20~30 more wires to go! IMG_2943 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr
  11. Sorry if this is the wrong section, mods, please move as necessary... We currently had a bit of bad luck as 4 of our cars were hauled off of our property in Thronton, WA. We're guessing as scrap due to the pure junk status of one of them. And, as Thornton is in the middle of nowhere, they would have had to travel a bit to get off the radar. They disappeared around the 3rd or 4th of October. They were a gen 1 wagon, gen 2 Brat, gen 3 wagon and XT6. The XT6, in particular, is rather special and missed. Gen 3 wagon - no picture, but it's normal good shape, dark maroon with blue fender on driver's side Gen 1 wagon - it's in even worse shape from other angles and the rear rocker panels are blue Brat - has a maroon tail gate and hard to see, in the picture, but is gold/bronze (ugly) and has those zebra panel things on the doors XT6 - doesn't have roof racks, but the rest is current minus more dirt License plate: 108 ZDQ VIN: JF1 AX9429 LG300010
  12. Attention Subaru Gurus! Will these tensioners and idlers do the trick? I ordered Beck Arnley belts from CRock Auto, they sent 1 Beck Arnley belt and 1 Subaru OE belt that felt like an old dried up rubber band. Got a refund and ordered 2 Dayco and 2 Gates belts from trusted companies, to compare and choose the best. Any opinions? Here is what I have for tensioners and idlers: Subaru OE Tensioner 13070AA010 Passenger side Subaru OE Tensioner 13069AA000 Driver side Subaru OE Idler 13073AA000 Lower GMB Idler 460-8690 Upper Can I reuse the spring on the Passenger side tensioner? I'm resealing the whole engine, everything you experts have suggested thousands of times before. Rewiring the CTS with a new fuel injector pigtail, reworking all grounds, tweaking the tiny ignition switch screw (poor engineering) and connector under the dash, etc. I know this dead smelly horse is haunting you by now but you will satisfied to know I am not chopping this XT6 up, it will remain stock right down to the little 14" salad cutter wheels. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. So my xt6 has developed the Tick of Death. also my buddy is gonna give me his old td05-16g. im seriously considering putting that td05 on the er27, with turbo ea82 rods, pistons, valve's and valve springs, i can find these pretty cheap at my local wreckers. also seen a HEI distributor conversion, witch will probably happen since no1 has made the turbo/xt6 distributor pick-up work with megasquirt, and i know the hei will. anyone know if there are aftermarket head bolts, or any bottom end bolts available for the ea82 or er27?(same just 1.5x as many on the er27) or if they ea82 turbos use different head bolts? a good company that can make a custom MLS head gasket? how much power the stock turbo ea82 rods and pistons can handle? im hoping i can do 15-18 psi and somewere around 250-300 at the flywheel. o and maybe a uprated clutch that'll fit the xt6 input shaft? or is it worth trying to find a rx trans? i wont give up 4wd or awd, lol.
  14. I am new here. I've owned several Subarus, including an '84 Brat, '85 GL, '06 and '07 Impreza sedans. I gave the '07 to my 18 year old son and miss it already. I currently own a 2017 Legacy and just picked up this amazingly clean '89 XT6. Mechanically it is great, with 161k miles on the sweet sounding 2.7L H6.
  15. Hey guys, I am looking to replace my engine mounts while the engine is removed for re-sealing. Stock XT6 mounts are long NLA, but I have seen some references to using Group N mounts. Can anyone confirm for me which ones work and if they are plug-and-play? I had a Group N transmission mount in my '03 Legacy and loved it. If I can use the Group N trans and motor mounts in my XT6, a link to specific part numbers / models to use would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  16. I'm wondering what the spline count is on the front differential stub shafts of an XT6 transmission. Will EA81 axles slide right on, or do I need to swap out the stub shafts for EA81 parts?
  17. Hey y'all, about to do a EJ22 swap into my Loyale,with the EA82 transmission. I have the re-drilled EA82 flywheel and i'm going to use the XT6 pressure plate and clutch disk(Correct?) my question is whether i should use the XT6 release bearing or an EA82 one?
  18. My 88' XT6 has these problems; - battery shows good voltage with tester, but dash shows lower voltage, I cleaned all contacts. - alternator gets really hot fast. - belt squeals every time when starting, the belt tensioner is stripped, where can I get a new one? - fan relays are all messed up, I have to put a fuse in the relay socket to jump the fan to run and pull the fuse out when I park. - air vents will not switch. - Tachometer sometimes is way off too high. - cybrid steering is shitty at low rpm, could that be the brushes in the motor, or low current from the alternator, belt also squeals when taking slow tight turns sometimes. any gurus with advice out there? I'm in the PNW anyone local?
  19. I downloaded the manual and have searched the forums. I am still confused? Any tips? when I bought the car, they told me to pop the hood and remove the relay to turn the fan off and on? I messed with swapping some relays and thought I fixed it, but found my battery drained and a very hot relay? WTF? something grounding out? also need some advice on how to get the vents working again, seems to be no vacuum? Your wisdom and experience is requested and appreciated.
  20. I have alot of parts for the 86,87,88 subaru xt coupe. Should fit the XT6 also. I want these out of my basement. I have stored them many years, tried to sell them on here before. I would like someone to buy these as a lot. I will separate the smaller items but do not want to ship the hood, deck lid, dashboard or seats. The items are in NH. Let me know what you want and shot me a price. Here is a partial list. hood with turbo scoop rear deck lid front and rear seats door panels, front and rear center console drive shaft (4wd) door glass seat belt motors (retractable) both sides innner rear window panels, around glass too upper door glass seals headliner dash board, no cracks lower seat belts spare tire with cover rear tail lights with center section, center section has very small crack window motor and tracks, both sides visors defroster vent door threshold, both sides vanity light third brake light side mirrors passive belt control unit module ECU A11-000-R06 power window relay cont. unit h/low module distributor trip computer front kick panels heat ducts wiper switch steering lift handle rear view mirror moon roof and seal I believe I have the starter, will have to verify. bunch of relays rebuilt turbo EA82 motor most likely a couple more items. I do NOT have doors, fenders, motor, bumpers, wheels, exhaust or front axles. Email me at fdgwolfeboro@hotmail.com or call me at 603-715-5670. Remember I want to get these out of the basement and would love someone to buy the whole package.
  21. Any one have any leads or a pair of XT6 front springs?? Im trying to put them under an 82 gl with new struts to get a little bit of drop and stiffer spring rate. This should work right?? Any help/tips are much appreciated! thanks all!
  22. I'm trying to sell my 1998 XT6 it has 117,000 miles on it manual transmission and hasn't been driven in years.We parked it because it smoked, and had problems accelerating. I don't really know what these cars are worth and I'm not sure if I should just scrap it or try to fix it and sell it but the thing is it could be very hard to sell because not many people are looking to buy an 88 XT6.So I guess what I'm asking is if I should scrap it or fix it and how hard it would be to sell once its fixed. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.
  23. Hey there fellow subaru lovers. ive recently started a fan page on facebook for Old Gen subarus. (it says NW but honestly we love em all!) im not really trying to post to get more likes as much as i am looking for great Old gen subaru pictures. I see amazing ones day in and day out on here and i want to use them all but i would also like to give credit to those who have made it great. i ve added a few that i absolutely couldnt help myself but id like to get more! anyone who would like to have their old gen subarus plastered on the internet with us all drooling over it either add them on this thread. send them to my email ( elliottdevon@ymail.com ) And Or go and put it on the page and like the page. https://www.facebook.com/nwoldgensubarus ALSO we have been trying to get together a meet for Old Gens in the nw most likely in the oregon area. we have a separate thread on here if you are interested. but we will likely be adding it as an event on the facebook. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/142570-like-to-get-an-old-gen-meet-going-in-the-oregon-area/ Thanks all! hope to hear from you soon!
  24. So, I'm upgrading my xt6. it's looking like I'm going to be adding about 100hp. I'm trying to keep the Air-ride system that came stock on the vehicle, so I'm splicing differential internals and such in an attempt to keep my stock axles and such. Now, I'm not a mechanic by any means, so I really don't know much about CV joints and differential internals. So I'm curious about the durability of CV joints when put under "above-stock" stress. Should it be as simple as replacing the CV joints with new OEM XT6 joints, re-booting them and then running them like that? Should I look at keeping the stock axles but using different CV joints? and then is this even an option? I know that the XT6 has virtually no after market support, so I know that whatever I look at doing would require a bit of research to make a custom application work, but once again, only if it's even an option. Now on to differentials. I've picked up internals for a 4.44 mechanical rear LSD but I didn't grab the Pumpkin for this differential as shipping would become atrocious, and also because I'm hoping to swap the internals into the casing that came stock on my '89 xt6 (it was a 3.9 factory LSD) this way I should still be able to use stock axles. Anyway, can anyone comment on the feasibility of such a swap? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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