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  1. So I made a mistake and bought a ea71 for my brat I got a good deal but I’m not sure if I can hook my ea71 up to my brat idk how different they are so I gotta ask can I hook this up.
  2. Hello Everyone, im currently in a pickle, and in need of assistance. Long story short i placed a 2002 JDM EZ30D into my 1997 2.2L Impreza coupe. along with the entire 2003 outback L.L. bean Bulk head with front wire harnesses. Body Brighton Coupe Engine Ebay 36k JDM EZ30D Wires from 2003 LL BEAN Edition Drivetrain 2005 4.44 WRX 5 spd Transmission/Dif I have communication with the ECU Fuel pump loud n proud. primes as needed new battery starter alternator fuses relays etc. no joke 1 Check engine light MAF. its not installed so I can reach the wires under it. NOT THEE ISSUE. ignition Switch is from the Impreza and not the outback matching the engine Neutral safety switch bypassed 0 volts 5 volts thing done. Automatic gear selection circuit completed. car should think its in neutral. I want to turn the key and start the car... I know I can bump start it. I don't want to. the nice land lord lady saw me drive it in...has to see me drive it out wink wink. in a pickle Everything is working as intended upon the moment of turning the ignition on 1 turn unlock 2 turns speedometer gauge/ecu /fuel pump etc. turn on. 3rd turn-> to ON, every relay clicks starter weakly clicks then Silence. no rumbling T.T Not siezed has compression. Shut up =) Every Electrical ground has been gone thru OCD cleaned repeatedly checked, yep tight n clean. If I left something out. please notice it and ill explain further. Its done as cleanly as it could be done using all OEM parts. OCD OCD OCD SMS, Save My Subaru I Beg you. any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
  3. After about a year of searching for a good Brat for a project I stumbled upon a 1979 Brat on craigslist in Wyoming for $100, a deal too good to pass on. I convinced my uncle in law to make the three hour journey to go pick it up for me and drop it off at my grandpas property in Montana, which is where it currently sits until early May when I have a trip planned to go pick it up. The previous owner had intentions of rebuilding the EA71 and had the heads disassembled and a few other things torn down as well. A few weeks later I saw an ad for a 1983 Brat that was so rusty that the rear end was about to separate from the unibody. The car looks very deceiving but it has almost no drivers side floor, rocker panels and the back half of the bed had already been replaced with a patch panel. The Brat came with the rear jump seats, headrests, seat belts, and even the bags that cover the seat belts. The car came with a lot of other miscellaneous parts as the guy I bought it from has supposedly owned like 10 different Brats and this was the last one he had. My plan is to swap the EA81 with a Dual Carb set up I picked up into the '79 along with the 4 speed D/R for now until I can find a 5 speed D/R to swap into it.
  4. Take a look at this one frankenmotor in a 1991 Miata called the Miata One. miataone.com
  5. I am in the middle of a carb swap from a carter-weber to a hitachi and I just got the new intake in but the vacuum line cp (hard vacuum lines under intake) are different. not sure what to connect to what. curious if anyone has a diagram or information. thanks
  6. My transmission is TY752VACAA the donor trans is TY752VA5AA. Both have exactly the same gear ratios ,except for 5th. Mine is .780 the donor is .825. what if any issues might I have, without swapping the rear diff or driveshaft. The Impreza that Im getting the trans from was originally an automatic. Someone had done a manual swap on it, I checked the vin decoder. The donor has a 1.8l ej18 engine in it now. I have a 2.2l ej22. I’m unsure of the rear diff on that (donor vehicle )if it was swapped when the manual was put in. But with all the gearing the same other than 5th, should I be good with just swapping the transmission?
  7. WHATS UP GUYS!! Check out my YouTube channel for the most up to date progress! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhvLjCFIoC6LFmt17Fu4Pj5WL74FBU0qw Been browsing this forum for a few months trying to get ideas for my project and I finally decided to join and build it along with you guys! Open to any advice/criticism but doesnt necessarily mean I will listen to it! The beginning of this thread will basically be a copy and paste from an existing thread I have on another forum! I'm planning to do wrx engine, trans, suspension components, even dashboard! currently(10/30) I nearly have the front end completed (for now) as it sits now, I am currently on this setup stock brat crossmember modded to accept EJ engine mount and wrx control arms stock brat manual steering rack 1" crossmember spacer wrx control arms wrx knuckles wrx/sti struts 04 sti stock springs stock brat 2 bolt top hat (temporary) brat radius arm mount bracket modded to fit wrx control arm custom tranny mount pic of it arriving at the shop.. yay for selectable awd ouchhh.. nice and crusty time to get a good look at her found this girl as my drivetrain donor (parting out other parts) time to cut her all up
  8. I have a JDM SVX I imported from Japan that came with a dead transmission. So I am wanting to do perform a manual swap on it. Mostly because I don't have room between the engine harness and brake booster, and in the name of keeping everything as simple as possible I am wanting to go with a cable clutch setup. My question is since I am looking for a parts car so I can have all the parts I need in one place, and I am wanting to know which model Subaru's came with a cable clutch so I can narrow down my search to the cars I actually need.
  9. Here is another use of the Ej251 with phase 1 Heads (Frankenmotor) in a 1991 Miata called the miataone.com.
  10. I have an 01 obs that i'm doing a manual swap on, want to go hydro because I have the fork, master and slave, and it's what i prefer. My question is, what year impreza/other model pedals will fit my car? Looking on ebay they look like the mounting holes are almost identical but I want to make sure before I buy anything. Anyone ever put 14+ wrx pedals in an older car with success?
  11. So, I have an 01 impreza obs with an auto that is going out, I also have a 5 sp manual from an 02 forester with rear diff, drive shaft, trans support bracket, pedals, shifter. My only issue is figuring out which cv axles I need to aquire to make this swap happen. Do I just buy manual cv's for my obs or do I need to buy cv's for the forester? I have searched for months trying to find an answer on my own and am no closer to making this happen. thanks.
  12. - Fixed - I'm almost positive this has been discussed but after hours of searching the boards, I'm at a loss. I swapped a 95 ej22 into a 95 ej18 car. These 2 electrical connections remain unattached and I'm uncertain if they were ever attached to anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hi y'all, I've done a lot of searching on this subject, and I was led to believe Forester struts are a direct swap onto a 98 Legacy (non-Outback), to give a little lift. I bought a set of FCS complete strut assemblies (for an 05 Forester) and brought them to a local shop for install on my 98 Legacy. They say they will not bolt on. What am I missing? Did I get the wrong year Forester struts, or do I need to swap out top hats or something? Maybe I should've just gone with '98 Outback struts/springs? Thanks so much for the help! :)
  14. I know there is tons of threads on this but I couldn't find anything talking about doing the wire harness swap. From what I understand there is a harness merge you do with the auto loom to make the manual drivetrain work normal. What I am looking at doing since my manual (2002 Subaru Forester S) got hit by a drunk driver is to swap everything besides the motor over to an Auto Forester (2001 Subaru Forester S). What is needed in terms of electrical to make it fully function (reverse lights, cruise control, abs, speedometer, key lock)? Links are greatly appreciated too!
  15. I have a 1987 GL 4-door wagon with push button 4WD. It has a 3-speed auto trans, A/C, Carb, 1.8L, all power options. When searching for transmissions at car-part dot com, I see FWD or AWD. Under descriptions provided by the wrecking yard, I see 2WD, 4WD, FWD, and AWD. I know that 1987 had both 4WD and AWD, carburetor and fuel injection. 1) Was there such a thing as a FWD (no 4WD button) during 1985 - 87? 2) Which transmission do I need? 3) Does anyone have a good used one with torque converter for sale that will ship, preferably in the pacific northwest? Thanks
  16. 96 Legacy L 2.2 Auto. I have already done: Wrx 16" wheels, Legacy GT brakes, 205/50/16 Direzza zii star spec, KYB struts & mounts, H&R springs, Ralitek F&R swaybars, STI seats, JDM projectors FX-R 3.0 bixenons with Nightbreaker unlimiteds for high beam and D2S-theseheadlightskickass!, Replaced entire A/C system this spring, 180 amp DC Power Engineering Alternator, Paint is Audi nimbus grey. This car handles like a go kart. I lost reverse. I tried filter and fluid to no avail. I am not spending another dime on this car as long as it has that anemic 2.2. Now I must decide on a drivetrain swap. Has to be automatic. My goal is to have a quick, responsive car that is a blast to drive. Budget $2000. I'm not concerned with labor. This pic was taken prior to some upgrades
  17. I have a 1980 BRAT the engine has run sand through the carb and im assuming also the engine and the 4spd does not work for what I am looking to do with this car I found a 1989 GL that has every part I was going to try and swap into my BRAT engine, trans, rear dif, transfer case, and seats besides the seats what work will need to be done to swap over the whole or close to whole drive train? is it plug and play or am I going to need to bust out the welder and fabricobble some mounts or is this swap completely not doable I have never done or tried to do anything like this with a car the closest was helping with a 305 swap into a ventura with no front end and the mounts were fabricobbled by someone else who had done it before.
  18. Hey guys I picked up this Loyale back in August. so far Its been awesome I have took it beyond its limits numerous times its only let me down once (in the middle of a golf course, ) The power (or lack of) is getting to me so I will be doing an engine swap in the next few months,the engine is currently sitting in the garage ready to be worked I need to do the timing belt and seals. I am using a 1990 legacy as a donor car, if anybody is interested in parts not being used for the swap let me know (I have car full ) I would like to lift it eventually.
  19. I want to upgrade the brakes on my brumby to wrx brake for two reasons, to get the much better performing brakes, and to change to a more common stud pattern. I know in Australia we used to have the crossbred kit, but these aren't made anymore so i'm just wondering if globally there are any other kits or if someone has a simple solution. Thanks.
  20. So I've got a 92 loyale with a rebuilt 1.8 and the stock 3AT tranny pb4wd. The engine seems fine other than some valve chatter I've been to lazy to fix but the 3at is getting sketchy. It's left me stranded a few times and it gets -60 here so no good. I'd love do drop in a 5 speed d/r but haven't found one yet and frost is on the ground so I'm down to what's at the landfill. I can pull whatever parts from a 90s? Legacy sedan, 91 loyale with a sloppy 5speed, or the only one that's in any remotely decent shape; a 84 GL with a 4speed or MAYBE a 5 speed not sure as I didn't get a chance to mess with it much. So is it feasible to swap out the 3at for a ea81 4 or 5 speed? So fare on here I haven't found a thread with much on the subject. I know the 4speed isn't as good as an ea82 5speed but the 5speed in the 91 loyale is very sloppy and goes into gear with out the clutch so I'm assuming it's toast. Should I just deal with the 3at till I can find a good 5speed d/r? Swap in the questionable 5speed from the 91? Try to use the ea81 tranny? I also plan to do a 4" lift and maybe a EJ engine swap if that matters.
  21. Hi, I have an 1985 VW Vanagon with a blown engine. I want to swap the engine with a 2.2L Subaru engine . I cant do the job myself, but if there is mechanics living in the Portland, OR area I would love to work out a deal with you! Any feedback would be great!
  22. 1982gl4

    Ur a bus

    Started in on my newest project today, well thats not entirely true. I've had this 72 VW Westfalia for the last couple years, and it has actually been very good. I had to do quite a bit to it initially to get it up and going, new shocks, tune the carbs, fuel lines, tune the carbs, redo the front seats, tune the carbs, adjust valves all the usual plugs, points, wire, and tune the carbs. Overall its been a pretty dependable summer driver. The end of last season it started to develop a miss at idle, and I think the #3 valve seat is on its way out. So I was left with a few different options rebuild the anemic 1.7 gex boat anchor that came with this thing, rebuild the stock 1.7 I have in a box (either of these options leave me with fiddling with carburetors for the rest of my life) Or swap it. I decided to do the 2.2 as I already have done an ej swap on my brat, although the alh diesel swap was tempting... Here are some pics over the last couple of years of some of the work I have done to it. First day First mod! Reupholstered the seats Weekend of Stowe car show (the beetle I restored a while back, my friends mom purchased it) This summer I lifted it slightly, and added koni adjustables to it I had the curtains redone in the factory plaid. One of my camping adventures this summer And today, I dug into my 95 legacy parts car, no loss here, completely rusted out. It has a lot of miles, but if the engine ever has issues I'll simply swap in another, but it sounds great, and I drove it home. I'll be resealing it, and putting a new timing belt on along with coolant tubes before its swapped into the bus. I need to order an adapter plate this, along with a heavy duty clutch, and the engine can be put in place, and I'll start working on the harness here soon as well.
  23. Hello all, My automatic transmission in my 84 GL hatchback is not shifting gears when in drive. I can manually shift them from first to second with the shifter but it will not do it on it's own in drive. I have it at a transmission shop and they said they tried replacing the modular and checking for the compression (which was fine) but it still is resisting. Would anyone know what is wrong? Or would someone know where I can look for a transmission for the car and what are some interchangeable transmissions.
  24. Dear God kind people of ultimate subaru please help me. I did a 5speed swap last year but long story short.. wasn't working out. I'm swapping the old 4 speed back in but I am in desperate need of some pictures of the engine bay as a herd of children moved my parts everywhere accompanied by a hustle to move it all out of the rain.. it's an 84 gl ea81 non turbo 4spd manual. thank you in advance!
  25. I have an 1983 gl (ea81/4speed tranny) and was wondering if the 5 speed tranny from an 1989 (ea82) would fit? I know about the normal modifications for a 5 speed swap. I was mostly wondering if the year difference would affect the swap...
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