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  1. Sorry should have spelled it to drift subarus
  2. Silverhelme, The Transmission is not just plugged. It's converted properly to a rear wheel drive only trans.The front differential is removed and the center diff housing is then welded to transfer all torque to the Miata rear wheels. This the same method that is used to driffed subaru's.
  3. Take a look at this website: www.miataone.com , has a real nice bracket the places the motor in right place in the engine bay
  4. Here is another use of the Ej251 with phase 1 Heads (Frankenmotor) in a 1991 Miata called the miataone.com.
  5. Take a look at this one frankenmotor in a 1991 Miata called the Miata One. miataone.com
  6. grossgary Thanks grossgary for taking the time to reply. The info was also helpful. I think I am getting a little more familiar with the EJ's.now. I am heading to the pick a part yard tomorrow to physically measure the motor width. I am assuming EJ25 and EJ22 have a similar deck height that is close enough to give me an accurate overall motor width. I am not familiar with what HLA rockers are? Ok I am back from the pick-a-part now, and yes the width of a ej22 sohc is 28 1/2" wide in all the engines I measured. So that part of the equation works out. However: 1). Are 95 ej22 heads the only year heads that are SOHC and dual port or are there other years too with EGR tube port or not??? 2). If any one has knowlege of oil pan shortening, about 3". I have room to add to the front of the pan to make up for the 4-5 quart capacity and pick up tube. 3). Also do the 95 sohc phase1 heads have the smaller cc combustion chambers?
  7. johnL (aka H2OSB) First thanks for taking the time to reply. You can connect me with Joel if you like too. Its not going into a VW though, however the parameters are very close, just mounts differently. The reason for the EJ motor is it's light weight, smooth acceleration, low center of gravity and decent power. I have worked on subaru motors and really like the simplicity. I am just not well versed in the substitution of parts yet. I would like to do a formal write up of this particular combination of parts soon after this build for guys out there wanting to do this too. Any other thoughts out there would be much appreciated. Remember this is to be a NA SOHC phase 2 EJ251 block or ? with phase 1 heads (dual port I hope) with a maximum width of 28 1/2" with (rocker cover to rocker cover). If you know the years and vehicles these parts come from, please reply. The reason I'm using the phase 1 heads to keep the motor width at 28 1/2", I believe phase 2 are too tall. How would I start this build, start with a EJ25 engine and swap the heads for Ej22's or start with a EJ22 motor and get a EJ25 short block because I am thinking of all the other components compatibilty like manifolds and sensors too? Thanks Jeff
  8. 987687 Also would also a rule of thumb be to use the manofolds, wiring and sensors from the EJ22 phase 1 heads?? Would the EJ251 phase 2 block work with this mod, when using phase 1 EJ22 phase 1 heads??
  9. 987687 Ok, thanks for some direction. Did you notice some improvement in midrange acceleration?
  10. Ok, I have read many forums with many conflicting replies with the following pursuit. A Ej25 block with EJ22 heads for higher compression. The following are my perameters of the build that I hope you guys can help me with. 1). I have limited room for this build. This is not going into subaru, so I have a maximum engine width to be 28 1/2", rocker cover to rocker cover. so I believe I will need phase 1 heads to do this. 2). I would like it to be SOHC. not DOHC not enough room and heavier. 3). It must be NA, so no forced induction of any kind please. 4). I would like it use existing available parts from donor. 5). Which ECU for up to 6500rpm? 6). Which head gaskets and will I need? And will I need to port the combustion chamber to match the cylinders? 7). Any other info that would help? 8). What would the estimated compression come to? What is the best way to start this project and with what phases,1 or 2 and years of these heads and blocks I would like the outcome to be around 185 crank hp or more if possible. And be a more mid range rpm. I don't require a high revving motor.
  11. Looking for the builder and availability of the Subaru ej series motor custom bell housing to Toyota series W 5 speed for rear wheel drive custom car.
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