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  1. Fubaru

    The Chupacabra -lifted 95 imp

    Three weeks of fighting wiring issues and a stupid simple clutch problem and the beast breaths fire. Engine is in and pretty well buttoned up. There's some interior and exterior body mods to make it driveable and we'll be shttn in cotton.
  2. I'm seriously out of ideas and I'm sure I'm going to feel like a moron when the answer arises.... if one arises. Edit: Confirmed - I feel like a moron.... Fixed: The cable was not installed correctly nor adjusted correctly before I bought the car and we left out the small plate between the flywheel and crankshaft when we installed the clutch. The clutch now seems to function as it should. Thanks GLoyale for your patience!
  3. Got the TB put back on in what looks like the correct manner. It seems like the TB isn't reaching the pressure plate. I've hit a wall.
  4. The engine is back out. The throwout bearing appears to be incorrectly attached to the release fork and has what appears to be excess play on the input shaft.
  5. I feel like I'm probably missing something stupid but here's the layout... The 2.2 came from a donor car that had an AT. The torque converter was removed and the clutch pack inatalled. That engine was then inatalled in the car that had a 1.8 and Manual trans. We never pulled the TO bearing off the trans shaft because we weren't replacing it. I apologize for making that sound more complicated than it is.
  6. GLoyale, I tightened the clutch cable adjustment to the max with no change. The pedal is very soft and doesn't feel like it's engaging.
  7. I reset the timing and the engine started. I also found the loose wire in the plug the was keeping it from kicking on the fuel. I guess that needs a new plug spliced in. New issue, the trans won't shift into gear with the engine running. Maybe the throwout bearing isn't reaching the pressure plate for some reason?? That seems a bit weird.
  8. I used the hash marks but I also installed an aftermarket crank pulley and I'm unsure if that could be set wrong. I too thought it was odd that the bracket grounded the harness. I'll revisit the timing also. Thanks!
  9. Ok. Everything is hooked up (as far as I can tell) and I'm getting a crank-no-start. It wasn't getting spark until we bolted down two brackets that held electrical connectors on the passenger side where the engine and trans mate up. Seems like an odd ground but I now have spark. Cam gears have the same number of teeth on the rear and I swapped out the cam sensor with no change. Didn't set the timing correctly, perhaps?
  10. Sure was. Thanks Gloyale! It's a 1.8 manifold that matches the car on a 2.2 from a donor. Neither car/exhaust has a downstream 02 sensor so I guess that plug is obsolete???
  11. - Fixed - I'm almost positive this has been discussed but after hours of searching the boards, I'm at a loss. I swapped a 95 ej22 into a 95 ej18 car. These 2 electrical connections remain unattached and I'm uncertain if they were ever attached to anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Fubaru

    The Chupacabra -lifted 95 imp

    Roof vent done... and for comparatively cheap. The engine is on hold due to missing one flywheel bolt. 8 new ones should be in Tues. then the engine should be going back in.... hopefully.
  13. Fubaru

    The Chupacabra -lifted 95 imp

    Real progress finally being made. 2.2 mostly together and waiting to be installed.
  14. Fubaru

    The Chupacabra -lifted 95 imp

    Delta cams installed in the obnoxiously colorful 2.2L and the hubs are re-studded to accept the steelies wrapped in maxxis bighorns. Intake manifold needs to be assembled and installed. Then on to the body and suspension.
  15. Fubaru

    i saw this then i did this

    Ferp - I can't see the pics but I really hope you meant "tubing" not "pipe". Other than that, cool idea!