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  1. I hauled home a ea82 loyal for parts on my road car last year and an 84 gl I wanted to use as a trail only rig. I didn't get to mess with it much over the winter but yesterday i discovered the engine wont turn over. I was trying to pull it over by putting socket on the crank pulley nut, to the left the nut just gets loose but to the right its solid as a rock. My breaker bar snapped at the end so its VERY seized i think. Guess thats what i get for getting a car out of a landfill. Now the hood sticker says 1.6 but it looks like one of you guys might have owned this thing because its got a ea81 and a fair amount of homemade wireing. Now I dont quite live in the states so its hard to find an engine. I cant just go to a junk yard and get one or cragslist. It would be more expensive that way even if i found one. I see RPMachine makes some rebuild kits at a price i can afford.Even few plces making ircraft heads. Rockauto has a nearly unusable websight and napa dosnt have anything but gaskets. Is RPMachine decent or should they be avoided? Off topic but I cant find any good info in lifting one of these other than 4inch is the most used on ea81s. All the treads ,pictures, links, other subaru websignts are so old and outdated that the archives 404. (looking at you offroad section). Im going to try and do my part by documenting my rigs but I dont want to have to reinvent the subaru lift.
  2. Rnasty

    Tractor tires on stock 13"s?

    Found some ATV rims at the landfill. There completly flat so I think I can redrill them to fit, welding some reinforcements wouldn't be hard but they look strong. Will defiantly have to lighten the car up and get some strong UTV tubes. If it works alright I'll get some new tires or if it dosnt work at all, I'll just do 15"s and good tires. Biggest tires if found that will fore sure fit on the rim are these https://www.amazon.com/Kenda-K299-Bear-Claw-27x11-00R12/dp/B005D2COSQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1476861649&sr=1-3&th=1 Might not be the best way to get my wagon on the trails but I'm gonna try it.
  3. Rnasty

    Tractor tires on stock 13"s?

    Darn there's lots of sandy places I was hoping to explore. The best mudding around here is in in around the sand, other than that it's mostly swamp. If tree roots are a problem too tractor tires don't seem to good for around here. Then agine any yota or jeep with super swappers is gonna make it about 10 feet before there done, so mud tires aren't that great aswell. guess I'm up the creak thanks for the advice anyway.
  4. Rnasty

    Tractor tires on stock 13"s?

    Was thinking about a 6 lug redrill, have some nice Isuzu rims and a ugly set of a Mazda truck.Both 15s just wanted to use up my 13s if possible but meh more spares. Not to worried about snow, have a few good snowmachines and we haven't got much for snow last few years. You suggested side by side tracks in a different post I believe, would probably do just that if I really wanted to drive it in deep snow. Any experience in sand and water with that wagon? Would tractor tires be worth it over just some good mud tires considering my ea81 wagon doesn't have the HP? The wagon Currently has no radiator and a bad starter. Thinking about mounting a new radiator where the spare tire would go.
  5. Rnasty

    SPFI Snorkel

    Anyone willing to post a picture of there snorkel setup? Have the basic idea down but would like to see how it's setup.
  6. Rnasty

    Tractor tires on stock 13"s?

    I have about 3 sets of stock steel wheels. One for summer, one for winter, and I want to put some dedicated small tractor tires on the 3rd one for exploring the ATV trails. Anyone have experience doing this? I know is probably have to do fender trimming ,but the car (84GL) there going on is already a trail only rig so saw modding is fine.
  7. Rnasty

    T-case lift FAQ (transfer case questions / answers)

    I should have specified it's an ea81 GL. Could that lift be modified to work?
  8. Rnasty

    T-case lift FAQ (transfer case questions / answers)

    Anyone have pics or instructions for one of these 8-12 inch lifts? Just got an 84 ea81 GL i wanted to make into a bogger, and this Tcase thing looks pretty badass.
  9. Rnasty

    Lifting a loyale and a 84 GL help.

    Thanks for the info Scott, swapping in a 5mt dual range from a 86 GL and maybe a 2.2 when my engine finally dies.
  10. I'm swapping the whole drivetrain out of my loyale and wanted to lift it while I'm there. It's my dally so I was thinking a 4" AA lift, might go with a 6" depending on how much harder they are that a 4". Never lifted a Subaru before but I know you have to extend the steering knuckle, radiator hoses, and brake lines but is that all with the 4"? Is there more to fabricate with a 6" or are they about the same? I also found a 84 GL yesterday for free and its got a d/r tranny so I wanted to make it a trail and hunting rig. Mostly swamp or snow around here so I'd like to make it water crossing ready, maybe side by side tracks, big o lift, welded diff, ext. Will it's little 1.6 and 4mt be able to handle that though? I know the 4speeds are considered crap but this thing will pretty much live in low range and crawl around. Also how high can I lift an ea81 with stock axles? What all do I have to extend and disconnect.
  11. Nevermind guys an 86 GL with a 5mt d/r got dumped about a mile from my house.
  12. Ideally I want to do just that but I haven't found a 5speed d/r yet. The cars I can take parts from are at the landfill and free. Should I go with the 91s single range 5speed? What exactly is so bad about the 4 speeds? Also there's a EJ awd 90s legacy sedan that a tree or something fell on. Can't get a good look inside to see the tranny but is there anything I should try to salvage off of it?
  13. So the 3at in my 92 loyale is slowly going up the creak, engine has some valve and leaks some oil but is mostly still good. Now all I have access to for parts cars are an 91 loyale and an 84 GL. The 91 loyale was drivable a few months ago but the tranny seemed sloppy, the 84 GL while not ideal has dual range so I'm tempted to put its 4speed in my loyale. I hear the 4speeds suck though so I'm wondering is it worth it for D/R or should I use the 91s 5speed? This car is already slow so I'm not worried about that, maybe an EJ swap in the future when my engine nukes. It's a daily/ATV and the trails around me are extremely crap due to the Florida like rain we got this year. This is why I'm really set on the D/R. Even if it's a harder swap and needs brackets built, not to much of a problem. So anyone have a rightup on this type of swap? Found lots about putting a 5speed in an ea81 but nothing about a 4speed d/r into a ea82.
  14. So I've got a 92 loyale with a rebuilt 1.8 and the stock 3AT tranny pb4wd. The engine seems fine other than some valve chatter I've been to lazy to fix but the 3at is getting sketchy. It's left me stranded a few times and it gets -60 here so no good. I'd love do drop in a 5 speed d/r but haven't found one yet and frost is on the ground so I'm down to what's at the landfill. I can pull whatever parts from a 90s? Legacy sedan, 91 loyale with a sloppy 5speed, or the only one that's in any remotely decent shape; a 84 GL with a 4speed or MAYBE a 5 speed not sure as I didn't get a chance to mess with it much. So is it feasible to swap out the 3at for a ea81 4 or 5 speed? So fare on here I haven't found a thread with much on the subject. I know the 4speed isn't as good as an ea82 5speed but the 5speed in the 91 loyale is very sloppy and goes into gear with out the clutch so I'm assuming it's toast. Should I just deal with the 3at till I can find a good 5speed d/r? Swap in the questionable 5speed from the 91? Try to use the ea81 tranny? I also plan to do a 4" lift and maybe a EJ engine swap if that matters.