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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys. I have a first generation brumby/brat running a EA71 engine that i am looking to replace. I am looking to replace it with an EJ18. Can anyone offer advice on if this is possible or potential problems I may run into. Thanks.
  2. - Fixed - I'm almost positive this has been discussed but after hours of searching the boards, I'm at a loss. I swapped a 95 ej22 into a 95 ej18 car. These 2 electrical connections remain unattached and I'm uncertain if they were ever attached to anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, I know this question has been asked a lot on this forum however I aim to do as much research as possible into everything I do so I get it right the first time. I am on a fairly tight budget and would like to know a few things. 1. Will I be able to use the ej18 intake runners on the ej22 P2 block to get it to work 2. Will I be able to use the ej18 flywheel and clutch on the ej22 for the time being 3. Will the transmissions bolt up or will I need to install a different transmission 4 can I just get rid of the knock sensor and it (ej22) run fine Kind regards~Abid
  4. I recently picked up a 95 Impreza L coupe with an EJ18. From idle to ~2500rpm it hesitates, jerks, and misses. Once it is above that rpm range, it runs great. I have searched threads for two weeks and tried multiple "standard fixes" with no results. I'm tired of throwing parts at it and Any help would be appreciated. So far I've checked the plugs (newish but looks lean), repl wires, repl fuel filter, repl throttle position sensor. This engine does not have a knock sensor (not that I could find anyway).
  5. Looking for a wiring diagram for 94 impreza awd for my hopefully soon ej18 swap. Can only find the RHD fsm online. Anyone know where I can find one?
  6. Backstory: We purchased a 1995 Impreza L. It was originally equipped with an EJ18, but has an EJ22. It has run like crap the entire time and recently emptied the oil, due to a 0.45 cal hole in the oil pan. We have removed the engine and cracked the case for the rebuild. I found that the engine came from a 1995 Legacy Wagon 4EAT. I have several issues that I want to address. 1. There are vacuum lines disconnected and plugged. From experience, these are crucial to the computer deciding how the engine runs. I believe it has the original EJ22 intake manifold. I need help here. 2. Since this engine was in an AT, the MT requires the Timing belt guide plate. Which part is appropriate for this. Note: the timing keeps slipping. 3. Since I am replacing the wear components in the engine, what are the original specs on the crank, rods and cylinders? 4. Is there a solitary kit or will I need to piece together a kit. I have found some kits, but they are missing components that I need or have components I don't need. 5. What would be the proper vacuum hose routing, given this configuration? 6. Any other information that you can think of... Does anyone have information on these issues or know of a source where they have already been answered? This engine is unusual, when compared to others. This is a daddy/daughter project. I have concerns, because I am giving this car to my her and hope that it will carry her for the next 20 years. Thanks,
  7. I'm thinking 25d block, 22e heads, cometic gasket, all with the ej18 intake so I don't have to touch wiring (that stuff scares me ). Doing this for cheap power in my imp. Good or bad idea? Or maybe just throw a 25d block inbetween my heads. I just miss my power from my 2.5gt.
  8. 1. Will ej25 plugs fir in the ej18? Have some brand new iridiums, would rather not have them sit. 2. I'm getting a whirring style noise with speed. It got a little better when I topped off the rear diff, but I'm worried it may be wheel bearings. Boots are fine. Tires are crap, as are brakes. Should I start with replacing the pads first before trying to get at the bearings? Also, I have nothing in the very back, like no spare, styrofoam or floor. Is the lack of noise insulation through there enough to make a loud whirring noise? Trying to upload a video I took with the noise Thanks - CL Edit: Answer to #1 is yes
  9. Would it be about the same as carbing a old ej22? I have access to an ej18 full drivetrain for pretty cheap, and was hoping I could carb it, as my brat's wiring loom isn't too pretty, and I really don't wanna do more than I need to. So I just need to know if it'll have the accessport on the rear of the engine where you can throw the taurus disty, and if the intake mani is as receptive to taking a carb Thanks - CL
  10. bought a write off 96 model .. suby with a working ej20 Na engine from and 5spd manual transmission and awd drivetrain ... and I already have a 94 gx impreza with an ej18 5spd fwd with a blown water pump and a really bad knock in the block from overheating due to blown water pump.... given that i paid $90au for the entire wreck i figure i might as well do the swap to the 2 litre...instead of a rebuild(to fix the knock which is most likely rod end bearings) .. so would swapping the engine be fairly straight forward?
  11. Im trying to compile a list of pros and cons for my EJ18 FWD 5spd manual so i can figure out what to do with it.. after a bunch of research on here and such ive realised its economic.. and a somewhat uncommon combination, but thats it really. anyone else got any? Pros: Economic Cons:
  12. Hey community .. gotta '94 gx impreza ej18 fwd 5sp .. and love it.. but i have a water leak coming from the rubber seal for the timing belt cover.. had a look on here but can't find much info.. anyone got any clues?
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