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  1. bratman18

    Installing a transfer case into an EA82

    Yeah, I wonder if he is still making adapters.
  2. bratman18

    Installing a transfer case into an EA82

    Unfortunately, anything that old is long gone around here, even in junk yards. Which makes it more difficult, because of getting a transfer case with the shifter and driveshafts.
  3. bratman18

    Installing a transfer case into an EA82

    I appreciate you finding those posts! I havent been able to find anything, and I've searched. It looks as though that front diff mount is mounted solid, is that correct? Looks like I need to find a transfer case with shifter and driveshafts attached, so I have a starting point.
  4. bratman18

    Installing a transfer case into an EA82

    Ok, no biggie about needing a 6". How did you mount the front diff? Thanks for the info!
  5. bratman18

    Installing a transfer case into an EA82

    Yeah, I've spent hours searching this topic. Some info here and there, but no pictures.
  6. bratman18

    Installing a transfer case into an EA82

    Also, what transfer case did you use?
  7. bratman18

    Installing a transfer case into an EA82

    Yeah, I have a 6 inch lift, but only have 4 inch subframe spacers etc. Was hoping to not go bigger on those. How does your engine sit in the cradle? Did you still have the engine crossmember spaced down, or is that in it's normal spot, and the diff mounted under that? Thank you!
  8. Who has pics, and info on how to do this. I have a general idea, but would love to see some pics. Even if it's on an ea81 car. Thanks ahead of time.
  9. bratman18

    Automatic with bigger tires?

    The 4eat transmission is tough. You won't have any issues running big tires.
  10. Different model year ranges have different lengths. And different models as well. Legacy is different length than impreza and forester.
  11. nope, as long as they're both auto or both manual, they're the same length.
  12. As long as they're the same transmission. Like both auto or both manual. That dictates the length of the driveshaft.
  13. bratman18

    Ej22 swap wiring harness

    You need from the ecu, through the dash to the steering column, and then out to where it plugs into the engine harness.
  14. They're not camber correct. Better to spend a bit more money and get a good kit from someone like Andersondesign-fab.com
  15. Definitely not. Sometimes when lifting, the stock plastic endlinks don't hold up to the extra stress. Along with the fact they are at a harder angle do to their length. The adjustable ones just allow you to retain endlinks, and not have to worry about them breaking.