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  1. Used, but in good shape. Actually bought them from a member on here on the rust free coast haha. Open to offers!
  2. These are now for sale as I'll be going full ej brakes.
  3. It's really too much lift to be reliable on the newer models. To lift that, it would be best to get an actual lift kit. I recommend andersondesignfab.com
  4. Found this thread after doing a search on google, that answered my questions.
  5. How did you route the cables? Where did you have them exit the car through the floor?
  6. Yep, after talking to a couple other people, I found that to be the case. I actually tried sending you a message before posting this, but it said you cant accept messages.
  7. Havent been on here much, but I'm trying to find out what's needed to run the nissan rear calipers on an ea82 car. The ones with the mechanical e brake hook up. I have a set, and planned on using them on my gl-10 since I converted to 5 lug, but it doesnt seem like the cables are long enough. Or there very well could be something I'm missing. I figured someone would know on here. Thanks ahead of time.
  8. Yeah, I wonder if he is still making adapters.
  9. Unfortunately, anything that old is long gone around here, even in junk yards. Which makes it more difficult, because of getting a transfer case with the shifter and driveshafts.
  10. I appreciate you finding those posts! I havent been able to find anything, and I've searched. It looks as though that front diff mount is mounted solid, is that correct? Looks like I need to find a transfer case with shifter and driveshafts attached, so I have a starting point.
  11. Ok, no biggie about needing a 6". How did you mount the front diff? Thanks for the info!
  12. Yeah, I've spent hours searching this topic. Some info here and there, but no pictures.
  13. Yeah, I have a 6 inch lift, but only have 4 inch subframe spacers etc. Was hoping to not go bigger on those. How does your engine sit in the cradle? Did you still have the engine crossmember spaced down, or is that in it's normal spot, and the diff mounted under that? Thank you!
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