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  1. bratman18

    Automatic with bigger tires?

    The 4eat transmission is tough. You won't have any issues running big tires.
  2. Different model year ranges have different lengths. And different models as well. Legacy is different length than impreza and forester.
  3. nope, as long as they're both auto or both manual, they're the same length.
  4. As long as they're the same transmission. Like both auto or both manual. That dictates the length of the driveshaft.
  5. bratman18

    Ej22 swap wiring harness

    You need from the ecu, through the dash to the steering column, and then out to where it plugs into the engine harness.
  6. They're not camber correct. Better to spend a bit more money and get a good kit from someone like Andersondesign-fab.com
  7. Definitely not. Sometimes when lifting, the stock plastic endlinks don't hold up to the extra stress. Along with the fact they are at a harder angle do to their length. The adjustable ones just allow you to retain endlinks, and not have to worry about them breaking.
  8. Yeah, to be honest,I don't run a rear sway bar on any of my lifted cars and I'm lifted more than forester struts. You won't roll it over. It just has more body roll.
  9. I know at least in my area, no one buys factory remain axles, so it's not something we ever see.
  10. Yeah, the earlier models didn't even come with that u brace. Controls arms were under recall. It would be worth checking your vin number with the deaker and seeing if they've been replaced under the recall.
  11. Can't say I agree with that. Those u shaped subframe braces rust out all the time, while the rest of the car isn't rusty. It's a very common replacement because of rust.
  12. You can use sedan sway bars in a wagon no problem, I've done it many times. The control arms and front axles are different lengths, but the rest of the suspension is compatible. Pretty much any 02-07 Impreza interchanges.
  13. bratman18

    What do we think?

    It's been for sale for many months now. Price is way too high. I agree with Gloyale, it should have at least a very well done EJ22 swap to get anywhere near that kind of price, and it better be clean.