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  1. SubieGal can update this further, but as of today, the FF-1 is on display at America's Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington! (also known as LeMay's Automotive Museum) https://www.americascarmuseum.org/ https://i.imgur.com/fuAQIxr.jpg The exhibit is called "SHINKA" and is basically a HUGE JDM exhibit with all sorts of Japanese brands being featured. SubieGal has quite a few other cars there too! Sadly, I probably won't get to see the exhibit due to family issues But this is beyond what I could ever have accomplished with the car and I can die happy now The exhibit opens to the public on 3/16/2024 and will supposedly be around awhile if anyone wants to see it on display!!!
  2. What was the name of that dealership on the east coast with a green FF1 in the showroom? I was just watching the news, and they were showing some stock footage of cars for a segment, and they showed that FF1 on TV!
  3. DO NOT run the dual radiator with the engine in the car!!! Its a high compression, solid-deck block with the upgraded intake manifold and carbs, and needs to be run with high octane gas as well. This engine needs good cooling!!! I was going to get a custom made aluminum radiator to properly cool the engine, but used the later EA radiator because I didn't have the money at the time. I know your inclination is to restore everything back to stock, but that could potentially be a disaster with this engine!!! Those dual radiators could barely cool the original motors, and obviously were never used again after the FF-1. As for the brakes, I did use the updated rubber seals plus some lubricant that helps prevent leaks, and the brakes should be as good as new but can run any modern fluid. My only "concern" with the brakes are the zip ties I used for the remote resevoir instead of clamps, but I installed those 3 years ago and if they aren't leaking now they are obviously OK LOL! As for the carpet, the carpet was actually underneeth the center console. So you can install it now then put the console over top of the carpet. Look into any sound deadening/anti-heat material you might want to install under the carpet before you do so. Also keep looking into under-body protectant!!!
  4. Sorry bout that... The holes disapeared with the rest of the bodywork that had to be redone for side sills. Never planned on using the stock belts
  5. The stock fenders severely restrict what size tires/wheels you can fit on the car with the wagon-style suspension on this '70 model. Plus the stock fenders were in bad shape and fugly All the other FF-1s can keep their stockers.
  6. Yes, I saw tons of parts being scrapped when I worked at a dealer. Its common practice. We tried to NOT do this kind of thing just in case something like this would pop up... But legally its supposed to be done.
  7. Yup, I'm sooo glad Jamie got it, she loves the car as much as I do Just fixed my title
  8. Sad day... The FF-1 headed off to its new (and VERY worthy) home!
  9. Lowered the price on this to $9,500 OBO make an offer!!! I need to clear this out for the garage space sadly
  10. My car got listed on Bring a Trailer... www.bringatrailer.com/2013/03/05/1970-subaru-ff-1-project/
  11. I posted a "FOR SALE" post for anyone interested: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/136826-1970-subaru-ff-1-fully-restored-body-ca-15000-obotrade/
  12. Money problems, time problems, just not that interested any more. Its been 5 years now and I'm burnt out on it. I think someone else with the right skill set and ample funds could finish it quickly and enjoy it more than I could at this point.
  13. I'm contemplating selling this in its current condition if anyone is interested and the price is right. I just don't have the means or the motivation to work on it anymore. If you are seriously interested, contact me privately.
  14. Looks worse than mine was, but its not too horrible. Price is a bit high for something that requires soooo much work to fix.
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