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    Driving on twisty roads
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    I have just gotten my Subaru Impreza and aim to build it to carve the Western Australian country roads
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  1. Aussiecanyoncarver

    What is this thing

    Ok that's one less thing checked off, would you have any idea as to what it may be
  2. Aussiecanyoncarver

    What is this thing

    It's on the left hand side closest to the lights, sorry if the picture doesn't load
  3. Aussiecanyoncarver

    What is this thing

    Hi I am having a look at my fuel system in my car as it seems to jerk around and stutter in low RPMs but runs fine at high RPMs, as I tinker I notice this black round thing, I assume it's for fuel, but it has no fuel in it. I have a 1993 GC8 Subaru Impreza wagon. Is this bad, and how do I fix it?
  4. Ok thank you buddy, so I will just be able to bolt up the transmission up?
  5. Hi, I know this question has been asked a lot on this forum however I aim to do as much research as possible into everything I do so I get it right the first time. I am on a fairly tight budget and would like to know a few things. 1. Will I be able to use the ej18 intake runners on the ej22 P2 block to get it to work 2. Will I be able to use the ej18 flywheel and clutch on the ej22 for the time being 3. Will the transmissions bolt up or will I need to install a different transmission 4 can I just get rid of the knock sensor and it (ej22) run fine Kind regards~Abid