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Found 17 results

  1. Hey all, FNG here. My daughter inherited a 1995 Legacy L from my son and the struts are shot. It bounces so bad I won't let her drive it. My problem is I can't find a full set of loaded struts anywhere. Struts are no problem but I want springs, mounts, and all. Is there a reason no one seems to offer these or am I just to dumb to find them? I'm not interested in anything that will screw up the geometry and cause tire wear. Thanks!
  2. Hi! A few years ago my car was running even though it was off. I thought we took out the abs fuse but maybe I was wrong? Where the fuse was it was H/L Relay LH. Right when we took it out my ABS light was on? It has been so many years, we tried to find a replacement but couldn't find it. Am I going insane? Does a 95 have an abs fuse? I just wanna fix the light for my brother. I look online and it says its a head light fuse but all of my headlights work and in great shape, I'm so lost. Update I just found out my brother showed me the fuse box upside down over face time. IM looking for SBF no 7 fuse. Would that cause for abs like turning on? This is not the exact picture of my fuse box but its this on in the photo except I am missing SBF 7 and 6 http://allauto.biz/wp-content/uploads/mods/subaru-forester-2.0-mt--1993-26514-5.jpg
  3. Hey everyone. Ok, so I get off work one day, and figured I should stop and get engine oil and filter before I head home to do my standard maintinence on my 1995 legacy L. While I'm stopped in the parking lot, I'm noticing a large amount of smoke coming out of my engine bay. I turn off the vehicle and get out to look underneath. I find a very large amount of ATF leaking onto my cat. I immediately call for a tow truck so I can diagnose the issue at home. I've searched a huge amount of forums regarding the 4eat, leaks, problems, and so forth. I can't find much. Other than, by where the fluid is draining out, it's most likely my rear driveshaft seal. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this type of experience, or knows if it's even worth fixing. Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone, I posted about my 1995 Legacy L sedan a few weeks back, but here's a refresher. My 95 legacy was in an accident that damaged the front bumper. So I decided to turn it into my project/winter car. So after searching online awhile about how to lift it, I decided to slap some struts from a 1997 OB and got a set of 1" Subtle Solution spacers that attach to the upper strut mount. After doing the front, everything fit perfectly. And I was happy with the results. Only one minor thing, I have quite a bit of positive camber on my fronts. I tried adjusting the camber bolts to even it back out. But to no avail. I know I need to take it to a tire shop and have the alignment done professionally. It's lifted about 2.5-3" now, and I'm just humbly wondering if anyone has run into this, or knows how to fix it. Before taking to a shop. Thanks everyone for your time!
  5. So it sounds like the noise is coming from under my car. So i hit google for a bit and i think it might be my center carrier bearing? It might have dried out? Can i grease it with wheel bearing grease? I'll make a video tomorrow.
  6. Backstory: We purchased a 1995 Impreza L. It was originally equipped with an EJ18, but has an EJ22. It has run like crap the entire time and recently emptied the oil, due to a 0.45 cal hole in the oil pan. We have removed the engine and cracked the case for the rebuild. I found that the engine came from a 1995 Legacy Wagon 4EAT. I have several issues that I want to address. 1. There are vacuum lines disconnected and plugged. From experience, these are crucial to the computer deciding how the engine runs. I believe it has the original EJ22 intake manifold. I need help here. 2. Since this engine was in an AT, the MT requires the Timing belt guide plate. Which part is appropriate for this. Note: the timing keeps slipping. 3. Since I am replacing the wear components in the engine, what are the original specs on the crank, rods and cylinders? 4. Is there a solitary kit or will I need to piece together a kit. I have found some kits, but they are missing components that I need or have components I don't need. 5. What would be the proper vacuum hose routing, given this configuration? 6. Any other information that you can think of... Does anyone have information on these issues or know of a source where they have already been answered? This engine is unusual, when compared to others. This is a daddy/daughter project. I have concerns, because I am giving this car to my her and hope that it will carry her for the next 20 years. Thanks,
  7. I have a 95 Impreza with a 1.8L. For quite a while it's started hard when it's warmed up just short of operating temp. Cold starts are fine and, if it comes up to temp and I shut it off for a very short while no trouble. If it warms up part way or if it begins to cool down it 'sometimes' won't fire. Lately it's even not wanting to start on hot days (90+F). It turns over great but won't fire. I can ALWAYS pop start the car and it runs fine once started. Sometimes opening the air filter cover helps it fire up. Since this began I've replaced the air filter, plugs, wires, coolant temp sensor, MAF sensor, PCV valve, a fuel injector and fuel injection pressure regulator. Where should I look next? I really need this car running. At 150K it should have lots of miles left but I'm running out of money and ideas.
  8. So I got tired of having a sedan... And traded it for this. 1995 impreza L. Tonight it gets the lift, if I can get the keys for the wheel locks (abnormal interior key) Plans: Make a floor thing for the back (over the spare tire area in the back) EJ22, ASAP. Holy gutless batman! 110hp is so little 4-5" spacer lift Get it off those 17's (anyone wanna trade? Appear to have semi slicks on) Some nice bumpers 5 speed dual range (I have a 4sp if anyone wants to trade, lol) Short throw (aka welding a piece of metal in between the shifter linkage and the ball)
  9. Yikes! I stopped to fill a low tire Tuesday morning, leaving my car running due to the cold weather. After filling the tire I got back in my 1995 Impreza Wagon and as I was about to pull away i noticed a distinct smell, like burnt plastic and fire. Then I saw the white smoke around my hands and the steering wheel. Holy Crap! I parked immediately and turned the thing off! I jumped out and popped the hood just to see if any smoke was coming from underneath. Nothing. Got back in the car and could smell that very bad smell. Luckily I'm no idiot. I called AAA for a tow and my Dad for advice. Two days later and my car is sitting at the mechanics. He said he found a 'melted reistor' near the steering wheel area. He then refferred to this as an 'airbag resistor'. I did my best to search this forum and some of the other forums on this site and couldn't find anything to match up. I have not been able to go see the car now that the mechanic has the dash open. I will tomorrow and take some photos. My question is, does anyone know what this could be? If there are other threads that might help feel free to point me to them.
  10. NOTE: this is a pretty lengthy question. If you dont want to read the whole thing there is a simple question at the bottom of the post. Though I highly encourage you to read the whole thing. THE SETUP: I was recently offered a deal by someone I know. He has a 1995 Legacy LSi BK wagon with a stock EJ22. He did a WRX drivetrain swap and swapped in a 5 speed from a JDM STi. Then upgraded the suspension with Bilsteins shocks/struts. Then added WRX wheels and a WRX front brake conversion. Outback limited interior swap, too. Some radio upgrades to top it off as well. The engine is kept stock since he meant to do a WRX engine swap to make a nice sleeper. He offered to sell me the car since he found a jetta 5 speed TDI wagon hes been looking for. THE DEAL: for $3,000 I get the car, rust free, another EJ22 with 140k on it, two GT hoods, GT side skirts, and a GT spoiler. THE SCARY PART: said stock EJ22 has 234,000 miles. And I would have to sell my low-miles 97 EJ25D 4EAT OBW to pay for it. The guy who did all the work is the bishop at my girlfriends church, works in a shop, and has owned 4 second gen legacies. He has done countless rebilds and I trust his work, it is very professional and complete. I have no worries about the swap, or any of the drivetrain, as its complete and too over-built for the 2.2 to do any damage to. MY PROBLEM: My concerns are with the milage on the engine... He said he got the second engine in a package deal with the JDM transmission and was told it ran, but never actually saw it run. Its a complete long block with accessories. 140k apparently. He intended to build it up a little but never has time. MY BIG PROBLEM is that since im still a young'n and live with my parents, they freak out if i consider anything above 100k miles. They know nothing about cars. My 97 OBW has just ticked over to 80k. Im worried about head gasket failure, and i have a leak behind my timing belt cover so timing belt, re-seal, water pump, somewhat failing thermostat is around $800. A head gasket job is $2400. My car works ok for now but I cant shake the feeling that its either a ticking time bomb or that something expensive will happen. Im working two jobs and dont have the time to work on it myself. THE SIMPLE QUESTION: how reliable is a 234,000 mile EJ22? And how can I convince my parents that?
  11. Saw an interesting local ad for a 1995 Outback with the 2.5. Only 155k miles. I have not checked the car out yet but I have gotten conflicting info about whether or not that motor was offered for the '95. Is the owner mistaken?
  12. I have a 1999 legacy 30 year limited edition gt sedan I need the plastic side skirt for the drivers side of the vehicle 1) I assume the 1995 thru 1999 model years exchange 2) do the wagon and sedan side skirts exchange with each other? 3) I believe the legacy gt and limited 30th anniversary are essentially the same Beyond that wish me luck finding one in Washington state junkyard.
  13. Hey Everyone. I have a '95 Legacy LS. I'm pretty sure it's about time to change the struts. I believe they are original parts on a legacy with 350k on it. I was thinking about putting some outback struts on it, hopefully giving it 1 to 1-1/2 inch lift. Just enough room for a slightly more aggressive tire. I'm not sure if I can just swap the struts out or do I need to swap other parts out in addition to make it all compatible. Thanks for any input you have Travis.
  14. I have a 95 Subaru Legacy, Starting to feel like my parents gave me a money pit. But I'm hoping to come out with a Money pit worth having. Did the wheel bearing myself, Car doesn't have reverse (Got transmission, going to get it swapped) The transmission sets me a little over 1000 for used transmission and trans swap. Just recently I got a battery light, car died while driving. I took the alternator out and the battery to the parts store, they tested both of them and determined my alternator was good, but the battery was bad. I bought a $125 battery for it, and here I am two days later battery light on earlier today and car dies while driving tonight. Some how "my alternator is good" but my battery is not getting charged. Anyone have this problem, Where do I start?? Thanks for all the help here ya'll. I got some great info when I originally posted about my transmission which led me to finding a decent deal on a used transmission. Travis-
  15. Hello, I just got a 1995 Legacy. I had to take this poor car away from my parents, I just could not see her sit around and be a pile of junk as my parents tend to do with cars with minor problems. I fixed the wheel bearing last night. Now I am working on the transmission. It does not currently go into reverse, It is an automatic transmission. First, anyone else come by this problem. and second, does anyone know a good online dealer, or dealer in general of transmissions, I would like to not spend over 1000 on a transmission for it. Thats if it is not fixable for about the same price.
  16. Hey Everyone, I'm happy to be back in the gang of scoobie owners. I just purchased a 1995 Legacy LS wagon (for $500) to use as a third car for my oldest daughter who is about to get her license. I have previously owned a number of family members: '86 GL-10 sedan, '87 GL wagon (loved that d/r), '88 DL wagon, and a '90 Legacy wagon (we had some bad luck with that first gen EJ22!). This wagon is in pretty good shape with only 143k miles and no body rust. The big project for it is the need for head gaskets. I'm going to work on that myself so I'll continue digging into the various threads here on that topic. I've seen lots of discussion about what gasket to use (OEM v. some other MLS) and I haven't figured out what direction I'm going yet. I have some time so I can do more research. I need to find a shop in northern Virginia (just SW of DC) where I can get the heads measured for flatness and machined if needed. Anyone have a recommendation? I look forward to using the board more. I received some great help (on the old message board!) when I changed my first timing belt on the '87 GL back in 2001 or so.
  17. Also pictured is Nick W's new 86 brat GL. I am sure he will be loggin on soon enough. 1995 Subaru Legacy L FWD only 200k miles. Nicest driving car i have ever owned. Has all the bells and whistles and they all work. GOOOOO SUBARU go go go go till i got 600k miles
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