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  1. heeeeeey. i’ve been lurking the forums since buying the murder machine in 2017 & getting so much info from y’all thought i’d finally post some photos. 1986 gl wagon, ea81 swap with weber conversion, 4 inch sjr lift. 6 lug conversion currently running 215/75/15. all the interior lights have been deleted, & the cooling fan is on a toggle - i live in leadville so it’s usually cool enuf. straight exhaust to annoy the neighbors. just installed the steel front bumper & winch!
  2. WagonFest in Washington, wish I could go - FYI https://www.avants.com/events/2021/10-10/wagonfest-2021 WagonFest is back! Do you love longroofs? Join us on Sunday, October 10th at DirtFish Rally School for WagonFest 2021, the largest celebration of station wagons in the US, maybe even the universe! All wagons welcome! New and old...American, European, Japanese, etc. If it has a long roof, bring it! Bonus points for cargo boxes. If you don't have a wagon, you are still welcome to come to the show (there will be separate parking for non-wagons) All participants will receive a commemorative WagonFest 2021 decal. Tickets are $10 per car. Please register/pay online before the event. Only 250 tickets available. All money will be donated to the Seattle Humane Society. Pets are welcome, but please keep them on a leash. See you there!
  3. Anybody have any experience converting the EA81 Quad Headlight setup over to the EA81 Single Headlights with Cyclops? Or know of a writeup? Believe that I have everything needed: Single Headlight Core Support Single Headlight Buckets/Bulbs Single Headlight Bezels with Turn Signals and Pigtails Third Eye (Cyclops) Full Assembly with Pigtail Third Eye Grill Relays that sit on the passenger side (RH) strut tower Third Eye Switch from factory that's used with the HighBeams on. Part that's confusing me is how the wiring goes from twin lights, one for low and one for high beam, to single units that do both functions. Guessing that the turn signal wiring that goes to the front bumper will have to be rerouted so they will go to the corner flashers of the Single Headlight Style. And then there is adding the Third Eye to the equation... The easiest method in my head; Take the entire front harness from an '82. Place that harness in the body of the '86. (thats the year of the EA81 chassis its going into.) Not sure if the connectors between those years are the same or if they were changed? I have an '82 that is badly rusted and is more like a donor vehicle. Ideally would take the cyclops light setup from it and put it on the '86 which is still structurally sound.
  4. Looking for a 4 speed manual shifter bend Oregon add me on Facebook Brooklyn Santos
  5. So the 401 is my rear differential makes a whining noise when brought up to speeds around 20 mph. it also likes to "clunk" at times. The whine I understand would logically come from bad diff fluid, or lack thereof. would pulling a differential off another legacy outback of the same year be a route to go if I don't want to risk draining and replacing fluid to find out its trashed? I would love to hear some opinions!!
  6. So I have a 1996 Legacy Outback, and it definitely needs to go lower. I have not seen a specific set of coilovers or springs made, probably because the rear load is different. any points in the right direction would be awesome!
  7. So I have a 1988 Subaru DL Wagon I got a few months back for $1400 with 60k miles runs great and It’s been my daily since February. But I’m wanting to upgrade the audio. I purchased the Metra 70-8900 harness adaptor, working on making a bracket to fit a new head unit but I realized with the set up I have I’m concerned that the alt and battery may need upgraded to compensate for the power I’m going to need for the amp. Has anyone done anything like this on their pre -90 Subie? I’m looking to install my 15s from my previous daily and the 1400w amp I have.
  8. I’ve bought a 1991 AWD Legacy LS Special wagon for a teen driver’s first car. It’s got a leak in the front air shocks. What is the most cost effective way to repair/ replace? I’m $1500 in and this car only has 98k miles on it, so a lot of potential life, but an inexperienced driver. Can they be swapped out for regular shocks or is there an affordable aftermarket air option? Should I look for struts from a junk yard? Is it worth it to pay $600 per strut to Subaru for their replacement parts?
  9. Hello! I own a 88 gl wagon. I use it for wheeling. What is the simplest way to lift it? I would like 4". Would prefer a way that I don't have to deal with steering linkage...if at all possible! Be kind I'm new lol. Ty!!
  10. Hi! I live in Bogotá Colombia, last weekend I flew to Medellin in order to buy an used Subaru GL Wagon 4WD that was originally registered in my hometown, It was an amazing experience, specially since I had to drive it back to Bogotá about 430kms! My brother went there on sunday, I picked him from the Airport and started our journey back, 430 kms through the rough Colombian mountains and quite heavy traffic, it took us 11 hours, mainly because a roadblock from rockslide (pictures attached!) we where stuck in traffic for about 4 hours almost stopped. The vehicle behaved in an amazing way, I'm really glad this Subaru is my first car, I have plans to improve some mechanical fails it has, the front break disks are quite old and worn, the clutch is quite cranky while starting on steep roads. The car was in an incredible shape, I even had the original Owners Manual, sadly the original FM Radio is damaged and the front rims where modified and are not probably aligned, the rear transmission makes quite a loud noise traveling above 50km/h (is that common? Should I worry?) That's all for now, I'll try to post some updates and questions that might come up while working on it.
  11. Hey everyone - I have a 2006 Impreza wagon. Last oil change, the mechanic brought me over and pointed out this circular piece. Said it was leaking fuel, but that it might be easy to fix myself. My problem - I have no idea what it's called, where to find it and if it's safe to fix myself. I'm worried about any pressure build-up, etc. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. Hi Folks!, Any one got a line on where to get new front struts for my 1980DL? All the usual suppliers (RockAuto, Summit Racing, AutoZone, Napa & O'Reilly's) have only rear shocks. Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Hey folks, Looking to change my battery. Mine is over 5 years old right now. Recently, after driving on the highway for about a tank of gas, it wouldn't turn the starter over. I had to get a jump from a fella while in Wyoming yesterday. Also, my lights will dim when I turn on any electrical accessory or touch the brake (even if at highway speeds/high rpms) Local auto parts store has a couple options for $140-$180 (both have the same numbers...CCA: 640, CA: 800), but my sam's club has an AGM battery with 36 month replacement for $145 (CCA: 640, CA: 800). I've read a little bit about AGM's needing special charging systems, and that they can be over charged. Any thoughts?
  14. HI, I was wondering if any could tell me if the 2005 Subaru Impreza base model wagon body style is the same as the 2007. I need to replace the two passenger side doors and the rear bumper so i was wondering if i take these parts of the 2005 model if I will be able transfer them to the 2007 model. Any information on this subject would be super helpful Thankss
  15. I finished my 6-lug conversion. No longer need these. For Sale 4 OEM 1978 Subaru 4x140 wagon wheels, First Gen ( EA71 ) offset. Will fit 70's -90's GL, DL, Brat, Wagon, and Loyale, all 4 lug subarus. Coated black, 175 70 13 studded General Arctic winter tires. 2 are excellent condition, 2 are slightly used, see pictures. 200 obo, Located in Sandpoint, ID. I will likely be selling my stock Steelies from my 77 formerly FWD Coupe as well. See craigslist advert, or message here. https://spokane.craigslist.org/wto/d/first-gen-subaru-wagon-wheels/6335274090.html
  16. Hello All, I finally am getting around to telling the story of my daily, and laying out my plans for what I want to do with it in the future once daily duty is over. I am currently the proud owner of a 2002 Subaru (obviously) Legacy Outback Wagon Rocky Mountain Special Edition (I don't know what "Rocky Mountain Special Edition" is either don't worry). It has the base EJ251, and while it's a factory 5-speed car, it now has the 5-speed from a Bugeye WRX added by a long past owner. I'm not entirely sure what the rear diff is, one would assume it is WRX as well, but I have yet to check. As far as other mods go it's pretty tame for now, it has a polyurethane transmission mount that was put in when the original unit wore out, and my stepfather for what ever reason put on an exhaust from a Blobeye STi that has a sloppily welded cannon suck on the end and a dying catalytic converter. Everything else that has been done has been general maintenance, my stepfather did the head gaskets, timing belts and water pump when we first got it, I did the O2 sensors last year, and some more thorough suspension work the year before that (replaced both ball joints, and a new passenger side control arm and bushes). Everything else is fairly stock, stock wheels with Subaru recommended BFG's, stock interior with a new head unit, a body with some rust in the rockers and passenger side rear quarter, and its fair share of dents and scratches from daily driver duty for the last 15 years or so. This car was my family's gateway into the world of Subaru, my parents bought this car 5-6 years ago from a transmission shop for $1.5k, put a new clutch in it and tires on it. At the time they were going through bankruptcy, and needed something to drive while my stepfather was going back to work. It served as a daily for my stepfather for 4 years until they got back on their feet, and were able to trade up to something newer. He got himself a widebody Meaneye WRX hatch, and my mother got herself a later model Outback 3.6R. Rather than letting this car be wholesaled by a dealer, they kept it around and sent me off with it to college, which is what it has been doing for the last 2-3 years. It's currently sitting at 174k and change miles, and I absolutely have no intention of getting rid of it. My plans for it right now consist of making it the best daily it can be until I'm finished with school in another 2-3 year's time. Once I have the job and the time to do it, I very much intend to modify it. I'm leaning towards a rallycross/WRC offroader build with either a frankenengine, or just going the more expensive route and building an EJ257 from the ground up. Either way I will be bolting a 6 speeder to it, and uprating the suspension for high speed use and offroad duty. Expect more posts on this thread with updates, and posts from me asking questions as I'm still somewhat new to the intricacies of these cars. The last car I dailyed (and still have) was a '92 GMC so I have a ways to go and lots to learn before Im a Subaru pro. I hope y'all enjoyed my ramblings and this story. I look forward to posting more and reading more about these cars. -Ayy
  17. Hello! I think I finally found the right forums in arriving to this site. I've been buying Subaru wagons since the late 80's. My first was a '79 4wd, had an '84 (?) GL... Whatever. Owned 70s, 80s, 90s, & now 00s. I got a gen1 '00 Impreza OBS wagon and I frikin love it. I got a Manila envelope w/ repair receipts that wasn't titled "Subaru", it was titled "2000 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport Wagon" even though they never had other Suby's(!). I knew it was going to be OCD perfect, all in chronological order and extensive. I was right. Anyways, stoked to be here.
  18. Trying to remove interior hatch cover to get at wiring. Everything on lower edge released BUT, the interior inset handle. Prying the trim down I can see two yellow plastic through clips, or whatever, but nothing will budge. How do I get that stubborn %#*~# off without tearing the surrounding plastic up? Stuck and stumped.
  19. I have a problem when I try to accelerate, the engine bogs down like it is not getting enough gas or something. If I slowly depress the pedal the engine does speed up but when put under load, it bogs down again. I have been fighting this on and off for a few weeks now. I had initially thought it was bad gas so when I worked through a tank or two it seemed to return to normal for a time. However it has returned. I added SeaFoam to the tank but it has not resolved the problem. I can find no vacuum leaks and the car idles normal, no skipping or misfiring. I can't imagine it is bad gas at this point. I looked on the formums before posting and did find another person with a similar issue in a 89 wagon and his was a coil issue. Could this be what is happening with mine?
  20. I bought my wagon this past summer and I'm not quite sure what i want to do with it. I have a 1995 Legacy L Outback wagon with the Ej22. I have about 259k in it,but i've driven across the country and it keeps going. I did my first mod yesterday and bought some WRX seats from an 03 Impreza I think this will be the first of many upgrades to come, also a question on the compatibility with the Automatic transmission from a 96 outback onto my 95 ?
  21. Me and my girlfriend just recently purchased her a 1999 Subaru Legacy Brighton wagon and did all the first car maintainence on it. We figured out how to lock and unlock all the doors etc. but we have had a big issue with the hatch lock. Whenever we attempt to enter the key into the key slot, it only goes in about half way. From there I can lock and unlock the car with a bit of difficulty. The other day I attempted to lock it when the key broke in half... I was wondering if Either A. I was suppose to receive a trunk key, B. There is some sort of trick to unlocking and locking it, or C. The lock is faulty. Thanks so much -Craig
  22. Sorry for bringing up another tyre question, I can see there has been numerous of them, but I cant find the answer.. I bought these from a pickup owner and I need to know if they fit wagon DLs as well. My wagon is stock with drums on the rear axel. They seem to fit, but the hub caps doesnt fit when the wheel is mounted. And the white plastic ring/spacer/something is really brittle and doesnt look trustworthy. What happens if/when they brake? Why wasnt these rims made in the same specs as my old plain steel rims (as in not needing a plastic spacer to fit the drum -lip)? Thanks for any advice
  23. These forums have illuminated for me the importance of using OEM CV boots. Though, I am having difficulty finding these boots (and necessary clips and grease) for purchase. I'm looking for specific recommendations, and other tips you all think would assist in this search. For example, some listings on eBay are for just boots without the necessary clips and grease. Thanks!
  24. Hi guys, I'm new here and will definitely stay active. Recently bought a 89' Leone Wagon, called L Series over here in Australia and absolutely loving it for my daily drive. I'm trying to restore it as much as I can so I'll keep everyone updated with progress pictures! I'm in need of new tyres, and saw this wagon (NOTE: Not my car), and want these exact same tyres. Anyone have an idea on the exact size of them? I'm currently rolling on 13" rims. Thanks in advance!
  25. I have a 91 Legacy wagon and I purchased a new battery in March. After purchasing the new battery I drove the car daily for awhile, but about 2 weeks ago I stopped driving it and it was sitting for about 4 or 5 days. After those 4 or 5 days I tried to start it again and it would not start and none of the lights would come on either. I do know that one of the car's back doors will not close properly, and this causes a very small dashboard light to remain lit constantly when the battery is charged. Could it be that this very small light caused the battery to drain over time? I am guessing that doing a jump start will recharge the battery at this point since the battery is brand new. But do you think that small dashboard light is what caused the battery to die in the first place? Do you think it will eventually die again due to this light even if I am able to get it started by jumping it? If so, is there an easy way to disable this dashboard light without having an effect on the vehicle? I had planned to sell the vehicle since I was no longer using it, but this may not be a possibility unless I can get it started by jumping it. Even then, I would hate for the person who purchased it to have the battery die on them for any reason like it did on me.
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