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  1. soobie87

    Voltage drop to fuel pump

    Where is the fuel pump relay? I've looked online and it seems to be behind the instrument panel? If it is, how easy is it to get to?
  2. What could cause a voltage drop to the fuel pump? The fuse is good, 12V there, but when checked directly at the fuel pump the voltage is only 6V. The car cranks fine but the pump won't pump on 6V. BTW, this is an aftermarket GM pump. When jumped directly from the battery, the pump runs and the car will start. The connection is good and through the floor pan under the backseat looks good. Where does the line follow from there to check for problems?
  3. soobie87

    No power to the ignition??

    My cousin, who has worked on vehicles for some years was visiting and helped out on the car. The new battery terminals I installed, which did work initially, decided to stop working due to some minor corrosion. He cleaned them off and the power was back. It makes no sense to me why they worked fine one instant but then not another, but I guess thats normal.
  4. soobie87

    No power to the ignition??

    The battery posts are clean, I tried a new ignition switch with no change. I'm going to go back and check the connections with the fuel pump. I don't know how it could have effected the starting in this way but it all started after that.
  5. I have been having various issue's with my 1987 Subaru GL of the past year regarding performance. I have, in the process, replaced the carb and, most recently, the fuel pump. Before the fuel pump was replaced, it would start up and run, but when pushed it would bog and sounded like it was starving for fuel. I decided the fuel pump needed to be replaced so I bought a basic pump, not a Subaru pump, but it said it should work. I initially wired it backwards, but once I fixed it I tried to get it to turn over. It cranked for a bit, getting the fuel to flow, then when I tried again, all power was gone. The lights on the dash were gone, it wouldn't even click like when the battery is dead but still has that little juice to make a click sound. I checked the fuses under the dash, all fine. I looked at the 3 fusible links I have by the battery and they look fine, but I don't know how to visually see if they are burned out. I attached a battery charger to see if that would help, left if over night and got the same result. Nothing. I just today attempted to jump the car, same result nothing. If the car sits idle for a day or so, the lights on the dash come on initially when I put the key in, but once it gets to the Start position, it all gets wiped out. I'm about at my wits end with this car. I love it and want to keep it going, but this is getting ridiculous. Is it possible the fuel pump is causing this ignition issue??
  6. I'm in the process of replacing my stock, worn out carb with a new one. My question, what is the best tool to remove the 4 10mm bolts holding the carb down onto the manifold? I can see all 4 but it is not straight down so I can't get a socket onto it. I can get a wrench on maybe 3 without too much difficulty, but all 4 would be a problem. Is there an angled 10mm wrench that will work for this? I know there is a way to do it, just my first time replacing this on this car.
  7. I think I have figured out the item giving me the problem, it's the Air Control Vacuum Valve. I noted the item number on the part, Hitachi SPDL30-21. The c=valve has 3 hoses connected to it, 2 on top, one on bottom. The bottom piece broke off so now it is no longer connected. I capped the hose and put a temp cover over the hole in the valve and that seems to almost fix the issue, still happens on rare occasions, not like before. So, I need to replace this piece but I can't find one online. I may end up trying to glue it back together if I can't find one. Any idea's where I could obtain one, or does anyone want to sell me theirs? Here is a pic I took from another users post....
  8. I appreciate the replies. It is a 2bbl carb, not sure if Hitachi or not. I replaced the coil last year since I was thinking it was that the last time this happened. I do believe it is another vacuum leak that I need to track down. I was able to plug one hose and it did help a bit so I need to spend time tracking the connections down and checking for leaks. Again, thanks for the input.
  9. I have an 1987 Subaru GL 1.8 5 speed. Last year I had an issue with the car stumbling when I tried to accelerate. At that time I was able to disconnect some of the hoses going to the air cleaner, plug them off and fix the issue. It was probably a air leak or clogged hose. I ran the car fine all summer but now it appears to be happening again, this time slightly different though. When the car is cold it happens but this has always been the case and it goes away when it gets a bit warmer. Now, after it warms up it runs great for about 10 minutes drive time, accelerates great, pulls up hills without hesitation, etc. However, the problem then begins to start again. It idles great but when I try to put it under load it stumbles, almost backfires if I give it too much gas. I'm thinking there is some pressure building up in the system that is not being released and that is what is now causing the problem. The EGR valve is not it since I have the same issue with it connected or not, I don't think it has ever worked honestly. I'm wondering it the vapor canister can have this kind of effect? Is there another valve somewhere that could have this effect? Any idea's would be appreciated!
  10. I removed the air filter assembly, which is a pain cause there are some many vacuum lines and hoses. But, once I got it off, it made the work so much easier. After I got that out of the way, I had to plug up a few of the open lines cause they were causing vacuum leaks and the car would not run. Finally I got the motor running and it ran great, like it should. I wasn't crazy about driving it without the air filter on but I had to test it. The car drove exactly like it should. The idle was great and the acceleration was back, like it should be, no hesitation. I put the air filter assembly back on and left the tubes plugged and disconnected. Went for another run and it was perfect. My car is back to life once again! I may go back in the warmer weather and determine which hose was the problem, but for now, I don't care, it's running!
  11. I had recently changed the fuel filter so I know that is ok and the exhaust was replaced last year.
  12. I have a problem when I try to accelerate, the engine bogs down like it is not getting enough gas or something. If I slowly depress the pedal the engine does speed up but when put under load, it bogs down again. I have been fighting this on and off for a few weeks now. I had initially thought it was bad gas so when I worked through a tank or two it seemed to return to normal for a time. However it has returned. I added SeaFoam to the tank but it has not resolved the problem. I can find no vacuum leaks and the car idles normal, no skipping or misfiring. I can't imagine it is bad gas at this point. I looked on the formums before posting and did find another person with a similar issue in a 89 wagon and his was a coil issue. Could this be what is happening with mine?