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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry for bringing up another tyre question, I can see there has been numerous of them, but I cant find the answer.. I bought these from a pickup owner and I need to know if they fit wagon DLs as well. My wagon is stock with drums on the rear axel. They seem to fit, but the hub caps doesnt fit when the wheel is mounted. And the white plastic ring/spacer/something is really brittle and doesnt look trustworthy. What happens if/when they brake? Why wasnt these rims made in the same specs as my old plain steel rims (as in not needing a plastic spacer to fit the drum -lip)? Thanks for any advice
  2. My flatbed Toyota is missing an engine. I was considering a used later model 40,000 mile Toyota V6 from Japan at a cost of $1000 plus $400 for wiring adapters for California smog. Bill Hinchers thread on the W series transmission adapter gave me hope that I can use a boxer engine. I would move the wiring to the pickup cab to pass California smog. The following is my wishful thinking. I have a good boxer engine from my totaled 2000 Forester. The W series adapter will fit my flatbed 1989 Toyota (former Uhaul) truck in the pic. When I look at the three foot wide boxer engine in my Forester and compare it to my 2 foot Toyota frame rails I can't see how to get the clearance needed to install it. What if I lift the cab a couple inches, build a transmission doghouse, move the engine/transmission mounts up and forward so the left rear cylinder will clear the IFS mounts & steering shaft, ... Maybe rotate the engine/trans a few degrees... Seems wild. Is there a simpler way? I Googled images in vain to see if anyone has a boxer engine in a Toyota pickup. Anyone care to share a list of car or truck models that have benefited from the Toyota W series adapters? Thanks to all for a great forum.
  3. Hi, im after some help if possible. Ive got a 1994 brat that ive put an ej20g into. Im all but done, I had the engine running 3 days ago. was running beautifully. I fitted 3 gauges to it, tach, water temp, boost, and i put a blow off valve on it. since then i cant get it to run. it cranks but ive got no spark or injector pulse. but there is fuel pressure. The engine had messed me around in the past. I moved the bracket with the ignitor, checked all wires (fixed a couple) and cleaned up some earths. Which got it running but now im back to square one. so im thinking it maybe something deeper. Ive replaced the crank sensor and ive connected all the vacuum hoses (not the originals, what ever i could find). Im thinking it could be the self shut off control not working right. Ive done some research and a few people have said about rewiring the main relay or fit a diode. If anyone knows of this problem any help is appreciated. Any other ideas on why it wont start would be helpful too. Thanks
  4. I want to see Ford and Subaru enter into a 50/50 joint venture to develop and bring to market a vehicle of the following classes and specifications: Ford Mid-Size Pick Up, Full-Time Subaru Power Distribution AWD Sold as Ford with a Ford Engine and a Subaru with a Subaru Engine, both in diesel and hybrid variants, as well as fuel-cell and full electric in a sub-partnership with Tesla to work interchangeably with his battery stations. Not quite the same as Ford and Mazda, but that is another great partnership to pursue if Subaru is not interested. If not then Hyundai, or Honda, or even Toyota in an ingenious plan to profit from the 2 best-selling mid-size pickups... if you see where I am going with this. Ford Ultimate 5-star Safety NHTSA & IIHS, small-overlap and roof deflection rollover, Off-road Version would be the Godzilla Ecobeast Ford power plant 3.5V6 & 2.7V4 that came on a truck designed to plow through deep water and maintain constant traction through wet snow and soak up monster pot holes on a suspension designed for Baja racing and 305/75R18 tires and a manual transmission and Subaru Eyesight technology stock. 30mpg Real World Combined MPG in baby beast = target. Subaru Ultimate5-star Safety NHTSA & IIHS, small-overlap and roof deflection rollover, Off-road Version would be the Super-Boxer Turbo I4 & Flat 6 that came on a truck designed to plow through deep water and maintain constant traction through wet snow and soak up monster pot holes on a suspension designed for Rally racing and 305/75R18 tires and a manual transmission and Subaru Eyesight technology stock. 32 mpg Real World Combined MPG in Super Boxer Turbo 4 = target. AWD, All the time, courtesy of Subaru power distribution system in all models. Ford Body on Frame ruggedness & Towing & Technology. Subaru Rally Suspension and Power Distribution and Safety and Reliability. Subaru based Ford built Diesel and Diesel Hybrid and Ford based Subaru built fuel-cell & Tesla battery electric, and other variants to continually challenge the design teams to renew the partnership and inspire ingenuity in simplicity. These to be shared in greater detail in subsequent posts. Blend design elements of the Forester with the South American / Australian Ford Ranger that is current model not available in the United States. Must be available in both Crew Cab Ecobeasts a Manual 7 speed transmission with super-cruise overdrive for peak highway mpg whenever total payload is less than 500 pounds. The Subaru Variant should be available with Subaru boxer engines with turbos and superchargers in the Rally variants. They should compete in a Youtube contest of competitions and reviews in the style of TopGear with me as Special Guest Star & Quality Assurance Director for the Ford Subaru Joint Venture in charge of all testing and racing and special duty versions. The offroad version crew cab especially needs to trounce the TRD Tacoma, Nissan ProX, and Chevy/GMC competitors, while getting better gas mileage. Make a Remove-able Hard and soft top for the bed, flat and cap to cover the bed. The bed with cap should strive to be large enough to transport a Lazy-boy chair safely in the middle of a blizzard. And when opened or folded up and the tailgate lowered a sofa or queen size mattress, box-spring, headboard, and frame. There should be a snow-plow prepped package for both versions, separate and including a plow, torture tested in severe duty to breaking points plowing snow. This and the off-road versions should have the option for a built in winch behind one or both bumpers for self extraction from bottoming out and high middling the truck in snow or mud. Must include Subaru Eyesight technology in all models. This should be built in a union shop in Detroit and Ohio by Ford, and by a union-constructed Subaru Advanced Development built in a new facility in West Chester County, NY along the natural transit of the Hudson River to focus on alternative energy performance and design, and built there in a union shop, and in Japan, and in other locations as prudence dictates. Can we make this happen? How do we go about making this dream come true? I should finally get to use my Masters in Project Management and serve as the Project Director with ultimate decision authority on the joint elements of the project. Imagine how enthusiastic both Ranger fans and Brat fans would be here in the United States! -- Best Regards, Thomas Moore
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