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Found 15 results

  1. I’ve bought a 1991 AWD Legacy LS Special wagon for a teen driver’s first car. It’s got a leak in the front air shocks. What is the most cost effective way to repair/ replace? I’m $1500 in and this car only has 98k miles on it, so a lot of potential life, but an inexperienced driver. Can they be swapped out for regular shocks or is there an affordable aftermarket air option? Should I look for struts from a junk yard? Is it worth it to pay $600 per strut to Subaru for their replacement parts?
  2. I have a 1991 Subaru Legacy L with the standard 4-speed automatic transmission with lock up. Duty solenoid B within the transmission is responsible for the lock up however it's been failing or not working at all for a little while and when it does work it is weak. The transmission could probably use a good flush but I don't know if that would solve my problem at all Maybe the weak problem but I'm not sure if there is a short or something causing the transmission to not lock up or if Duty solenoid B is just dead.
  3. Right now, my 1991 Subaru Legacy L Wagon is just getting worse and worse mileage as time goes on. I want to assume it's because of the o2 sensor. It's approximately 18 to 20 in the best averages when I drive it like grandma. Other than that, the fuel gauge does not last long and I use 10 gallons before I know it. It used to get anywhere from 23 to 24. I'm in the money struggle enough as it is and this is just making things horrendously worse. I need some help asap if possible.
  4. I have a 91 Legacy wagon and I purchased a new battery in March. After purchasing the new battery I drove the car daily for awhile, but about 2 weeks ago I stopped driving it and it was sitting for about 4 or 5 days. After those 4 or 5 days I tried to start it again and it would not start and none of the lights would come on either. I do know that one of the car's back doors will not close properly, and this causes a very small dashboard light to remain lit constantly when the battery is charged. Could it be that this very small light caused the battery to drain over time? I am guessing that doing a jump start will recharge the battery at this point since the battery is brand new. But do you think that small dashboard light is what caused the battery to die in the first place? Do you think it will eventually die again due to this light even if I am able to get it started by jumping it? If so, is there an easy way to disable this dashboard light without having an effect on the vehicle? I had planned to sell the vehicle since I was no longer using it, but this may not be a possibility unless I can get it started by jumping it. Even then, I would hate for the person who purchased it to have the battery die on them for any reason like it did on me.
  5. I have a 91 Legacy wagon which constantly has issues with starting. Normally if it has been sitting for a few hours without being driven then it will start up just fine, but if I drive it somewhere and then turn it off and try starting it again shortly afterwards, it will not stay started. The only way I have found to make it stay started when I am having trouble is to press on the accelerator as I am starting it, and then I have to leave my foot on the accelerator for a few minutes to keep the car from turning off again. I recently got a new battery, had the alternator checked (it was said to be fine), new fuel pump, ecm repaired, fuel intake system cleaned and new fuel filter, new air control valve, and plenty of other repairs along with it. Everything is perfectly fine with the car as far as I can tell, so unless there is something else that someone can think of which may be causing the issues I am having, then I have no idea what could be wrong other than it is simply an old car and that alone could be causing problems. I have already put over $1,500 worth of work into this vehicle since the problems started, and I am not ready to try anything else unless it is cheap or easy. Can anyone can suggest anything that I can possibly try to fix the problem which may be cheap or easy to do? Aside from that I will probably unfortunately just have to cut my losses and get rid of the car. The air intake hose was replaced in October, so I doubt if that is the issue even though it sounds like a likely culprit.
  6. 1991 Subaru Legacy was sitting for 2-3 weeks and would not start. I got the battery jumped and it started and I was just going to drive straight to the shop, but when I got to the end of the road the car shut off and would not start again. Also prior to it sitting for 2-3 weeks it would start when I left from my residence, but if I drove it somewhere else and tried to start it again then it would not start. I have the following details: $1,500 worth of work done on it in 2015 including O2 sensor, ECM, fuel pump replacement, and new battery. The battery should still be under warranty. The car has an after market digital CD/cassette player, so I m not sure if that draws more energy than the car can handle. Also until recently one of the doors would not close completely and a little red light would be on constantly to indicate that the door was not closed. I m not sure if this light could have slowly been draining the battery/alternator or if this is even an issue. My question is based on the vehicle starting but not staying started, is this likely a problem with the alternator? Do I need a new one or could the current one be repaired? Cost estimate? I will have to get it towed to the shop because obviously it can t be driven in its current state, but I would just like to have an idea of what may be wrong and what would be the cheapest route since I have already spent so much money on the vehicle.
  7. I have a 91 Legacy wagon which has been having startup issues on occasion. I usually manage to get it started by attempting to start it with my foot on the gas pedal, but when it starts it usually sputters for awhile and often turns off again. When I just turn the key in the ignition prior to starting it, I always hear a humming sound, and I wonder if that sound is related to or indicates the fuel pump may be going bad? Also whenever I drive the car it often has trouble accelerating especially after I've stopped at a stoplight. I just had the oil changed and had the fuel filter replaced and fuel system cleaned at the shop 3 days ago, and they also did diagnostics. But they didn't say anything about a faulty fuel pump, or maybe they didn't even consider it. Either way this all cost me over $300 already, so I just wonder if anyone has any ideas or suggestions before I spend any more money. Thank you all.
  8. Alright, I'm a new Subaru owner. I have a 1991 Loyale 4wd. Bought it with 133km and have put over 9k on it in a month. Basically everything is original from my guess because everything seems to be breaking down. Most recently the altinator went. Since than the 4wd is no longer functioning. I am having trouble finding information in the Haynes manual as well as online, any information would be great!
  9. Hello fellow Soobers, thanks for reading. A couple weeks ago, the belt on the driver's side went, so I towed it home and swapped it out. (Cursing my air conditioner the entire time.) Bought the kit and replaced both belts and pulleys provided. I had help from an old timer with Soobs, and followed Milesfox's video on timing belts which was extremely helpful. It started right up and ran like a champ. The following week, however, it started to have a very hard time starting. Now it won't start. It tries, but won't turn over. Everything still lines up as it should, and the belts are still tight. I have since just started replacing things that have been an issue on other similar threads on this wonderful site, but realizing now that I am wasting my money fixing things that aren't broken. I have replaced the ignition coil, pcv valve, distributor cap, spark plugs and wires. I believe its a fuel problem. How to Keep Your Subaru Alive is a great book that helps, except for EFI topics.... Any leads would be very appreciative, thank you for your time.
  10. So I went out and bought some nice 16" rims on brand new tires. Little did I know subarus lug pattern is 4x140 and not 4x100 or 4x114 like I needed. Does anyone know if I can redrill my rims to fit the 4x140 pattern? They are universal 4 lug so they already have 4x100 and 4x114 bolt holes. Can I do this myself? Difficulty?
  11. Finally starting my build page. About a month ago I moved and was in need of a commuter car. I am driving around 400 miles just to work and back. My Tacoma was just costing to much. So I picked up a 1991 Loyale Wagon. It has just under 200,000 miles, five speed 4WD, and oh boy it is in rough shape. When I got it the pass front wheel bearing was toast, the cv was near gone, the passenger door doesn't open, mild rust here and there, and the only clear coat on the entire car is under the roof rack. That is just the main obvious issues, But I fell in love. For some reason the name "The Burner" felt so right. Now that I actually have a garage, I can now get this Loyale to tip top shape. My quick basic plan isssssssssss 1. Mechanially runs perfect 2. Re do Interior top to bottom (add stereo in the process) 3. Exterior (paint and what not) Before I started this build page I have replaced the front passenger wheel bearings, right front half shalft, front break job, basic tune up, scrubbed the grime off the steering wheel, and replace the wiper blades. I still have a Lot of work, But i am excited to see the transformation
  12. I purchased the car used about 6 months ago and had $2,500 worth of work done on it to get it through inspection. It seemed fine after that other than the shaking issue, but a few months later I also began to have acceleration issues. I had an oil change done in October at which time I also paid $50 for a diagnostic test and was told that I needed a new battery. But other than that I was not told that there is anything wrong with the car. I assume that the mechanic probably thought that my issues were linked to needing a new battery, and I honestly thought the same. However I basically continue to have the same issues even with a new battery. That being said, does anyone have any idea why the car may be shaking while idling, for instance while stopped at a traffic light, or why it may have trouble accelerating, and/or should I even bother to have it diagnosed again? Note that the car does have about 177,000 miles on it. If any more information is needed let me know.
  13. I have a 1991 Subaru Liberty which was owned by my Great Aunt from new. Its first fuel pump lasted about 19 years. We have had the car since 2009 and it has had 4 fuel pumps in that time, now requiring its 5th. I've used original and non-original parts and nothing seems to make any difference. Between 12 and 16 months the fuel pump stops working. The car does approximately 4000kms a year and has done 137,000 in total. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? One faulty fuel pump I could understand. But I cannot understand 5. This is my first ever post on any type of forum so I apologise if I've posted in the wrong area or done something else that's incorrect. Many thanks. Zara
  14. Hello, I am new to this sight and have recently started my first project car; a 1991 Subaru Loyale Wagon 4wd and this is my build thread So here's the story behind the "Shaggin Wagon" My room mate bought this car in early 2013 as a commuter for $900. It had it's quirks, but she ran soild at a 175,000 miles with the famous subaru tick of course lol Friend decided to take it out to a popular off-roading place called Jim Creek here in AK. Sure enough, he ran it into the ground. Blown out wheel bearing, blown out ball joints, cracked fuel line, blew apart the timing belt trying to drive it home, water pump was done, and clogged the air filter trying to cross a river which is what I think caused the belt to snap later on. As it sat at my other buddy's place for about a year I decided it would be the perfect car for my first real build. Drove out there about a month ago and bought it off of him for $200 as is. Before I towed it into Anchorage to begin the build I couldn't help but start to work on it where she sat. Before I did anything I changed out all the fluids. New tranny fluid, oil change & filter change, new fuel line exiting the filter and fuel filter, new spark plugs, wires, and distributor cap, and power steering fluid change. Next step; I picked up a new timing belt and re-timed the engine. Also replaced the water pump at this time. Messed up the seals a bit on the timing belt cover, but I am about to order a new seal in about a week from this upcoming Friday. I just needed to make sure it still ran and sure enough, she fired right up. Next thing I decided to tackle was shedding the wagons weight a bit First, the hatch needed to come off. Next up, roof removal lol In which case we got a little over zealous and shot it... Nothing a little bondo can't fix though. The day after the trunk removal I decided a little bit of spray on bed liner to the floor boards wouldn't hurt. I only have pics of the paint job thus far, but I may take more later on for sake of the thread. It's hanging in well though Had one more thing to do before I could bring it in to town. Decided to cut the fenders. Ugly job, but it'll do the trick. My goal isn't to make this thing pretty. It's to make it get me where I want to go. May even do more cutting as I will be running 28's here in the future. Flares are on my list as well, but that'll come later on once I actually get the tires.
  15. Hey Subaru Nation - I have a 1992 Legacy 2.2 (non-turbo) and I'm trying to diagnose some idling issues. The car runs fine but once its warmed up it begins to surge idle at stops (sometimes stalling). I had a cracked air intake and I replaced it with no resolve and I've cleaned out the throttle body and I'm currently replacing the Idle air control valve with a new one (new gaskets all around). My next option is replacing the mass air flow sensor. My current sensor has 5 pins and all of the replacements I've seen online have 5 slots but only 4 pins?? Does it matter? Will the 4 pin work the same? Also if anyone has any further ideas or sollutions for idling issues - I'm much appreciative. I've also changed out the coolant/thermostat. Thanks for the help!
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